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The Maoists and the Nepali Congress are beginning to speak the same language. Both seem intent on pushing the country into darkness. The rebel leaders have refused to hold peace talks with the government led by the four parties, which Prachanda terms 'servants of the king'. To make matters worse, the Nepali Congress is now planning another 'decisive movement'. It looks like the country's oldest democratic party is supporting an undemocratic force. This is not the first time that Girija has called for a decisive movement. The political demonstrations led by NC have been going on for the last two years and the party has never stopped uttering the same phrase. So far, we have not seen any impact of the many phases of the so-called decisive movement. All it has done is get wide and sensational media coverage. The Nepali people have lost all interest in what the NC has to say, especially the man who has been leading the movement with a bogus and outdated agenda. Initially, the main focus of the people's movement was to restore the multi-party government and this has already taken place. The situation in the country has become so grave that neither Girija's decisive movement nor his old agenda can help solve it. It is high time the NC realises that such attitude and behaviour does not suit the largest national party. These games only suit small parties who come to the streets with opportunism. The NC still has a chance to take over the government in the future and run the country responsibly. This is their opportunity to gain mass support by doing something for the people instead of traumatising them further. But the direction the NC is heading, it is gradually losing its credibility and true identity and seems to be leaning towards the Maoist camp. How secure would people feel if this unarmed party aligned with the militarised party of the Maoists? Instead, if it can convince the Maoists to come out and join mainstream politics, the NC can restore its good faith and credibility. The NC should now wake up to the reality that the decisive movement won't help decide anything but its own ruin. For it's own sake it better realise this sooner than later.

Find justice, not power
Kantipur, 16 September

It was an unfortunate move on Girija Prasad Koirala's part to suggest relocating the Supreme Court inside the palace. He is definitely a respectable political leader and former prime minister, but it will never do him any good to think that he is above the system. He has made a deplorable display of himself by refusing to testify before the Comission for Investigation on Abuse of Authority (CIAA). Koirala publicly announced he would rather go to jail than answer to the CIAA. Whether he knows it or not, such a statement is both political and morally suicidal. If Koirala tries to prove his innocence by demonstrating his own power rather than taking the legal route, it will be the biggest mistake of his political career. The credibility he has gained as a politician over the past half-century will be lost. To reject and distrust the judicial body would only reflect his own moral defeat. This issue is a test of Koirala's democratic values and commitments. Democracy means everyone is equal, and nobody is above the system. This is something that Koirala is very aware of, as someone who has spent over five decades struggling for democracy. If he denies the court or the CIAA, it would clearly indicate that he has no respect for democracy. Koirala should trust the citizens. If the legal suit is purely an attempt to frame him because he is leading the movement, then the whole country will come to the streets in his defence. But first, Koirala has to face the judiciary body and show it respect. Citizens have a lot of faith in the CIAA for its fair justice system. If it acts with political intentions and lacks transparency instead of dispensing justice, then it will become subject to public wrath.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)