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There is a long period between 30 April-14 May when BP Koirala has no entries in his prison diaries. These are the days, as he explains later, when he was taken to the tribunal for daily hearings. Finally, he is transferred from Sundarijal to the Police Training Centre in the heart of Kathmandu. His family is allowed to visit, but much to BP's disappointment little Manisha is not allowed to see her grandfather, and she cries bitterly.

30 April-14 May, 1977
[No entries]
Sunday, 15 May
Police Training Centre

Was transferred from Sundarijal to the Police Training Centre where a hall has been converted into my prison. This hall and a small area surrounding have been walled in to make the prison. In the compound a bathroom + a WC have been constructed and there is a small kitchen with a tap + sink. My room is a big one, with a bedstead, a writing table + a chair, a dining table with two chairs, an almirah + a stone on a longish table for tea articles like cups + pots. The room is airy, but since the surrounding walls are too near the compound, it is too narrow. I can't see anything of the outside except some treetops and the top of a distant hill. GM is lodged similarly in an adjacent room. There is a wall separating these two prisons. I sometimes hear him singing in his full-throated voice.

16 May
[no entry]

Tuesday, 17 May
Police Training Centre (Kath.)

My statement before the trying one-man tribunal in all the 7 cases I am indicted in has been completed. It started on 26th April. This period was pleasant, because I got the opportunity to express my political views before the court, I could meet my lawyers in the court and also, when the court was not sitting in private consultation sessions, on two occasions I met Sushila + others during the breaks in the afternoon.

18 May
[No entry]

Thursday, 19 May

In the afternoon Anchaladish came. I had wanted to see him, and asked the Camp Commander to send word to him. I told the Achaladhish that since my statements in the court had concluded, there was no purpose in keeping me incommunicado. He said that since GM's statement had yet to be recorded in the court which might take a couple of days, I would have to have patience for two or three more days, thereafter both of us would be held together-the door in the partition will be opened permitting communications between us. I asked him about interviews. He said that Rosa had also asked for it. He would allow nearest relations to meet me fortnightly. He was vague who were my nearest relations. He informed me that they could meet me even today-or tomorrow in any case. I also reminded him of my other demands regarding newspapers, correspondence + supply of reading material. He promised that he would do his best to provide these facilities. He noted down all I had to say in his small notebook. I also told him that I would like to meet the King, he said that this request had already been forwarded, he was extremely courteous, is he is the straw then the wind is favourable.

Half an hour after he left Camp Commandant and the Camp Commander (?) DSP came. This Camp Commander is in charge of temporary prisons and the commandant is the head of the Police Training Centre. I was informed that my people would be coming to see me shortly, that could meet only a limited no. of relations-ie wife, parents, brothers, brothers' wives, sons + daughters. Then the commandant produced a register requiring to write the names of the person falling in the above categories who would be likely meeting me. I wrote down 6 names: Sushila, Rosa, Sriharsha, Chetana, Munu + Kosa. He also informed me that they would be present during the interviews. About an hour later, Sushila along with Rosa, Chetana + Shriharsha were ushered in. Kalpana + Manisha had also come but they had to stay out, so also Iju. Sushila told me that Manisha wept bitterly for not being permitted to come to me with them. The interview because of this episode did not become as enjoyable as otherwise it would have been. What a wooden attitude on the party of the authority, not allowing a child of 6 years to accompany Sushila for an interview with me!

20-23 May
[diary pages missing]

24-26 May
[no entries]

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