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Can Nepal benefit from Copenhagen?

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal left for Copenhagen on Monday to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference. "Nepal will raise the same issues we talked during the Everest Cabinet meeting," he said before leaving. "We will tell the world that the mountains are melting and we need to save them."

The prime minister is leading a 57-member government delegation. Most of the 600 representatives from Nepal, including journalists and experts from various national and international organisations, are already there.

We want to hear your opinion on: How do you think Nepal could benefit from the Copenhagen summit?

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1. gaia gia
climate change shouldn't be next "maagi khane bhaado". PM and whosoever concerned, put scientifically backed evidences on the impact of climate change on the table and please don't sound poetic and emotional. i wonder what the heck 600 people did in copenhagen?? did they have missions and objective in the first hand?? and were they fulfilled??

2. jange
Nepal has already benefitted. 600 people have managed to go on this junket. The fact that so many Nepalis have managed to get onto this gravy train is a positive sign. I am assuming that not many other countries have done better than this. I think the government should hold a special seminar to teach people how to milk this to the fullest extent possible. The first step is to get funding for the seminar!! This is the biggest, bestest, "maagi khane bhaado" ever devised by man (and nature). There is talk that this is all a scam. If so, I just hope enough Nepalis get their fill of the trough before it fizzles out. Come Dasain we will be saying, " Climate change ma jagir, (thekka, consultancy, seminar, bhraman etc.) payes".

3. Karla
Did really Nepal had to represent 600 representatives from Nepal?? Some of them are just going as an observer. These ppl already spent alot of money arranging trip to kalapathar and another this trip to Copenhangen. If our politicans were so much concern about climate change, they could utlise this fund to save our environment. Our politicans did that meeting in everest was for their names, but It's nothing to gain to from this sumit. Just wastage of our money.

4. krishne
makune and their team may not know about the meaning of climate changes. And this is just worthless discussion by creating another hope for poor people of Nepal. These corrupted criminal groups enjoy on money and power until another bloodshed in Nepal.

5. Atheist
There is no way nepal will benefit from this.... What the hell climate are we talking about? How about talking about making it possible to go to Karnali? It's okay if there was 10 people going it was okay if minister of Environment was going there! Now the problem isn't with going to Copenheigen it's the whole Nepalese interest of going abroad... The fact that people dunn understand is going abroad isn't always golden experience... it's a lot we could do in our country and we could go out and enjoy our life... Nepal needs some conservatives and someones who would truely recognize a corporate Nepal rather than bullshit Nepal... We need to change the view of Nepalese and hire some economists to Run Nepal like a corporate.... We need money and some more money not any politicians....... All we ever discussed about ends on the fact that we lack money!

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)