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"It’s everyone’s right to rebel"


Himal Khabarpatrika: What's your take on the government-Maoist talks?
Our emphasis is that it should be made decisive. There is a possibility of the talks failing, but that is not in our hands.

So, you see possibility of the talks failing?
We will not be the reason for it but failure is possible if there is foreign interference, armed repression and conspiracy. Statements like the one the Nepal Army made are not helpful.

Will you return to war if the constituent assembly results do not favour your party?
You can't always ask us the same question again and again. We are often asked about how we will manage our PLA and arms. The future is uncertain and anything could happen tomorrow. But we are saying that we will do as per the aspirations of the masses.

Why is there a delay in demobilising the Maoist army?
Our proposal is to militarise all the people after demobilising both the Nepal Army and the PLA. Different groups will have their own militia. A regular army of 10,000 personnel is enough to give them training. Nobody will threaten anyone after the whole population is armed.

Why are you still underground?
We formed our talks team to show that we are in favour of peace. But there is still a lack of ethnic, gender and regional representation in the team. So, there is a possibility of forming another team. Besides, it was our party decision to make our special team public only later.

So, you are not coming out?
I am grateful to people who want to see me but I have to fulfil my role in other ways. There could be others who are trying to keep me inside but the people brought me out. Only the people and struggle can create leaders. They are not born on their own.

There are rumours you didn't want to be part of the team due to your dissatisfaction.
This is not true. Such rumours will only create a rift between people and the revolutionaries. I am not yet public not due to discontentment or any feeling of rebelling. You can't expect everyone to be in the talks team.

Didn't you have a row with Prachanda?
Disagreements, debates and discussions happen in revolutionary parties and eventually sharpen our ideology. We are not slaves of any person. But we do not make our political differences personal.

What were your issues with him?
It was about leadership and the process for its development.

Can you simplify that?
There is an issue of whether the Maoist leadership will join the government, be like the UML. I will not join the government or become the president. If I do so, then I will become KP Oli and a Pajero-man. Why did the Soviet Union fall? It wasn't just because of the Americans. The Janjatis are a majority but why are they being ruled by the minority caste? Why blame only the Bahuns for that? We should be able to identify our own mistakes. We should send deputies and not their chiefs to government. If they make mistakes, they can be brought back on track.

Is it true you want to rebel?
That is also true. It is everyone's birth right to rebel. There will be rebellion if any party leader does injustice to the people and cadres. I will rebel. Every citizen should rebel against anyone betraying the nation and
the people.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)