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UML conditions

Excerpts from UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal's letter to the Chairman of the Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) seeking their "attention" to the following issues:
. Immediately stop inhuman acts such as beating up and killing our party workers, and others harbouring different ideologies. This also goes for killing innocent citizens or charging people you do not like with being informants and killing them.
. Stop forcing members of our party and others, and their supporters to give you refuge in their houses. Do not force them to form large groups, or take donations by force. Stop forcing the wives of political representatives and political party members to seek divorces.
. Stop the restrictions on the movement of citizens and the curfews you impose in certain areas. Do not force people you want to create problems for by forcing them to give up their property and flee. Stop evicting the elderly, and women and children from their homes at night and taking over their houses.
. In many places, members of our party and other parties and even ordinary citizens have been abducted and tortured. This must stop, those abducted should be immediately released.
. In many places elected representatives from our party and other elected officials have been forced to resign or been prevented from doing their duties. VDC buildings have been burnt and [you] have prevented local bodies from carrying out development work. Stop such acts immediately.
. Immediately stop the destructive attacks on telecom towers, electricity projects, forest offices, airport offices, bridges, drinking water systems, health posts and government buildings.
. You call people from every household to send a member to fight for your cause in some districts, causing people to flee their homes in panic. This forced recruitment must stop immediately.
. In districts where you have influence, you have prevented political parties from carrying out their activities. Criticism has not been tolerated-[you] don't engage in discussion, just attack those who raise questions. [You] harbour an undemocratic single-party ideology and don't want people with differing views to even enter areas you control. You must create an environment where others can go to the people who support them.
.l If some [among you] engage in such acts even after they have been asked to stop, you must take action against them, and take necessary measures to keep those [in your ranks] who do not want peace under control.
. If you are willing to resolve the problem peacefully, in this manner, you need to publicly announce that such acts are coming to an end. Because [you] broke the negotiations and went down the road of violent struggle, you must immediately end the violence and murder and announce that you are putting your weapons down and are willing to help build a new environment.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)