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"Birth of a Republic-Ha!"

A monarch's "order" and Baburam's "conviction" both mean the same thing. After they lose their power of reasoning, reliance on order or conviction, leave those that order no escape route. In his article in Kantipur (see "From the Nepali Press", #50), Baburam, says "with conviction" that a republic has been born and is trying to force people to go along with his logic. Hitler and Stalin tried similarly to prove that they had replaced God and that led to their downfall.

Baburam is trying to rewrite history when he says that Prithivi Narayan Shah committed a lot of atrocities against the common man. Is this all that Baburam studied about Prithivi Narayan and his Divyaupdesh?

I pity Baburam. For the establishment of a republic he had to bring forth Dhirendra Shah (now dead) as his witness. Long live such a republic. After exhausting his sense of logic and reasoning, Baburam raves and rants that this is the truth and we have to believe it. Was this how he acquired his PhD? Jawaharlal Nehru University should take note of this.

People who have nothing to do can waste time reading Baburam's thoughts and they can then abuse anyone they feel that deserves it. This is the manner in which Baburam is abusing the UML and the ML. It was interesting to note that Baburam's advice to the armed forces, printed in Kantipur, was missing in his write-up in another daily, Rajdhani. Maybe Baburam heard that the army does not listen to such speeches or advice. In the same way he did not utter the names of Jigme Singye Wangchuk or Lendup Dorji. He must have realised that Nepali citizens do not want to hear that.

What can be more amusing than a left-wing leader saying that a republic has come into being all of a sudden? Baburam's article was like a bolt of lightning on a clear day. What more can be said when it is presumed that the demise of just one person has led to the birth of a republic. Does the great Marxist-Leninist-Maoist leader Baburam want to establish a republic through a revolution or through a miracle? Has Baburam become a leader by talking rubbish? It is my tragedy that I am writing this article instead of helping to send a mentally ill person to an asylum.

All this one has one positive repercussion. Through his two articles, Baburam has insulted all Nepalis who had said we needed a dialogue with the Maoists. For Baburam the monarchy is dead and a republic has been born. It is time all those negotiators came to their senses and realised they do not need to waste their time. Instead of starting a dialogue with him, they should have pity on him and take him to a mental institution. Maybe after he is treated and recovers, and then we can start a dialogue.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)