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UML is irrelevant

We do not see the infighting in the Congress on the basis of any new philosophy. This is a personal and opportunistic battle, one that is being fought for power and position. Therefore we do not attach much major importance to it. From whatever we know, we can conclude that the Bhattarai-Deuba camp is the forward-looking and progressive camp, while the Koirala camp is more conservative.

If you want to fulfil your objectives, you must have some new and forward-looking philosophy. For this, you must move away from the feudal, class-ridden, and the commission-eating stratum of society and defeat those people ideologically. Only in this way will they be able to fight the Koirala camp. Otherwise there is no political justification for this battle. The Deuba camp has not given any sign that it is moving in that direction. Otherwise the Koirala camp will not be defeated and it seems that the Koirala camp is representing the progressives and reactionaries.

We support the agitation carried out by the Nine Left against the fascist and anti-nationalist government and hope that this type of struggle will always be carried forth. As for the issue and decision taken by the UML standing committee, we find that it has been rendered irrelevant by its loss of national esteem, the race for positions and power, and recent incidents. In the present situation it seems that the UML is standing between the people's expectations, their feelings and wants, and this is going to prove detrimental to the UML. By acting as a tool of the present fascist government it has not only rendered itself useless but had also shocked its supporters.

Forget about providing any direction to the country, the UML of today has not been able to play its part as a responsible opposition in Parliament properly. By surrendering to rightist parties and capitalists it has played an evil game with its supporters. It has come to represent all the anti-nationalist and anti-people parties. It has proved that it indeed is a little brother of the Nepali Congress.

This decision has proved that those people who make palatial houses and drive Pajeros in Kathmandu have betrayed the people's expectations and the revolution. Even then we ask the honest, hard-working nationalists left in that party to pressure the leadership and stop the leaders from taking decisions in such a manner. We should not, at the present moment, help the Koirala camp, but get together and work for
the revolution and the country. We should work and find ways to provide a new direction to this country.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)