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"His Majesty shouldn’t fight the people"

PAs the country's government is now run by the king himself, people naturally look to him for relief. This was evident from the reception the king got during his visit to the districts. Everyone had only one concern: peace and security. The war between the state and rebels have escalated after the king's rule. Many children, elderly and the women have died and are still dying. Despite this, no one is making any moves towards peace. The parliamentary parties have intensified their movement on the streets despite facing administrative and legal restrictions and penalties. Literary figures, lawyers, journalists and professionals have joined the anti-king street protest. Politics have come to a standstill. Patriotic Nepalis are filled with despair. Only the disabled, sick, the elderly, women and children are left in the villages. There is a desperate need for the king to act fast to provide peace and security. But the problem is that the people close to him act superior to the citizens, they act like lords, they conspire and play dirty politics. This is all reflecting on the king himself. There is a need to foster an administration that is sincere, efficient, impartial and responsible. The civil service is demoralised, and the introduction of new ordinances, regional and zonal administrations, the monitoring teams have all been causing serious disruptions. Even the controversial appointment or promotion of the chief secretary has been done by the king. This makes the king personally responsible for their actions.

The political parties are the medium through the problems and needs of the people are addressed. The people want the king to use that political culture for a peaceful resolution but he is doing just the opposite by creating a political vacuum and trying to move ahead by intensifying the war with the political parties. Even the business community has stepped up to pressure the Maoists and the regime to restore peace. Civil society has been active and with good reason has launched a moral crusade against the king's move.

Political statements by the king's men have pushed the chances of peace further. One of the king's political misfits, Tulsi Giri, has said the king and parties can't co-exist. Another political stooge said, "A Hindu king does not have to follow any constitution." The question is if the views of the royal appointees also reflect the king's own views. Are these men provoking the king to wage war against his own subjects? Why hasn't this regime shown any interest in walking on the path of peace for the people who are suffering and living in difficult circumstances? Instead it has been running the government with arrogance and vindictiveness.

We are no more in the age of King Prithbi Narayan Shah when one became king by military conquests. Today, a king has to respect the needs and sentiments of the public and be accountable. Such a king will be carried on the shoulders of citizens but if he is surrounded by people of ill-repute no one will do that. Such a regime is detrimental to the public welfare and is a disaster to the country's time, resources, rights, opportunities and so on. There is still time for the king to play a positive role, he has to stop fighting the people. It is already getting late and instead of wasting time on unnecessary things and listening to nefarious advisers the king should join hands with his people. The Nepali people own this country.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)