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Dispensing disharmony

Even educated people can be brainwashed into ethnic chauvinism, as proven at a program in Sydney recently. A so-called 'social scientist' from Nepal, Krishna Bhattachan, spread hatred and intolerance towards other communities while promoting ethnic rights. His racist and anarchic remarks, made among Nepalis living in a civilised and developed society, drew widespread condemnation.

Bhattachan had come to Sydney to attend the general assembly of the Janajati Adivasi Manch Australia and lashed out at Bahuns and Chhetris, calling them plunderers who came to Nepal from India in the 13th and 14th century. Bhattachan tried to plant the seeds of division and disturb the solidarity and unity of the Nepalis in Australia with remarks like Bahuns and Chhetris should be treated as foreigners and chased out of Nepal's borders. With these remarks, Bhattachan became a rotten potato in a sack among Nepalis in Australia.

Janajati and non-Janajati members of the audience hung their heads in shame. There are some who are trying to spread hatred and bigotry using extreme racist arguments among Nepalis living abroad. Such uncivilised and shameful behavior shows that we face a great challenge to save future generations of Nepalis from racial intolerance and disharmony.

Dilliram Dhakal, Nepal-Australia Democratic Forum

1. bali hang sambahangphe(limbu)
it is very bad to hear those comments from such an intelligent person. its bahun or chhetri or janjati or dalit we all are same and have common identity that is nepali.

I was one of the observers of the programme. Dr Krishna Bhattachan one of the guest speakers amongst Kumar Lingden, President of Limbuwan Sanghiya Rajya Parisad, Ram Bahadur Thapa Magar, MP,General Secretary of Adibasi Janajati Mahasangh,Indgrajit Chhantyal, Vice President of Nepal Chhantyal Association and Ms Krishna Kumari Waiba, General Secretary of National Network of Indigenous Women including speakers from the local Nepali communities. Dr Bhattchan was just giving clearification of federalism on the basis of ethnic,linguistic and regional autonomy by exercising the right to self determination within a federal democratic republic, guarantee full proportional representation in constituent assembly on the basis of caste ethnic groups, sex, and region with guarenteed representation of atleast one man and one woman from each caste and ethnic groups, respect the rights of Indigenous People's to ancestral land and territories which is the sole basis of their livelihoods, accept and implement education in mother tongues with multilingual policy,implemention of convention on all forms of racial discrimination,ILO Convention No. 169 However, while answering to the previous speakers anti federalism speech, Dr Bhattachan did warn of grivious consequences if anyone tries to block the rig hts of Indigenous people in Nepal. Non of his speeche included any statement aiming to disharmony amonsgt the Nepali commuity,nor he used any derogetory language agaist any particular racial group. Instead, he urged everyone to help Indigenous people to guarentee their in the up coming federal constitution inorder to convert our motherland into peaceful and prosperous country. The speeches delivered by our guest speakers inparticular that of Dr Bhattachan was appreciated by the audience with loud applaud.Most of the audience( indigenous as well as non indigenous) actively participated in the interaction session with great enthusiasm. His presence in Sydney made Dr Bhattachan real hero,true fighter against social unjusts. We the Nepalese commuity in Sydney are looking forward to inviting him again in Sydney, for his priceless, 'matter of fact' speecches. Nima Gyalje Sherpa, Sydney, Australia

3. Max
Dear Mr. NIMA Do you think the feeling of communal amoung us Nepali will benfit & bring the country to peacefull solution ????/

4. Rabin Thapa
I think all janajti must give hips thanks to Dilli Ji, cause he dared to write such a fact which any Janaja can't write, and made things easy to use. Truth is sour and don't be like 'A scalded dog fears cold waters" Jai hos Dilli ji

5. P.T. Yolmo,Limbuwan state Council(Presently living in Sydney,Australia)
We indigenous community or our leaders are not trying to spread hatered or intolerance towards any other communities but we are fighting for our equal rights.The only solution for the upliftment for janjatis is through ethnicity based federalism.Dr. Bhattachan is absolutely right to warn of grivious consequences if anyone tries to bring obstacles while paving the path for the rights of indigenous community.When someone supports and speaks in favour of ethnicity based federalism it dosen't mean that he/she is spreading hatered towards other communities its those stupid corrupt minded people trying to interpret in other way and create division among communities. Janjatis knows how to live in harmony and we've lived for centuries.People have fought long war to abolish monarchy and bring constitution assembly to restructure the country and give equal opportunity to janjatis and backward community of Nepal.If there are still some pockets of corrupt minded people trying to create obstacles then nepali people will definitely get rid of them.

6. Dipesh karmacharya
Hello Dilliram Sir, Please don't try to exaggerate the fact, i know you were also one of the speaker ,i was there till the end of the program ,DR Bhattachan may be quite straight but he was not offencsive to any other cast or religion on his speech. Now you are trying to create the disharmony among nepalese in sydney by giving flase story to the respectful media

7. Jeevan
Dilliram ji, I can understand your gut-feeling. Your statement smeared with anti-federal notion is no doubt a propaganda and not surprisingly you have no hesitation to seek residency in a federal country! Gr8 man!

8. Santosh
As Dipesh Ji, I was one of the listeners from the beginning till the end of that speech and totally agree with Dipesh ji's comment. Dr Bhattachan, a very high intellectual person never tried to spread the wrong message to anyone but was telling the factual truth and was warning about the consequences to those who become obstacles in the pathway of indigenous rights. I absolutely agree that there were some bitterness in his expression and words but isn't it the FACT IS ALWAYS BITTER? Any broad-minded human being regardless of the caste or group who was listening the speech shouldn't feel it as negative, bias and racist. No one but only the narrow-minded, negative diggers, suppressive attitude and crook intentional person must have felt the speech in such a negative way. After his speech at least I am convinced that he is not one of the "MUKHALE RAM RAM BAGALI MA CHHURA" kind of person and I salute his gut to produce such a logical and factual speech in front of public.

9. Barsha
Generally as time passes by most country goes forward in terms of development and many other aspects. However our country is doing just opposite and we all know the main reason of that is due to the DIRTY POLITICS from our so-called respected politicians. As being one of the listeners of that speech and after reading Dilli Ram's article above, I couldn't help myself to do nothing but laugh. I almost forgot that wherever we go our blood still will be the same and the attitudes and habit of playing DIRTY POLITICS for some people never changes at all.

10. Neha
As above mention by Dilli Dhakal Article,it's totally make people fool n distract. i's one of the listner and didn't found wrong that intellectual person Dr. krishana Bhattachan said so wrong or made disharmony???i'm agree with Depesh bhai's comment.Bad attitude people've always think bad way n rotten information published towards good media.even such a people like Dilli Dhakal lives in nepal n published such Article,he'd be in a big it's last not least,u'r one of the current President of NADF,recon ur Reputaion's going down to publish such a bias Article.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)