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Objective situation


The proletariat is an international class. The communist movement of a certain country is therefore in essence an inseparable part of the international communist movement which gets enriched ideologically by acquiring and synthesising positive local aspects.

The synthesis of the Paris Commune, the first proletarian revolution of the world, had been the ideological foundation for the Great October Revolution in Russia. Likewise, the synthesis of the experiences of the Great October Revolution and those in the course of socialist construction in Russia had been the ideological base for the New Democratic Revolution and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China. In the course of these great revolutions, the international proletariat has developed Marxism to Marxism-Leninism and then to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

The Great Nepal People's War has now entered into its 14th year. It started at a time when world imperialism ideologically claimed that Marxism had failed and that the parliamentary bourgeois system had been inevitable, and when the oppressed classes the world over were on the defensive. Raising the banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and initiating the Great People's War in Nepal was in itself an ideological and political challenge against imperialism, Indian expansionism and their puppets, the domestic reactionaries.

Defence and development of the People's War that was initiated, in an adverse international situation, right after the fall of Soviet Social imperialism, counter-revolution in China and the serious setback suffered by the Peruvian people's war was a challenging job. Nevertheless, Nepal's oppressed class has now arrived at a very glorious but more challenging juncture of seizing central power through a process of people's rebellion under the leadership of our party the Unified CPN (Maoist).

However, it is metaphysics, not dialectics, if it is understood that a certain communist party remains revolutionary forever. Now, we are applying a tactic of participating in the government as a front of struggle that was never and nowhere used in the world communist movement. Nowhere and never in the history of the communist movement has a party led revolution from the government.

It is not that it was a mistake on the part of our party to adopt this tactic. Only by defeating the right opportunism that understands this tactic as strategy, or attempts to make it strategy, can we apply this tactic in the service of revolution. But, it is equally necessary to be careful towards the danger of being entrapped in dogmato-sectarianism while fighting right opportunism and being victimised by centrist opportunism while fighting both of them. Our party has developed the tactic of 'People's Federal Democratic National Republic' and this in the present concrete situation is the scientific and correct tactic to accomplish new democratic revolution by bringing to an end the feudalist, imperialist and Indian expansionist intervention in Nepal.

The economic crisis that had started from the US has now engulfed the whole world. This is sure to be gradually expressed in the form of a worldwide political crisis, so the objective situation is becoming favourable for a world proletarian revolution. But the subjective aspect of the revolutionaries is still very weak.

Only by raising to newer heights the ideological struggle against right revisionism, the main danger, and dogmato-sectarianism, can this problem of the international communist movement, including the Nepal communist movement, be resolved.

Some revolutionaries have reached the conclusion that Nepal's revolution has been liquidated as a result of right deviation. Only by crushing the entire conspiracies of imperialism, Indian expansionism and domestic reaction and thereby accomplishing new democratic revolution in Nepal can this incorrect conclusion be proven wrong.

Now the whole world is looking at us. Reactionaries are centred on Nepal to root out revolution, just as the oppressed of the world are impatient to see the success of revolution in Nepal under the leadership of the Nepali proletariat.

In the present world situation, a possibility that can open up the door of world proletarian revolution exists only in Nepal. The responsibility of our party and the importance of Nepal's revolution remain in turning this possibility into reality.

Indra Mohan Sigdel is the chief of the Maoist Kirant State Committee. This comment is extracted from the Maoist English paper, The Red Star (

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)