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"Nepal should be a Hindu rastra again"

Sitting in a palatial house that also serves as his office next to the Gorakhnath mandir, Yogi Adityanath is signing a sheaf of papers. As supplicants crawled under the table to touch his feet, the Bharatiya Janata Party MP and the future head of the temple talked to Prashant Jha about politics in Nepal.

Nepali Times: What is your relationship with Nepal and the monarchy?
Yogi Adityanath:
When Prithbi Narayan Shah began the process of unifying Nepal, Gorakhnath Maharaj blessed him. The bond was strengthened because Nepal has been a Hindu rastra with a Hindu monarchy.

What is your view of current Nepali politics?
Like any nationalist Indian, I am worried. There is anarchy in Nepal. The Maoists haven't given up arms and want to grab power through goonda raj. They want to extend their influence from Pashupati to Tirupati. For the first time, there is a possibility that Nepal might disintegrate. The unifying force in Nepal, like the soul that unites the body, is the Hindu king and Hindu culture. The imposition of secularism and sidelining the king will lead to devastating consequences.

But don't you think that the king had his chance and, in the present
context, is more of a divisive than unifying force?

No, the king was never aggressive enough. I have not met him since 2004 but my assessment is that he gave up too easily. The king should not be silent but take matters into his hands. India's unification, out of 550 plus princely states, was possible because there was one umbrella party and the states were too small to rebel. In Nepal today, you have too many parties with limited base and growing regionalism. This never happened during monarchy- there was no discrimination, the king does not loot and divide people like politicians are doing. What is going to keep your country as one? Who is the king is not important. What is essential is that he should be a Hindu.

What is your relationship with Madhesi groups?
Madhesi leaders had a meeting in Gorakhpur in December 2006. Some of the major leaders came to see me and ask for support. I have given my moral support to those who want to fight for equality and rights within Nepal, but am not actively involved in their agitation yet. I am opposed to secession. My aim is that the whole of Nepal should become a Hindu rastra again, not a separate Madhes. But the Madhesi leaders should introspect. The movement will not go too far if it continues like this-it neither has the leadership nor the resources.

What do you think of Indian policy towards Nepal in the last few years?
Complete failure. If Nepal slides towards anarchy, there will be a direct impact on India, especially in the border areas. Nehru understood Nepal and that monarchy was essential for peace and stability-so he re-established the king after the Rana rule. That stability has now gone. Nepal will either disintegrate or go the Tibet way with China stepping in. India has just gone on accepting the Maoist agenda and this leniency has also led to increased Naxalite activity domestically. The Maoists are Chinese agents. The Indian diplomats are fools.

Is it true you have property interests in Nepal?
I don't have personal property but yes the Gorakhnath has temples in Mrigasthali in Kathmandu, Dang, and some other places.

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(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)