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Letter from jail

Dear Kunda Sir

Warm greetings from the cold floor of a Bangkok jail. What can I say? Ten years ago when you came to visit us in this jail and report on the situation of innocent Nepalis at Bangkwang you brought our plight to the notice of everyone. Today, I am writing to you to once more take our story to my Nepali brothers and sisters.

You know what each and every one of us has been through. I am not a smuggler, I never was. I carried the dreams of my father, mother, sisters and brothers to seek my fortune and was passing through Bangkok. But I was arrested at the airport by police when I couldn't offer them US dollars underhand. I was sentenced to life imprisonment and have now spent 17 years here. In that time my grandparents from both sides, my aunts and uncles, have all died. My father died five months ago and my mother sits in the corner of our house and waits for me to come home. I want to see her one last time before she dies, but it is just a dream. My heart is wracked by storms, my mind is in turmoil. There is no one to pour out my soul to, that is why I am writing to you.

I am victimised here, and I am stigmatised back home among my neighbours and relatives. The Nepal Embassy in Bangkok finally lobbied with the prison administration to allow us to call home. But there is no trace of the application we made 12 years ago for a 'royal pardon', the embassy hasn't replied to us. My father even sent a ticket for me to go back to Nepal if I got a pardon, that ticket disappeared long ago. When asked, the embassy replies: "We're not here to help prisoners."

While in prison, I have made a lot of foreign friends. I only studied till Grade 10 in Nepal, but here I have been studying the bible through a correspondence course and have earned advanced diplomas from the US and Australia. I want to pursue the study of theology. I have also started painting and my drawing of Machapuchhre was exhibited inside the prison. Before I die, I want to see the real mountains one last time.

I want to urge our Nepali brothers and sisters to help their fellow-Nepalis when they are in pain or in trouble. And I would like to request the Nepal Government to bring us innocent Nepalis home from the jails here in Thailand.
I am sorry if I have inconvenienced you.

Chandra Kumar Rai
Bangkwang, Thailand

1. Gangalal
This comment has been removed by the moderator.

2. Prashan
and the soul weeps....

3. Gangalal
Too bad.  That was the comment of the year, epistolary in nature, acerbic in taste, and subversive enough to be censored. Weep, Prashan, Weep. The moderators are taking over.

4. May
Chandra Kumar Rai ji, tapai haru ko yatro thulo tapasya kunai na kunai din abasya pani gun ma parinat hunchha. Tapai haru lai Bhagwan le shakti diyun. Tapai ko afno matribhumi prati ko maya le hami sabai ko mun chhoyo. Hami kunai pani sahayog garna tayar chhaun. May.

5. kanchha
if he is innocent we have to help him not only him all our brother and sisters who are wrongfully convicted,,,i am in to help them,,,commmon it can happen to us too,,,so plz lets do something abt it

6. binit

to the nepali embassy staff,

you are all there help the neapli citizen. Be a resposible person! anywhere in the world these staff of nepali embassy are useless, irresponsible bastards!!

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)