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BP Koirala is analysing the geo-political implications to Nepal and King Birendra of his detention in solitary confinement. He feels coverage in the Indian media and the international spotlight will put the king on the defensive. He concludes: "Through the king's intransigence Nepal will be a scene of open international activities and a hotspot of international rivalry."

Tuesday, 20 April 1977

I got 2 days' newspapers today, with a lengthy report of Khadga B Singh's press conference in which he has made an extensive reference to the demand in India for my release and observance of human rights in reg. to the condition of my detention, criticising JP for advocating my case and for comments.correspondents' interview of the king. King's interview is also lengthy. By reading these reports I got the feeling that a good publicity is being made for our cause in India, which I hope will percolate to other democratic countries and that the people here are a little more unnerved.

The govt is clearly acting unconstitutionally and illegally in our case. Moreover it is openly propagating falsehood by stating that our case is sub-judice, that legal proceedings have already been started. Whatever little concessions they seem to give me-like allowing Shushila to see me and permitting the visit of Ganeshraj to me for a few minutes-is to provide themselves with a fig leaf to cover their blatant falsehood that they are indulging in their propaganda and publicity. That they have to resort to falsehood and a show of legality is the measure of the weakness of their legal political position and also of the state of their perplexity in view of the favourable publicity given to our cause in the Indian press and the advocacy by no less a person than JP. In a specific question about us asked by the interviewer, the king only said that the principle of non-interfernece in what he expected to be observed by India. I vaguely feel that China is not very vigorously supporting the king's cause-perhaps with a view to possible improvement in her relationship with India. Russia is likely to go over to the king's side-for 2 reasons-the present govt of India is not aligned with Russia like its predecessor govt was and India's attitude towards China too is likely to change correspondingly. "The Patriot" pro-Russian Indian daily has come out perhaps editorially, with a strong criticism of JP's espousal of our cause. This is a straw in the wind. It appears that through the king's intransigence, Nepal will be a scene of open international activities and a hotspot of international rivalry. This may suit the king temporarily, but certainly it will be suicidal for Nepal-Nepal will cease to be effective in her own territory + will have to play a secondary role to one or the other big powers. Nationalism will be hurt + the solidarity of the people destroyed through different international forces of attraction. I think ultimately it will be the gain of India.

In the evening I had an attack of diarrhoea, which exhausted me and therefore I went to bed immediately after dinner which I took without relish. I have started taking Erythrocin from today. (also on 16.4.77)
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(from 20.4.77)
I have been giving considerable thought to the line of defence I should adopt in the cases that are supposed to be in the process of trial in a special tribunal that has been set up more than two months ago. This is an absurd undertaking on my part, trying to formulate a line of defence, when I don't even know what the cases are and what the charged are against me. Even if I vaguely guess as a result of the interrogation, what are the prosecutor's stories-ie what facts they are presenting to the court, I can't form my defence in the dark. Of this I am certain, their stories can be torn to shreds, because what I feel is that the prosecution has never been strictly careful about the preparation of such cases. Moreover, I think this will be the 1st case that they are handling which will attract some international attention. Any weakness in the prosecution's story can be most damagingly exposed, and even if the judgement goes against us, such verdict will not carry much weight. Apart from this, this will be a political case par excellence-in which I will be able to expound our political credo. By the nature of interrogation I could gather that the prosecution's case will rest on my articles on "Monarchy", "Army", "nationalism in the present context", "The Panchayat System is no democracy"-all published in Tarun Magazine and some of my statements published in Indian papers, advocating violence as a political weapon against a dictatorship based on the permanent employment of the armed forces against the people, and on the statement made by Yagya B and on my last statement in which I have declared myself the president of the Congress (an illegal body). I have the impression that they don't have a shred of evidence against me except my statement that I am the president of the Congress + and as such I am morally responsible for acts done in the name of the Congress. When I consider their limited capacity, the international audience that they will have to address through the presentation of their cases and the cost of their failure to carry conviction with their large audience, I don't think they will be well-advised to go on with the case. I can turn the table on them + put the Panchayat System itself on trial. They may therefore decide to withdraw the case, ie just do nothing further about it and keep me in indefinite detention like they did on the last occasion when I was imprisoned for 8 years.

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