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Parties' commitment

Senior leaders of the seven-party alliance met today, 12 April, inKathmandu. Their decisions are published in this statement:

1. The peaceful united people\'s movement begun by the seven parties to endthe autocratic regime and establish complete democracy is working. Peoplefrom all walks of life, including political party leaders, workers, publicassociations, media persons, professional and social institutions and humanrights activists, as well as the general public, are participating inincreasing numbers. Six brave martyrs have already put on their medals.Thousands have been injured and arrested. We solute our martyrs and thankthem for having been a part of the movement. We appeal to all our Nepalibrothers and sisters and people from all walks of life, castes, languages,religions and regions to make the movement successful.

2. We fiercely condemn the brutal oppression and murders committed by theroyal government. We repeat our commitment to look after the needs of thefamilies of the brave martyrs and those injured in the movement after theestablishment of complete democracy.

3. We appeal to all those in the medical profession to provide free orsubsidised treatment to those injured in the movement. The government formedafter the establishment of complete democracy in Nepal will bear thefinancial burden caused by this free or subsidised treatment.

4. The oppressive royal government has threatened government employees whojoin the protests. We call upon all government employees to disregard thesethreats and join the movement with full faith. The new government willwithout condition re-hire all civil servants who have been thrown out orpunished for participating in the movement.

5. The new government will absolve industrialists and businessmen who takepart in the movement of any bank interest incurred during the movement.

6. We believe that those in the army and police are there to serve thepeople but the repressive government is using them to suppress the peopleand keep itself in power. We urge all security personnel to not put down thepeaceful movement and we direct all local committees of the parties to takenote of those involved in cruelly suppressing the movement. We alsoemphasise that the new government will take severe action against those whobrutally put down the peaceful movement.

7. In Nepalganj, UN human rights defenders have found concrete proof ofgoons and armed security personnel in plainclothes infiltrating peacefulprotests to provoke violence, bloodshed and mayhem. We have evidence thatsuch incidents are occurring in many parts of the country. We apologise tothe public for the suffering caused by such elements and ask for theircontinuing support.

8. Permanent peace can never be established unless the autocratic regime isended and the complete democratic rights of the people are restored. We havemade a 12-point agreement with the CPN (Maoist) to end this conflict onlythrough a peaceful people\'s movement and we are convinced that this can onlybe achieved by observing its aims, programs and code of conduct asprescribed by the seven parties.

9. We thank all those in the international community who have supported ourmovement and look forward to their solidarity and support in the comingdays. 10. Nepali year 2062 is ending and a new year is beginning. We express ourbest wishes to all the Nepali people for the coming year and hope that itheralds an end to the cruel royal regime and the establishment of completedemocracy and lasting peace in the country.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)