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The new Tibetan wave, Nagarik

Last week, more than 400 Tibetans from 26 countries gathered at a Tibetan school in Dharamsala in northern India signaling the new wave of the Tibetan movement. However, Tibet's spiritual leader in exile Dalai Lama was conspicuous by his absence in the meeting which was chaired by Lobsang Sangay, an important political figure in the movement. The meeting was organised to send a strong message to China as it gears up to choose it's next leader in November during the Communist party's eighteenth congress.

The meeting also allowed Sangay, who was recently chosen as the Sikyong (similar to prime minister) of the Tibetan Government in Exile, to establish himself as the new leader among Tibetans in the region and around the world. This change of guards makes Beijing's problem more complicated, since China will now have to approach a more radical Lobsang for future talks, instead of the moderate Dalai Lama.

Although Sangay has formally expressed his commitment to Dalai Lama's 'middle-path', during the meeting he gave the Tibetan Youth Congress permission to run its Free Tibet campaign all over the world. Besides, some of the other decisions taken at the gathering, such as expressing solidarity with those performing self-immolation, as well as establishing ties with anti-Beijing dissidents in Taiwan and Hong Kong are sure to irk the Chinese government.

Despite having garnered global support for the Tibetan cause, the leadership in Dharamsala will have a hard time convincing powerful western governments to stand up to Beijing.

1. Aga Nyima
The plight of Tibet and Tibetan people is plight of humanity at large, if their truly conscience for true humanity, it is because Tibet is forcefully occupied by China in 1959. Prior to 1959, there wasn't so called Nepal China border, there was only peaceful Nepal Tibet border, as it is clearly written in the history of Nepal and there still are Newari business people who stayed in Lhasa and did business for many generations, mainly Tuladhars, Shakyas, Bajracharyas and Tamrakars etc. The truth of Tibet's sovereignty cannot be hidden by Chinese lies, nor it can be hidden by saying Tibet is a part of China. Nepal enjoyed a very good friendship and neighborhood with Tibet for many centuries, as there wasn't any rude border guards with heavy weapons in between. At present everyone can see heavily armedĀ  Chinese guards with suspicious eyes 24 hrs X 365 days. Nepalese nomads are not allowed to graze their live stocks in the Tibetan side as they used to be when Tibet was free from China. Nepal should understand that sovereignty of Tibet matters Nepal in the long run because for it's security and stable Nepal.

TIBET MATTERS! Don't ignore Tibet!

2. swaminath
People of Nepal should allow peaceful protests against the illegal occupation of china and help theĀ  tibetans secure freedom from oppressive china. Friendshi pw ith china has nothing to do with protecting the interests of neighboring tibetans. Learn from the Bhutan expulisions, they didnt get much help to get a foothold back in Bhutan and had to live miserable life.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)