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There is anarchy is all sectors'

Bimarsha, 11 August
Today, the nation\'s politics is going through a state of confusion. The ruling party has not given thought to making everyone happy and the promises made in its election manifesto. There is favouritism in every sector. In short, the country is bogged down by problems and confusion. The government does not know how to rule, and there is chaos in -every sector. Not one sector is doing well, there is no reason to be satisfied about anything. Go to any hospital, there are no doctors. Teachers are not to be found in schools. There is corruption everywhere. The Ministry of Forests has become a den of corruption. It is the same with the Department of Roads. A road under construction begins to fall apart even before it is completed. This is the situation in every sector.

Agriculture is the backbone of the economy. But the fertiliser entering the country is of poor quality and expiry date is not checked, but there is no agency to deal with that. That has led to a drop in agricultural production. With agricultural production down, it is natural for the income of the people to drop. As result we have been forced to import rice from India. This shows what our agricultural policy has been. Twenty or thirty years earlier we used to export food grains. This also shows how the government is functioning.

There are several reasons for this. The leaders of parties participating in elections and forming governments do not have any vision. They have no idea how to formulate policy and run departments. We have had many education ministers but each time a new bill has been presented. The Nepali Congress has come to power several times but every time the leadership has changed, so has the bill. Why is that happening? Isn\'t the Nepali Congress one party? Shouldn\'t it have a single vision? That is why the party has a lot of people, it has a crowd but no ideology. If you go to see a minister you will find his office crowded by those coming from rural districts seeking help, transfers and promotions. No one talks about policy there. That is why the party is run as you would do with a crowd. In truth, Nepali parties is not run by brains or ideology.

You cannot have one principle and act in some other way. For example, all say there should be no favouritism. But it is found everywhere. First the government should stop favouritism. If it does that the same spirit will percolate to lower levels. Is giving jobs to only Nepali Congress workers fair? It isn\'t.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)