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Film South Asia travels back

Kathmandu's documentary enthusiasts who missed Film South Asia '05 have another chance to catch some of the best movies showcased last year. Travelling Film South Asia '06, Kathmandu runs from 14-16 July at Yala Maya Kendra, Patan Dhoka.

Fifteen films were chosen from those screened at FSA '05 and they include four of the award winners. These outstanding films are currently also travelling all over South Asia and the world, giving audiences an opportunity to sample an exciting range of topics and themes, presentation styles and techniques.

A Certain Liberation
Gurudasi Mondol resigned herself to madness in 1971 when, during the Liberation War of Bangladesh, she witnessed the murder of her entire family at the hands of the collaborators of the occupying forces. Today Gurudasi continues to roam the streets of Kopilmoni, a small town in rural Bangladesh, in pursuit of all she has lost, taking liberties only her madness and her strength of character afford her. In her beloved home of Kipilmoni, Gurudasi has now attained near legendary status and, through her indomitable presence, she has kept the spirit of the Liberation War alive.

The Legend of Fat Mama
This is a bittersweet story of the Chinese community in Calcutta intertwined with the nostalgic journey in search of a woman who once made the most delicious noodles in the city's Chinatown district. Thriving street food, disappearing family-run eateries, mahjong clubs, a Chinese printing press that has shut down and its handwritten counterpart that continues to deliver the news every morning and the first all-woman dragon dance group preparing for the Chinese New Year make up the Chinese heritage in Calcutta.

Sunset Bollywood
A struggling actor in Bollywood dreams of his big screen break. It arrives, and he skyrockets to stardom. Becoming number one is easy after all- staying there is the hard part. Overnight success is sought by millions but what happens when the lights go out? Where are they now? And why did they disappear in the first place? In Bombay's glamorous celluloid world, failure is not an option. The film follows three actors on their journey back, each one unable to accept failure, craving the narcotic high of celebrity.

Team Nepal
A passionate team of Nepali footballers, representing a youth club from the Nepali border town of Birganj, travel to Sonpur, Bihar in India to play in a tournament there. Team Nepal is the documentation of their experiences in Bihar, travelling, meeting and mixing with other footballers, living in a foreign country and playing the game they love.

Teardrops of Karnaphuli
The Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) is home to 12 predominantly Buddhist ethnic groups, which are collectively known as the "Jumma" nation. The first disruption of the peace in CHT took place from 1959-1962, when a dam was constructed on the Karnaphuli river, submerging 54,000 acres of arable land and making refugees of 100,000 people in the process. These hill people suffered a second crisis in 1979 when the government brought Bengalis from various districts and settled them in CHT.

Friday - 14 July
10.00 am Inaugural ceremony
10.30 am Continuous Journey
1.00 pm Team Nepal
2.30 pm Lanka: The Other Side of War and Peace
4.30 pm The Legend of Fat Mama

Saturday - 15 July
10.00 am Final Solution
1.30 pm A Certain Liberation
3.00 pm Teardrops of Karnaphuli
4.30 pm The Great Indian School Show
6.00 pm Dirty Laundry
7.15 pm Girl Song

Sunday - 16 July
10.00 am The Life and Times of a Lady from Avadh: Hima
1.30 pm Sunset Bollywood
3.00 pm City of Photos
4.30 pm Good News
5.30 pm The City Beautiful

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)