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Paras Shah

Prince Paras Shah, infamous after committing dozens of excesses, killed an innocent son of the people by running his Pajero over musician Praveen Gurung. This is the third time someone, who, as member of the respected Royal Family gets an annual allowance of Rs 300,000 (his wife, Himani, gets Rs 75,000), has killed a commoner.

Earlier, in 1997, a Pajero driven by Paras hit and killed taxi driver Sanukaji at Putafi Sadak. A year before that, a drunk Paras driving his jeep caused a similar accident in Bharatpur, Chitwan.

The people have also not forgotten the other excesses of Paras\'. In 1996 Paras assaulted a traffic police officer who had gone up to him to inquire about the lights used in his vehicle. About a week later, after hitting a motorcycle near Hattigauda he went around beating people assembled at the site of the accident. The same year, he drew out a pistol and spread terror at Hotel Soaltee and then drove to the Everest Casino where he fired several rounds in the air. A year later, he drove to the police headquarters and beat up a sentry on duty. Again in 1999 he struck a police officer with the butt of his gun and drove away after threatening him with a machine gun. A month later he went to the Durbar Marg police station and thrashed the policeman standing guard, On election day in May last year he went around driving his car threatening all police officers he came across.

These are but some examples of the exploits of Paras Shah. The crimes committed by him are so grave that had he been a commoner, he would have been jailed for attempted murder four years ago. But because he is a member of the royal family, Paras Shah is not in jail but in the palace and still goes around driving his Pajero over people. Even five days after the accident the government has not yet taken any action against someone who should have been stripped of his royal privileges and jailed five years ago.

The government may have been reluctant to act against Paras Shah, but this time the people\'s representatives have been demanding that strong action be taken. For the first time since the establishment of constitutional monarchy, this week a rally was organised to protest the actions of a member of the royal family. And lawmakers have been saying no one is above law.

After protests against Paras both on the streets and in Parliament everyone is now waiting for the King to act.

Everyone is hoping that His Majesty will strip the title of "Prince" from Paras, in accordance with the expectations of the people. Punishing someone who has wronged, will not only be respecting the people\'s expectations, but it will also help restore the prestige of the institution of monarchy.

Bimarsha, 11 August
The murder of well-known singer and musician Praveen Gurung could prove to be costly for the Royal Palace. What has been described as a murder committed by Paras Shah, son of Prince Gyanendra, has agitated the entire country. No MP speaking in Parliament disagreed that the musician was killed by the vehicle driven by Prince Paras. At! had one voice; this incident should be investigated seriously.

Jan Astha, 9 August
For the first time in Nepal\'s history the residence of a member of the Royal Family is to be surrounded today by the student wing of the CPN-ML, which has invited everyone to participate, Traffic will also be blocked as part of the protest. The house in .Question, Nirmal Niwas, is owned by Prince Gyanendra. And Paras Shah is his wayward son.

Even though the atrocities of Paras Shah had crossed the limit a long time ago, this is the first time that anyone has gathered the courage to oppose his misdeeds by taking to the streets. The protest being organised today should be a reminder that those who think they are all powerful and can get away with anything- whether they are from the Royal Palace or from Singha
Durbar-will be challenged and opposed.

According to legal experts, in accidents such as these if it is proved that someone was killed because of the carelessness of the driver, the driver can be sentenced for up to 33 years in jail. That people have to abide by law and certain others don\'t have to face the consequences is unacceptable in a country that goes by the rule of law. Will the institution that commands great prestige and is also seen as the guardian of the law take action and let it be known to people that the rule of law will prevail or will this incident be allowed to further tarnish the image of the palace? Because Paras\' excesses have crossed the limit, and in order to pacify the people who are ready to come out on the streets in protest, it would be wise for the Royal Palace to take action against him. The Royal Palace should be aware of the high moral standard shown by the prime ministers of New Zealand and Britain. The two prime ministers had said that the laws of the nation would apply to them also and sent payments for their parking tickets.

Paras\' family was not unaware about his tendency to create problems for both ordinary Nepalis and for the police on duty to maintain law and order. But Nepalis have not been assured that anything was being done to stop that. If he had been controlled, the nation would not have had to lose a capable musician and the Royal Palace would not have had to go through this disgrace. Paras\' misadventures. should have become unpardonable not only to the Nepali public but also to the Palace. But it does not seem so yet.

On the Sunday on which the accident took place. Paras had gone to the X-Zone Disco and drunk hard. While the disco was still open, he had switched the lights on and off several times, following which others there said that they too were customers and asked him not to do what he was doing. At which he boasted that he was Paras and threatened them. The four or five young men then pushed him out. In this way, Paras, who was always used to beating others, was at the receiving end that day. Then in search of those youth he had circled the Royal Palace in his Pajero several times.

While he was looking for the people he hit the motorcycle of musician

Praveen Gurung.
Naya Sadak, 12 August
The controversy that had erupted after Prince Paras\' vehicle killed singer Praveen Gurung outside the palace gates on 6 August has ended in an agreement between the two sides.

Neither Praveen Gurung\'s wife, Shanti Gurung. nor any of their relatives wanted to make any comment. But police sources say that Prince Paras will provide compensation of Rs 1 million, will take responsibility of Praveen\'s two sons and will find employment for Shanti.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)