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"PM is being dragged into controversies", Naya Patrika


Allegations that Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has changed the party's stance towards India are wrong. The PM has improved relations with China, UN and other international powers and not just India. It's true that we are trying to establish better relations with our neighbour, but to blame the party split on Bhattarai's increasing closeness to India is complete nonsense. It's just a ploy to make him look bad.

Anti-government elements have been unnecessarily dragging the PM into controversies. The handing over of Tribhuwan International Airport's management to India, for example, is being blown out of proportion. The government was also talking with Chinese and Korean companies on TIA's management and the decision hasn't been finalised yet.

The government fully understands Nepal's security needs. But we cannot move ahead by closing ourselves to the outside world while doing nothing on our own. If we want economic development, we have to insure the safety of foreign investments.

The prime minister was also wrongfully criticised for signing the BIPPA (Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection) agreement with India, but they have similar deals with 160 other countries. There is no point in saying BIPPA is against our national interest.

There is also no truth in stories about problems between Chairman Dahal and Prime Minister Bhattarai. They have differing views on some issues which they are trying to sort out. But in terms of the ideology, working style and the party's fundamental policies, they are still very close.

1. Birat
@ Paudel ji: How can this not be a big problem and issue- Handing over the management of TIA in indian hands. The boarders are in indian hands and how foolish are we to let them strike in the heart of the country..... and how can you say, we are dragging this as an issue???? 
this would be the biggest mistake that this government would make....
shame on you guys....

2. yanpras
Gone are the days to fight with India. we Nepalese the slaves of 21st century ( everywhere look at Malaysia, gulf country, Uk,even in america. ) what we have not learn is to work together with each other. we are the most proudest people outside  , empty inside. we are the most nationalist outside . week inside. we are stereotype stupid people 

we have to look at the bottom and understand the ground reality. as a tiny country we can not always fight with India. we are surrounded  from india and even one day they close their wall  we start starving. that's the ground reality.
 If we become strong at home even India can not do anything to us. we have a huge potential for hydropower,  who will purchase our electricity aside from india?  so stop doing non sense anti indian rhetoric . this is a time for self realization.... 

3. jaat falnu gundrukko jholma tyopani tito gundruk
It is true that we're surrounded by two giants, let's say economic and military, on both sides. And we've to compromise on so many things, including over democracy and economic independency, but how come we, Nepali people and those who presume to govern for the people could compromise on what we're for a plate of tasteless lentils and two dry chapatis from the south block?

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)