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"No aid is greater than sovereignty", BBC Nepali Service

We had thought the draft was to be made with joint understanding between the government and the UN. But there were certain phrases that we as employees of the state thought were totally unsuitable.

For example, we didn't agree with the term 'statelessness'. We dont't think there is statelessness in Nepal as in other countries. When we asked the UN what statelessness meant, they said it was a condition where people didn't have citizenship. But the government has gone door to door distributing citizenship certificates, and we are perplexed why such positive efforts were accommodated in the report only after we requested them. References to impunity, and that too phrased as 'extreme impunity' are also unacceptable to the government.

If the UN wants, we can sit down and discuss how to resolve these differences. However, unless phrases that jeopardise the government's position are excluded, it will be a document drafted by the UN alone and not the government.

As far as not signing the document harming our chances of receiving foreign aid is concerned, I would say no amount of aid is greater than Nepal's sovereignty.

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1. who cares
sub agent....

this is why foreign evils have been supporting these terrorist, looters, criminals, rapists ......

so that they could pass their agenda by ignoring the deeds of these terrorists. 

why dont UN tell indians to take back their citizen including those who got nepali citizen by bulling?

i think india is the only country in the world who got no dignity who dont let their own citizen return.

those who looks ugly outside are ugly inside.

and this guy got the job cause this guy is ready to lick *(%(. this guy was useless that is why NC, UML ignored him while he was in NRB.

2. who cares
now my respect for NC, UML has increased (tiny tiny bit, insignificant). 

this proves that NC, UML declined foreign lords from accepting their each and every agenda that could destroy nepal, from where there is no return.

may be that is why, the self proclaimed agent of democracy, humanity, freedom ete etc aka west, UN, world bank, who etc etc are supporting terrorist, commie knowing that they would accept any thing for power. 

is nepal the only place where foreign lords support commie....?

even indians are supporting commie, terrorist... those ugly country dont know that this will back fire... in the past, NC, UML did not have guts to oppose india... now cause of indians support to terrorist,,, NC, UML will be opposing indian interest in nepal which will be against nepal's interest. 

looks like indians have made a habit of making mistakes. 

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)