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Maoist frontal organisations

.The Maoist party has provided guidance to many organisations working alongside the revolution. It is the policy of the party to organise people in such organisations. In this respect, especially in the western parts of the country, different such groups have been formed. Organised groups will be the main source of strength in the people's war .

In the background of the historic peoples' revolution, the most striking progress has been the growth of women's organ-isations, and awareness of their strengths. Half the population, always discriminated against on the basis of gender and class, is slowly revolting. They are raising their voice and this has jolted the ruling class and other exploiters. This has given a boost to the revolution. Their courage, sacrifice and bravery are commendable and have ensured the revolution will be successful. Women have had to face more problems than men and, despite being exploited by men, have proved to be very courageous and strong. They have raised the prestige of women throughout the country. History has shown that the key to any successful revolution lies with the women of that society. According to Marxist principles, this is a measure of the increasing awareness of the proletariat, and the party will take direction from it. It is the party's policy to recognise that it is women who will uproot all the ills of society and will help in the formation of a republic.

Another important factor that will give the party direction will be an analysis of Nepali history, which has to be blended with Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theories. Such a history will be the basis of policies for the development and upliftment of different castes and classes.

Development of the exploited classes is a central feature of party policy, so that they can utilise their rights to the maximum, are empowered and never again exploited. This policy makes clear the objectives of our party. The coming together of the exploited and their empowerment will greatly raise their status. Under the leadership of the party, various organisations have been formed to this end-this has greatly aided the revolution and will definitely benefit people who will help in the development of the new republic.

It is party policy to give equal thought to the different platforms of students, labourers, intellectuals, teachers, etc. As in all revolutions, here too students have played a major role. The party wants to tap in to their resources for helping the revolution. They, too, are essential to take the revolution to the national level. They bring new thought, energy and powers of reasoning. Their recent bandh closed down all educational institutions for a week shows the power they wield. Also, they are the reserve forces of the revolution, and its future leaders. That is why our party has special policies for them. They have a historic role to play in strengthening bonds with the farmers too.

The party is forming policies whereby unionised workers will come forward to help in the class struggle and help bring about a true workers' revolution. Once the workers get together, there will be a complete union of the farmers and the factory workers, which will unleash their true powers. As it does with the students, the party will also work to unite these workers and fight for their wellbeing.

Cultural organisations are another vital pillar of the party. Depending on the requirements of the revolution, the party will pay special attention to these various other bodies and see that they grow properly.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)