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Prachanda’s rejoinder to Baburam

Comrade Laldhoj's (read Baburam) serious accusation that the party's central committee's latest meeting was very unhealthy and that it marked unprincipled groupism has raised questions: is he preparing a background to disassociate himself from the party and the people's war? Certainly, during the central working committee meeting, Bhattarai's unruly working style, self-centred thoughts, false intellectual ego and indulgence in groupism against the central office was widely criticised.

Bhattarai's accusation against the party's central committee only proves that he has not understood Comrade Mao's teaching. We should believe in the party and the people. If we have doubts in these very basic principles, we can do nothing. He has claimed that he remained tolerant and silent about pretty serious and worrisome issues in the meeting. But the fact is that he himself is going against the decision and the spirit of the central committee meeting.

Whenever there is discussion on article 40 of private property, capitalist representatives get pissed off. In the same way, Bhattarai loses his control whenever there is talk about centralisation of power. This has been historically proved from the period the people's war was not even launched till the last central working meeting.

By labelling profound principle-based and political charges against the central committee's easy decision that had to be taken given the need for counterattack and the conspiracy of national and foreign reactionaries, Laldhoj has only revealed his distraction and his intellectual and political bankruptcy. In a special and sensitive process like strategic counterattack, if all standing committee members remain intact in the party, army and the revolutionary council, there will be greater clarity in the party and the movement. This is a simple conclusion of political knowledge, but our knowledgeable comrade is in an illusion because of his own opinion. Since he sees loss for himself, he thinks the entire movement stands to lose.

As long as Comrade Laldhoj remains chief of the united front, he has no problem with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and Prachandapath. The development of a people's republic in the 21st century too is right for him. But once his position changes, he thinks everything in the party is regression. When making serious charges against the party, he revealed his groupism mindset. In the letter he submitted to the party's central office, he forcefully referred to a group and has been projecting himself as the leader of that faction. What group is that and who has charged that group? There is no substantive proof in the letter. By tampering with facts and camouflaging the central committee's decision, he has been practicing groupism in the party.

His move has come at a crucial time when the central committee's unanimous decision of revolutionary transformation and counterattack was to be implemented. This only shows that Comrade Laldhoj is helping imperialism, expansionism and the royal army. That is a fatal direction he has adopted.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)