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Cleaning up Everest

There have been expeditions on Mt Everest before to pick up the rubbish left there by climbers, but for the first time a Nepali-financed expedition with Nepali climbers is going to the very top of the world's highest mountain to clean up the trail.

The clean-up is financed by Nepal Investment Bank (NIB) and the Golchha Group as part of their joint corporate social responsibility drive and is being carried out by an all-Nepali team led by Namgyal Sherpa. The expedition is not just going to bring back shredded tents and abandoned oxygen bottles but also the bodies of some climbers who died on Everest and are still entombed in ice along the summit ridge.

"What we are trying to do is to clean up Mt Everest not just because it is partly in Nepal, but also because it is a world heritage," says Prithvi Pande of NIB. "We hope the expedition will spread awareness and also spur others to clean up our cities and towns."

Much of the rubbish on Mt Everest is now visible because of shifting snows and global warming melting the snow on exposed parts of the mountain. The expedition will be bringing down upto two tons of garbage from the 'death zone' above 8,000 metres on the southern (Nepal) side of the mountain.

Honda's offer
Syakar Compay has announced a new scheme. On the purchase of any Honda bike, customers will get a 'Scratch Card' and 'Bumper Draw Coupon'. The first will guarantee them gifts from Philips and Sukam, and the bumper draw will offer five lucky winners a 37-inch Philips LCD TV.

Happy Bajaj hearts
Hansraj Hulaschand Bajaj, authorised distributor and marketer of Bajaj motorcycles, has announced its 'Bajaj Dil Khus, Dimag Kharab' scheme. "They get a 21-inch Samsung colour television without any strings attached," says Shekhar Golchha, Executive Director of the company.

Just as summer arrives, Scot & Scotts, Nepal has launched Blanca, Nepal's first premium summer rum. The product is targeted towards Nepalis who currently imbibe imported brands.

Sleek ride
Morang Auto Works has launched a special Limited Edition R15 2010 model in red and white shades. The R15 Special Edition boasts performance worthy of a supersport model and a body design that evokes the YZF-R series. Visual expression and a quality ride!

Great Wall of Nepal
Himchuli Auto International Pvt Ltd opened a Great Wall Motors showroom in Kupondole, inaugurated by Qui Guohong, Chinese ambassador to Nepal, on Sunday. Great Wall Motors, through Himchuli Auto International, is offering three brands Hover, Florid and Wingle.

Him Electronics Private Ltd has launched Himstar Refrigerator. The company claims its specially designed power compressor helps performance at extreme temperatures, with stabiliser-free operation to save power. Extra insulation helps maintain even temperatures during load-shedding.

NCell roadshow
NCell organised a gala street festival, 'NCell Darbar Marg Festival 2010', to introduce its recently changed brand name to the public. Food stalls, free balloons, face painting and live music were some attractions of the roadshow. Buyers also were given NCell branded gifts with every purchase of a new SIM and recharge card.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)