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The "F" word


It was bound to come to this. The Baidya Kaka faction of the Baddies has finally decided to take the plunge and use the "F" word against the Gang of Three Baburam-Prachanda-Prakash Clique. It has called them "fascist" for the first time. Not only that, it urged Jhusil Koirala to head a kangresi-led coalition post-27 May, and accused Chairman Awesome of having "dictatorial tendencies". Hey, isn't this supposed to be the hardcore faction?

Chairman Awesome has always been well known for speaking through both sides of his mouth, depending on who his audience is. He has been caught on candid camera doing this so often, one would think he'd have learnt his lesson not to blabber away. The latest was his exhortation to the Janajati Caucus "to take to the streets" to put pressure on the NC-UML to agree to their demands on federalismo. He is supposed to have told the activists:

I tried my best, but I just couldn't get the kangresis to agree." And a few hours later he was back at the three-party meeting in Balu Water where he said that under no circumstances should the far-west be divided, or the three districts in the east made a part of Limbuwan. Comrade Chhabilal Baje is showing that he is as clever a politician as he was a guerrilla leader: he doesn't want to alienate the Bahun Chhetri vote bank. By now, he has got pretty much what he wants with the consensus on directly-elected executive president, so he doesn't really care what happens to the rest of the constitution.

Awesome has often compared himself to the Buddha and Gandhi, both of whom he has described as "peaceful revolutionaries" like himself. We will let the Buddha decide what PKD can do to attain nirvana, but a keen Nepal watcher told the Ass he thought the Great Leader may think he is like Bapu because he considers himself a "Gun-dhian"?

The parties came up with a deal to carve the country into 11 provinces, and from the looks of it they have just rearranged the jig saw pieces a little bit from the current Anchals. And they fought a war for this? On top of it, no one is happy. Brahmins are on warpath even though the deal was done between the all-Brahmin leadership of the parties, the Madhesis are up in arms about getting a Tarai chopped up into little pieces, the Janajatis don't agree with the names and boundaries, the Tharus feel cheated. The Newars are about to organise a motorcycle rally. So they have all called for indefinite and overlapping bunds. There are days in the next two weeks where there are multiple bunds simultaneously happening on the same day. And this just in: even jailbirds want to be freed after 27 May and if their demands are not met, they have announced a phasewise protest.

The Janajati Caucus is a bit of a misnomer because as far as I know it is made up solely of non-Janai wearing non-Caucasians.

The Supreme Court has cleared Ex-Minister for Abduction and Extortion, Shyam Sunder Gupta, to vote in the CA. For the first time in the history of this nation, a legally certified criminal will be legislating from behind bars. Can't wait for the day when Chakre Milan will be running the PMO from Nakhhu Jail.

When ex-mayor Ketchup Sthapit says he wants to turn Kathmandu into a "sexy city" in five years, we hope he doesn't want to make Thamel even more like Patpong, Pokhara like Pattaya, or turn Surkhet into Phuket?

1. who cares
"Hey, isn't this supposed to be the hardcore faction?"
-those who is talking about extending CA, who dont have guts to take party leadership, those who dont have guts to separate are hardcore~

what next- a duck, king of the jungle, agent bhatterai- believe in action not in  words, gandi- believe in freedom.

nepal desperately needs I as the king.

2. Ashok Pandey
Hey Ass -  the handful of Bahuns in charge have a thick skin similar to a Rhino. This group also thinks that they all are mini Gods who have impunity to do as they please. The Civil Society is so weak, with no legs to stand on, or a back bone to stand up straight. Then the Media is not free and independent. So until the educated mass can rally together and the media is really, really free expect more of the same. Or if N T is free and independent, then you have a big job on your hands,  man.        

3. Gheo Chaku NaranGheo
our letter or six letter Baidyaraj is right. He is calling a spade a spade.       The Communist Leaders of Nepal condemn feudalism but they have feudal mindset. They are some communals. But in reality they are Facist. a communist should have been caring and sharing. There is very little difference between a Hitler, Mussolini ,Stalin,or any of the Communist leader in particular the Prachanda and his gang. Baidyaraj like a broken wall clock is right twice in one day.

4. Bikas Pandey
Ass -  you R the 4th state - U do have power of the pen which is mightier than the guns of the filthy communist. This is your moment, go ahead and seize the moment. 28 Million Nepalis may be depending on your efforts to live in peace. Free press and a commited civil society not afaraid of the Communist thugs, that is the silver lining for Nepal. Are U upto to the challenge ASS... we will see.

5. who cares
may be you have heard the individuals who exposed the indian are receiving threat.

this is more dangerous than than that indian's earlier suggestion or pressure or motivation.

and what agent bhatterai does when someone is being threatened by some indian in nepal.. nothing.

remember Lebanon!

bahuns are destroying this country to achieve their personal goal. 

6. who cares
no extension of CA. those who go for extension from NC, UML will pay.

NC, UML should tell those agent maoist, agent madeshi and agents from so called ethinc warlord that since nothing is clear who are the leaders of the people or some community and who are not, so its time to go for fresh election and let people choose their leader....  

extension of CA would bring more problem than fresh election. 

7. who cares
idiot brahmin leaders from NC UML who is going for extension of
CA term.

it is not just illegal but a foolish move.

extension means extension of crap going on (more like to suffer than help). if we go for fresh election something may definitely change- either good or bad (50/50).

going against court only help evils, and you were talking about directly elected executive will become feudal, no disrespecting law will give birth to a feudal.

and what if maoist use this time to hijack your mps from ethnic. dont you see, when uml and nc threatened to punish those who go against party line will be punished, those mps did not threatened, cause they are just acting soft so that nc and uml would extend CA term. 

there are just a few days left, if those mps would cross party line, their party could  prevent them by doing something that would pass the deadline of CA date and prevent them from voting and prevent disaster. 

idiot brahmin, you are just a petty thieves, liars, crooks, you people dont have aukat/level to play big games. 

8. Gunda Digshit
The 11-state model was proposed without any logic. It was simply based on the Bahun philosophy that involves number 11 like donating and buying offerings for 11 rupee on auspicious occasions,  fasting for 11 days, feeding 11 priests etc and nothing more.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)