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Cow slaughter to buffalo worship


On the concluding day of discharge process, the disqualified PLA combatants received flower garlands in a customary farewell from their supreme commander in Dahaban, which they threw away angrily. The combatants, still young and enthusiastic were bitter about being asked to leave the cantonment after dedicating their lives for the revolution. While children of their leaders whiz through Kathmandu?s streets in slick cars, they were?disqualified?. Those who fought for equality were startled to find the reality.

Prachanda then went to Sunsari in the east. Before the disqualified combatants had even got home, astrologers discovered scientific facts about the Chairman being under the negative influence of Saturn, the planet of bad luck. He worshipped a female buffalo to appease the enraged god, then announced that religion and astrology had a scientific basis.

This was the same leader, who had ordered his cadre to slaughter cows and forced people to eat beef during the conflict. He doesn't seem to see the irony in worshipping a buffalo now. Those who slaughtered cows were given a couple of thousand rupees and sent home.

The worst thing in human life is to be disqualified. In the presence of their revered leaders, the combatants were declared disqualified in front of the Nepali people, political parties and the UN. It is because they survived the war. Had they been killed, they would have been declared ?great martyrs?.

Worshipping a buffalo to appease the planets is a new dimension in communism. Had they found this enlightenment before and told their cadres, thousands of books of the Sanskrit University would not have been torched, people in mourning would not have been killed and priests would be spared. Pundit Narayan Prasad would be alive. Thousands of cows would not have died in vain.

Karl Marx said religion was the opiate of the masses. Our Maoists were inspired by Marx, but they forgot to take into
account that there should be a different political system in a multi-lingual, multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country like Nepal.

Senior Maoists leaders have been hobnobbing with many holy men lately: the high priest of Gorakhnath, Manakamana Mata, Pilot Baba, Yogi Kamalnayanacharya, Chandra Swami. If only Babaji and Swami Maharajas would indoctrinate the disqualified and qualified combatants, it would be a fusion of spiritualism and materialism assuring the great leap forward in the revolution.

1. jange
Those staying in the camps did not fight for equality. They fought for a mafia organisation. If they don't have the sense to be able to tell right from wrong and are so gullible as to be willing to kill on the whim of  others then there is not much one can do for them.

2. jange
No need to complain about Prachanda. Buffalo worship is entirely in character for him.

3. Ram
A nationalist and a communist, and now a smoker of the opiate of the masses. How nice. Karl Marx is turning in his grave.

4. Sonam Lama
Pushpa kamal Dahal alias Prachanda a product from Maoist ideology, outwardly he and his comrades talk of reforming but inwardly they are not reformed with their selfish attitude.  Reform and revolution in the name of Jana Andholan is their favorite trade mark name to get into the business of power struggling, once they got the power, they are the same unchanged selfish thugs!

Prachanda ordered to slaughter cow, which is to win the hearts of those who eats beef, back at home, he worships gao-mata. Now worshiping buffalo wow! which is the main animal for Hindu sacrificial puja! he got it all right now with mala and tika on his forehead. I think he is now a crazy comrade, like crazy Gyanendra, who use to sacrifice many kalo bokas, when he sees a critical political  situations approaching.

As per his true astronomy is concerned, it would be good for him to worship donkey, so that he can create a true Gadharaj in Nepal, as he has many similar followers with same ideology who are good at destroying rather than building! Jai hos Gadharaj Prachanda!   

5. Piyush
It was interesting to see Scientology Ad in this entry.found it Funny

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)