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‘My party’

My efforts to make roads, parks and sewage facilities can, by no stretch of the imagination, be called destruction. It is not unreasonable for a few houses to be demolished while making roads for hundreds of thousands of people. Development is like carving wood-only the carpenter knows what is he is going to make. In the beginning, others think he is only chopping trees. I am trying to give people something crafted from that wood.

It does not matter if I am not mayor for long. I have created a base for my successors. Since I have started public hearings on the works of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, any mayor will have to face the public. If he does not proceed with the development work, people will stone him at public hearings. So, to save his own life, the mayor will have to work.

Unlike in the beginning, there is no street protest against my works these days. Those who used to oppose my idea are quiet now. I take that as support. Some people do criticise my work but I accept that as a motivation to succeed. Information Minister Kamal Thapa said KMC's activities cover-up for the weaknesses of the government. What could be higher praise?

I now oppose the idea of going to foreign countries to collect money for our development. How long can we beg? We can acquire 1,000 bighas of land for urban development. That way useless land will have increase in value. There will be an abundant water supply, parks, proper sewage, a cricket ground, a temple, a swimming pool and people will aspire to live in these places. For this, I will have to borrow a few million rupees from various banks that I intend to return within two years. Those who will own houses in my town development plan will live in luxury.
What I touch turns into gold. I have the full support of the government, unlike previously, but I know that once this government goes, so will I. I am here only because the government asked me to do something for Kathmandu. Whether the next government will need me or not, is not something I can decide.

If I am allowed to, I will solve the garbage problem in Kathmandu within six months. I am not going to carry the garbage to Okharpauwa. The story of Okharpauwa is over a decade old. Now, we will dispose the garbage of Kathmandu in Kathmandu itself. That way we will be able to deal with the garbage problem more effectively and also produce compost fertiliser. The garbage will be our source of income. The world will know that a person was born in Kathmandu who always dreamt about making his city beautiful.

While it is true that I have left the UML, I have not left politics. Politics is not something that is represented only by the UML or the Nepali Congress. My politics is beginning now. On that basis, I will establish a new party and expand it. Perhaps I will name it 'My Party'-that should make the people feel like it belongs to them.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)