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Promises not kept

Twelve-point agreement, 25 November 2005
The Maoists commit to creating a conducive environment for the locals and other democratic party leaders, who were displaced during the conflict, to return home, live safely in their communities, to have their seized property returned and to be allowed to participate in political activities without fear.

Ceasefire code of conduct, 26 May 2006
To return seized property, party workers and leaders that has been confiscated to its rightful owners. To solve problems arising during that process via agreement and discussions between the parties involved.

Agreement on 8 November 2006
To expedite the process of returning seized property. To make the environment safe for the war displaced to return home within one month by creating district committees with members from both parties.

Comprehensive Peace Agreement, 21 November 2006
l Both sides agree to return confiscated and padlocked government, public, private buildings and land and other property.l Both parties agree not to override law and seize more private property.

Commitment signed on 30 March 2007
The Maoists commit to return private and public land, buildings, industries, offices, and vehicles that were confiscated during 'people's war' to its rightful owners. The administration will take necessary actions against those who create obstacles in the process. The committee that is formed at this meeting pledges to monitor the return of property and present its report within the next 15 days.

23-point agreement 23 December 2007
Confiscated private and public property to be returned to their owners within one month. A body to be set up in districts, under the leadership of the chief district officer, to oversee the implementation.

Agreement signed on 25 June 2008
CPN (Maoist) to end all semi-military activities of YCL and direct that all property (private, public, government buildings and land) be returned within 15 days. The YCL to remain within the law.

NC demand to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, 9 November 2008
Although the issue of return of property has been mentioned in the 12-point agreement and subsequent agreements after that, they have not been implemented. Compensation and relief packages must be arranged from the time when the property was confiscated. The agreement signed on 25 June 2008 relating to the activities of YCL must be implemented immediately. The progress of all the agreements must be made public by the Home Ministry via the legislative assembly as soon as possible.

Two days after the above demand letter was presented, the prime minister spoke to the CA and said that the agreements will be implemented by mid- December. He said that if the confiscated property is not returned by then, government will provide compensation. At a meeting with NC leaders on 1 January, Dahal said he needed at least three months to fulfil those demands.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)