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The intention of this Conference is to help facilitate the process of making the army active against the dangers Nepalis may face in this changing political environment. Thirteen governments have come and gone since 1990 and Nepalis have suffered long and hard. As a result of this instability, we do not understand what good governance means. Instead of coming together for a better Nepal during a time of difficulty, the political parties fought each other. This chaos encouraged a section of society, already disenchanted with the state structure, to take up weapons. The government became weak and the country was pushed towards bankruptcy. In these difficult times, even the media was not sympathetic and published news that would only help the insurgent forces.

A careful examination of the violence in the tarai, led by the JTMM and the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, and encouraged by the Maoists, makes it evident that the Maoists are not true to their statements that they have given up arms and come into mainstream politics. We are as close to violence as before. The Maoists will not break promises, take up arms, and go back to the jungle, but I do foresee violence in the near future. It is our responsibility to serve the Nepali people, which is why I direct the Nepal Army to stay prepared.

If the constituent assembly elections were to be postponed or delayed, or if the results are not what the Maoists expect, they will take up arms again. If the situation in the tarai does not become normal soon, or if the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force cannot contain the situation, it is possible the Nepal Army will be deployed again before more damage is done. This divisional office, via the army headquarters, has already requested the government, the UN, and the Maoists for an interim agreement to allow the army to be deployed for a certain amount of time. I request officers of the 22 Brigade Office to be mentally and physically prepared to act under an \'add to civil authority' clause.

There are certain elements trying to cause rifts in the army between high and low ranking officers, because they know the Army is ready to sacrifice, is united, and sincere to the state. I request the Nepal Army to stay committed to providing security to the people and be aware that since the beginning of the \'People's War' the Maoists have tried to create divisions inside the army and have often placed false news reports and claims.

Abuse of power within the army will dishonour our profession and hamper the peace process. I request all brigadiers not to tolerate any activity that will obstruct the peace process.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)