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We have reached a new horizon. By a historic decision, we have taken a new path. We have to convert this historical decision into opportunity. Our goal is a new Nepal, a wealthy Nepal, a civilised Nepal, and a democratic Nepal. We have to build a party that recognises the dignity of all Nepalis and their right to express opinions. This is a huge responsibility that is on our shoulders. Hard work, new ideas and new ways of thinking are necessary to handle this responsibility. In this we expect help from the intellectuals. We have to win a majority in the upcoming elections.

It's a fact that 113 parliamentarians campaigning under the tree symbol won the elections. I am the leader of these parliamentarians. It is the parliamentary party's right to ask for the tree (party's election) symbol. We believe that the symbol of the tree must come to the parliamentary party and party leader. The majority of the members at the general convention support us. That is why our Nepali Congress is entitled to the tree symbol-both from a parliamentary point of view and from a constitutional perspective. Regarding the registration of political parties before 19 November, we have registered the changes in our party according to the directive of the Election Commission. The huge gathering of party workers was converted into the general convention. I have always said that I will accept whatever the convention decides. That convention decided to remove Girijababu through a no-confidence motion and unanimously elected me as president. Therefore, we are a constitutional party, and it is our constitutional right to keep the tree symbol.

The people want peace. The army and Congress members are dying at the hands of the Maoists. Why should we criticise an army that is trying to maintain peace and working day and night to protect Congress workers and democracy? Why should we cast aspersions on them? This is undemocratic. Be assured, by the time elections roll around, I will break the backs of the terrorists. It is my job to give the candidates security. I will ensure fair and free elections even if I have to place 40-50 army personnel or police in every VDC. In the past, the election took place in two phases, this time we'll do it in five. But we have to win the hearts of the people. We will set up different units in the central party office and the prime minister's office to look into the problems of the people. We will be in constant touch with the districts. It is time to work, not just talk. These units will try to carry out the people's work immediately and if they can't, the people will be told why.

We will also make special provisions in the upcoming budget for the people displaced by the Maoist war. A lot of international aid is being organised. It is my misfortune that they tried to remove me just when I was enjoying the support of the world. The entire world is against the Maoists-families displaced by the Maoists, and the international aid organisations. They are supporting us with weapons. The party saw this as a crime. What else have I done? Instead of appreciating me, the party sacked me. In a parliamentary system, the prime minister is important. To remove him means to hurt the parliamentary, multiparty system.
Girijababu made Ganeshmanji cry; he removed Kishunji. He thought I was the same, but I'm not. How can you be a disciple if you don't follow your guru? I've vanquished my guru, it's not a big deal to vanquish the Maoists. But hard work is necessary. It is time to work. This party must belong to the people, the poor farmers. We don't have to help the rich-they have resources. I will discuss matters with the local representatives of the Maoist-affected districts on how to conduct the elections. Based on their advice, I will chalk out a work plan with the security forces.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)