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With only 90 days to go before the 28 May deadline for writing the constitution, the political deadlock continues.

The cabinet meeting on Thursday could not decide on the new governor of the Nepal Rastra Bank. The panel headed by the former secretary at Ministry of Commerce and Supplies, Bhola Chalise, has nominated three names for the post: Vice Chair of the National Planning Commission Yubaraj Khatiwada, Deputy Governor Bir Bikram Rayamajhi and Finace Secretary Rameswor Khanal. Chalise himself was nominated as the NC candidate for the vice chairmanship of the National Planning Commission.

The Constitutional Council has been unable to decide on the heads of constitutional bodies because Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has been absent from meetings. Apparently, Dahal has been absent on purpose because he wants to appoint his former school teacher Ram Kumar Shrestha as the head of the Office of the Auditor General.

The CA committee reports have been submitted, but there are wide discrepancies among the parties about their content. A new Reports Study Committee is looking at the points of compromise. Since there are fundamental differences about issues like state structure and federalism, the stalemate can?t be ended until there is a political agreement.

The High Level Political Mechanism was designed to provide that consensus, but the three parties spend all their time (when they meet) arguing about whether or not the Maoists should be in the government. The real problem is not between the parties but within parties, explains Maoist CA member Hari Roka, ?the parties themselves have to come up with a common stand.

Exploiting this disarray, monarchists and the rightwing have become newly assertive.

Disagreeing to agree?- FROM ISSUE #491 (26 FEB 2010 - 04 MARCH 2010)
Optimistic, but only if there is a political consensus - FROM ISSUE #491 (26 FEB 2010 - 04 MARCH 2010)

1. Budabaaje
"Exploiting this disarray, monarchists and the rightwing?have become newly assertive." Well, what do you expect? They were doing a far better job of running the country than the current motley crew of liars, corrupted, self-serving and terroristic politicians. Every Ram, Shyam and Ghanshyam knows that by now. If all the high promises of the so-called "democrats" have turned out to be hollow lies, it's only right and natural that support for monarchy should arise. It's clear the monarchy was only trying to do what's good for the country, and had almost succeeded in putting down the Maoist rebellion. But the parties decided to give the Maoists a second life to serve their own interest. And now we are all screwed! Monarchy was a good force for the country. It should be restored! Thatt will teach these politicians a nice lesson that they can't keep screwing around with the people all the time. Monarchy is a good check against these untrustworthy politicians!

2. jange
You all were happy to go along with violence to get so far. Why not use a bit more violence to go a bit further?

3. Arthur
Ok "monarchists and the rightwing have become newly assertive".

Yes the RPP vandalized a few vehicles and people like jange and Budabaaje are feeling more energized to post more of the same old stuff.

But that really isn't enough to keep up the pretense that there is still a three way conflict with Nepali Times safely in the center along with the governing parties.

The real polarization is between the status quo forces as the new right wing seeking to hold things back and the Maoists as the left seeking to move forward. The noisy monarchists are actually irrelevant while others have to decide the fate of their  army.

Nepali Times already knows that the next government will have to again resume moving forward after the interruption and wasted months of the present government. Lets not pretend that worries about the monarchists were anything but a waste of time.

4. Budabaaje

Arthur, regardless of all your illogical rants the point remains that it was the King and Army that had sized up the Maoists the best. They understood how deceptive and dangerous they could be. Most Nepalis unthinkingly followed those idiotic SPA, who decided to give the close-to-defeat Maoists a lifeline (actually both gave each other a lifeline). As a result, now we are in a huge mess that will take years and years to resolve. We've already seen 4 years of constant deterioration since April 2006! The king and army were right. They have been wrongly, unjustly punished. Nepali people are slowly beginning to realize their mistake. Monarchy should be restored.

5. Budabaaje
...even this paper has started saying the same things that king and army used to say. Of course they will never admit it (you can't expect honesty from anyone in Nepal these days), but deep inside these people in NT have also realized that, after all, K&A were right!

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)