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If you missed the new year's dawn on 1 January, here's your chance to celebrate it on 1 Baisakh. Or if you've slumped back on your resolutions, you can gather new determination and set realistic goals for the Nepali new year which this year falls on 14 April.

This is your second chance, so make sure you do it right, take a trip to Jomsom to make it special. Jomsom Mountain Resort is where it's at with the band 1974 AD and the coolest DJ in town.

At 2,800m, Jomsom Mountain Resort (JMR) is located upstream from world's deepest gorge between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. With a stupendous view of Nilgiri (7,061m) from every room and the Kali Gandaki flowing past. JMR is regarded as one of the world's most exotic resorts. And what most people don't realise is how close it is: just 20 minutes flight from Pokhara and there are upto 10 flights a day.

JMR has a special Jomsom jamming package for new year's, promoting the quiet town as a place for rejuvenation and party to welcome 2062 in style. Famous for the friendliness of the Thakali people and breathtaking scenery, Jomsom is a short trek away from Muktinath if you want to mix pilgrimage with pleasure. Being the only Nepali city that is completely eco-friendly and plastic-free, going to Jomsom from dirty old Kathmandu will not only clean your lungs but also your soul.

The Jomsom jamming package from Kathmandu costs Rs 8,500 for Nepalis and $350 for foreigners and includes a night's stay in Pokhara. The second from Pokhara costs Rs 4,999 for Nepalis and $199 for foreigners. Both packages comprise of airfare, two nights and one day at the resort, two buffet breakfasts and a buffet dinner, a new year's gala dinner party with 1974 AD, a complimentary drink and door prizes. Then there is a walking tour of Marpha, the town famous for its apple brandy.

It's a bargain, priced with little profit margin to encourage people to visit Jomsom and drink in its beauty. JMR wants to promote local tourism with affordable prices and good services. This new year's event is organised by PartyNepal and they've put together an irresistible party package.

1974 AD, the happening Nepali rock band with over a decade of music behind them, is the highlight of the event. The band is known for its rock, blues and folk fusion music that has evolved with every album. It began its alliance with SOI (parent company of JMR and Cosmic Air) by allowing the immensely popular song Nepali to be used as a jingle for the advertisement of the only Nepali bike to be manufactured in Nepal, Cosmic Yingang. AD's latest album Pinjada ko Suga has busted the charts with its title song of the same name. The AD has also made frequent diaspora concert tours, the latest in Australia.

In Jomsom, they will play their all-time favourite hits and latest compositions. The live concert will be followed by a DJ session with DJ Sickfreak so you can party till the new year dawns.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)