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Time to think

Comrade Prachanda and Dr Bhattarai have to understand one thing: there are a lot of people who support them and are sympathetic to their struggle, but the people are also scared of them. The issues that the Maoists have raised have won support of the masses. People have contributed voluntarily to the Maoist cause. But the Maoists have abused this trust , and now they are forcefully asking for donations. This is a big mistake. They will lose the trust of the people. Then they will be left with only their guns and their policy of extortion.

If that happens, will they be able to bring about the fundamental social changes they aim for? Unless the Maoists change their ways, the very masses who have been supporting them until now will revolt. If the Maoists are satisfied with that, then there is nothing more to say. But if they are really interested in bringing about changes in society, they will have to come to the negotiating table, and have to be very patient and understanding.

\'The best thing about the present parliamentary system is that the likes of Devendra Parajuli can shout and can say that the system gives them \'the right to hold a mass meeting on 21 September' (a quote from the student leader). It is a different matter that the Maoists want to enforce a system which gives them the right to forcefully arrest newspaper reporters for no reason...

People who have met Prachanda are full of praise for him. I too, have met Baburam one time or the other. I never had any doubts about his commitment towards the nation and the people. Since these two men are sincere, I request them to find a way out of this mess, I request them to help in the construction of a new Nepal, and to bring peace . If they do not want this, there is another way out- a civil war, a reign of terror and oppression, making way for foreign forces entering our country. Let us not fool ourselves into thinking that a foreign army will enter our country from one side only, they will enter from all directions. Lebanon is a prime example of this. Once it was a very peaceful and quiet country. Then the Israelis entered and ruled for some time. After them it was the turn of the Syrians. The losers were always the Lebanese. Do we want to be another Lebanon?

It is time we thought seriously. If we do not, we are in for big trouble. There will be neither a republic nor a constitutional monarchy. Because Nepal will cease to exist.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)