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Ultimate guide to dining and wining in Jhamsikhel

1 Red Dingo
Go down under and wallow in the red earth ambience while chowing down on Australian specialties such as meat pies and white snapper fillets. Red Dingo also serves a wicked range of smoothies, popular with the local school kids.

2 Higher Ground Cafe

Higher Ground is a cafe with a mission - promoting social responsibility through its hiring of at-risk individuals and those without much opprtunities. As you sip a cup of fine local coffee with some carrot cake, rest easy in the knowledge that you are helping to advance a worthwhile cause.

3 The Lazy Gringo
Tucked away in an alley, this Arizonan-style Mexican food joint is a superb find for casual dining. A pleasant Mexican-themed interior and friendly staff won't distract you too long from the excellent menu.

4 Buzz Cafe & Bar
Whether it be drinks after a hard day's work or catching up with friends over coffee, this cozy cafe bar also offers a wide variety of bites, notably its spicy-hot buffalo wings. What's more, some of the ornaments and paintings are for sale, so you can recreate a part of the experience at home.

5 Sing-Ma Food Court

In true Singaporean and Malaysian fashion, diners are treated to a casual food court setting, but without the hassle of self-service. Try chicken rice and nasi lemak (rice cooked in coconut cream) or munch on golden goreng pisang (banana fritters) while surfing on your laptop.

6 Masala
Kebabs, biryani and all things North Indian in a classy environment, complete with soothing Hindi music.

7 5 Spices Asian Lounge

Specialising in both Chinese and Thai dishes, the Lounge's wacky oriental interior is as modern as can be, and with a groovy bar at one end serves family, friends and more intimate encounters equally well. Spicy!

8 New Orleans
New Orleans' greatest pull is its outdoors ambience, jazzed up on Tuesdays and bluesed out on Saturdays. Try a succulent rosemary chicken or hamburger, designed by owner Sudesh Shrestha. Wander around the complex and visit Masala Beads, Rangy Changy or Therapeutics Shiatsu Center. Quixote's Cove, an independent bookstore with an extensive children's section, is adjacent to the restobar.

9 Vesper Cafe
Probably one of the classiest restobars on the stretch, the immaculate interior and open garden design are a treat. Wood-fired pizzas and continental selections to be enjoyed next to a cozy fire - if you can decide where to sit.

10 Dan Ran
The true taste of Japan will melt in your mouth with sushi and sashimi from chef-owner Junko Naito, but the teriyaki chicken and sukiyaki are just as popular among locals. For an authentic experience, try dining at the low tables.

11 Roadhouse Cafe
Recognised as one of the best wood-fired pizza joints in town, Roadhouse is ideal for family and friends. If you can't wait on the pizzas then spice it up beforehand with their special chilli momos.

12 Chapter 9
The spacious garden is the perfect setting for a picnic or birthday party, and feels like home. With an Indian chef at the helm, expect a truly authentic taste.

13 Hadock
One of the few places there that serves Thakali cuisine, Hadock is also a great hangout for football enthusiasts. Sit back with your buddies and cheer for your teams in front of the large television near the bar.

14 Cinnamon

Another living room away from home, Cinnamon has the class of a hotel. Fine dining, grilled food and great coffee. If you're in the mood, go deeper for a drink at the bar.

15 Moksh
The new Moksh is all about space. Ample parking, and a huge garden perfect for sitting around with a drink in your hand. Serious diners can go to the upper floors and chill with continental dishes and their signature momo soup, and there's not one but two concert rooms for the sonically inclined.

16 Cafe Bliss
A fun orange draws you into a lively, fresh yet cozy space perfect to hang out lolling about on the deep couches amongst the paintings and books and magazines. Plenty of culinary variety, too, including Japanese snacks and bracing main courses. Real bliss.

17 La Soon Restaurant and Vinotheque
Lunch alfresco in a big sunny garden or an cozy candlelit dinner inside, La Soon has long been the place to go for a wide range of quality continental and pan-Asian spreads. Fortunately the staff can help you choose.

18 Jazzabell Cafe

Along with a continental selection, there's also an African menu perfected with the help of African expats, and an African Nite to boot. Try their bite-sized chicken basket as an appetiser while sipping on a drink in their exclusive space.

19 Nanglo's Bakery Cafe
Airy, bright and cheerful cafe from the Nanglo chain, strategically located opposite the UN and near the ministers' quarters. Try the famous volcanic sizzler that Bakery Cafes are now famous for and wash it down with a mug of San Mig.

20 Cafe de Cass
A classy space indeed for exquisite mid-morning crepes or late evening wining and dining, Cafe de Cass is an intimate, upmarket experience.

21 Jalan Jalan

Off the road between the Summit Hotel and Hotel Greenwich Village, this little kampung-style (traditional Malay village house) restaurant is another find, with delectable cuisine from Malaysia. There's an equally delightful view of the Himalaya from the balcony.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)