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"We have lost our morals"

."We have seen a majority and a minority Congress government. We have seen UML rule and the RPP too. Our widespread poverty has not resulted from the NC or the UML, it is there because of ignorance and illiteracy. That is not the fault of the system. More than 50 percent of our people are illiterate and that is where the fault lies.

In the last 10 years, decadence and corruption have spread. Our political leaders have lost all respect, and morals and political values. Until the politicians do not earn back the respect, and regain their moral and political values, this society will not develop, this country will not progress. For 30 years the monarchy actively ruled this country and the people did not get a chance to practice the art governance. If anyone raised the issue of justice and equality, they were locked up. Those were very difficult, complicated and trying times. We have our own compulsions. In this decade-long period (of democracy) we have not set in place good systems, we have not put in place rules, laws, practices. We haven't even done the groundwork. Today is the result of all that we did and did not do. The country is passing through a serious crisis. To get out of this situation, it is necessary to form some sort of a consensus between all political parties.

For society to move forward, all democratic forces must unite and forge ahead together. It is necessary for everyone who fought for democracy to give a thought to the development of our society. How did we become poorer by the day? Why? Political leaders and people in power must search for the truth behind this... Only by looking back and analysing the events of the last 10 years will we be able to truly move forward. Politicians must give this serious thought, but right now all political parties are engaged in infighting. It is time political parties gave up their personal interests and started taking an interest in the nation. Only people interested in the welfare of the country should be in charge of government. For 30 years, the reins were in the hands of one person, the king, but it is difficult to believe that he knew about the situation of the people. Whatever his coterie wanted, the king, in most cases, did.

These days, no one trusts the government and this is our fault. We have been proved unsuccessful. We need to correct our political shortcomings. If we are unsuccessful, democracy will be in great danger, and this nation will not develop at all. It is necessary for us to realise we have shortcomings, study and rectify them.All parties will have to rise above their pettiness and work for the benefit of the nation.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)