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If ever there was a warning about the shape of things to come, none would be more portentous than the heinous act of terrorism in Janakpur on Tuesday. Four activists demonstrating peacefully for the recognition of Mithila identity were killed, supposedly by a Madhesi militant group.

The Far West of Nepal, one-fourth of the country, has been completely shut down now for a week in a double-barrelled strike by those for and against the far-western Tarai being a part of Tharuhat. The Tharus are also on a collision course with the Madhesis.

Elsewhere in the country, with only three weeks to go for the constitution deadline, there is an ominous sense of foreboding about the way we are headed. The Limbus are rising up against the Rais, the Newars and Tamang disagree on boundaries, as do Magars and Gurungs. Janakpur showed us what can happen if ethnicities compete over proposed provinces using terror and violence.

In the tinder dry terrain of Nepal's political summer, the conditions are right for a blaze that could rapidly engulf the whole country. We are not panic-mongering, or crying wolf. The younger leadership within the four political forces look on helplessly as their seniors steer the country towards disaster. This was summed up eloquently and succinctly in a short post in English by the NC's Gagan Thapa on his Facebook page on Wednesday: 'Trying hard, but things are getting worse.'

CA chairman Subhas Nembang had a message for the political leaders he summoned to his chamber on Tuesday. This is the time to show some statesmanship, he said, to rise above your personal and partisan ambitions, to save the country from possible disintegration. But everyday we see new proof of the main political actors not being able to stand up to ethnic blackmail by powerful satraps. Others are actively using the ethnic and regional card to settle political scores, and for electoral advantage in future -- the country be damned.

You don't have to be a serial op-ed writer to see that carving up the country into states named after ethnic groups will not address historical marginalisation, but fracture the country along ethnic faultlines. None of the models proposed so far will make all ethnic groups happy, everyone will feel shortchanged.

Fortunately, just in the nick of time, saner minds and cooler heads have prevailed. Brokered closely by India, a deal has been worked out for a unity government paving the way for a NC-led government by 27 May. But even if there is a consensus government, how does that guarantee a consensus on the contentious clauses in the constitution? In fact, a ministerial reshuffle will unleash the usual haggling over portfolios and distract everyone's attention from the urgent task of writing a least harmful constitution. If the past is any guide, there will be a singular lack of statesmanship during the give-and-take of government formation.

The political leaders who ultimately should be concerned about national unity and long-term stability are being swayed by non-government pressure groups aided and abetted in the past by Nepal-based internationals in the name of equalising opportunity. It has now gone beyond the ability of the politicians to control cross-party divisionists in their ranks.

These sensitive and volatile issues should have been debated and sorted out in the last three years. But the leaders, in their infinite wisdom, have left the most intractable aspects of the constitution till the last three weeks. You can't order federalism express delivery.

Democracy and national unity are absolutes. You can't be half-democratic, or half-united. If the Indian partition proved anything it is that populist appeasement and short-term political expediency invite long-term disaster.

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1. Nirmal
This was summed up eloquently and succinctly in a short post in English by the NC's Gagan Thapa on his Facebook page on Wednesday: 'Trying hard, but things are getting worse.'

There is a difference between an ordinary citizen who is fraustrated and a neta who is also fraustrated. While the previous one has just got the right to complain, the later can turn his/her fraustrations into affirmative actions. Let's see If Gagan Thapa shines in reality --and not only in the letters of newspapers-- and make a difference as it is mentioned above.

2. Bikas
Nepalis have never learnt to get along with each other. Instead of uniting they only know how to divide, for petty, egotistical and selfish motives. Why is there such disrespect or disregard for human lives. Why did innocent people in Janakpur have to die. Where are the poilce or the army. Everything is broken in Nepal. Why do newspapers make the dirty, immoral politicians into big time heroes for just doing a job, a job they are paid to do. How can Nepalis be depressed always. This is a wrong way to live our precious lives. Its better to die than live in fear and hopelesness. If more people are killed between now and May27th, who will be held accountable. Do Nepali leaders have any sense of shame or guilt. They may have a human form but their behavious are worse than that of an animal.   

3. who cares
janakpur blast: by indian, probably with nepali citizenship, sheltered in india, protected by india, trained by india, mobilized by india, motivated by india, logistic provided by india ......... 

and still, for US, india is the victim of terrorism. 

now no one can save nepal from drowning (50/50 chance), so all we can do is make india pay, drag india down with us... so lets carve one islamic state near delhi, "nepaljung".

by the way, how to punish whites, do we have to wait for the time to do that on be half of their victims?

when west asked south africa to block supplies of Zimbabwe, SA replied, zimbabwe is our neighbout, we have to live together with them for ever, so no.

but on the other hand, india bullies all its neighbors.

in one part of the world, india has been trying to break its neighbors and on the other part, there is turkey who is threatening iraq not to let kurdis disintegrate. 

looks like india was born to suffer. 

its time for all the countries around india to unite and go for a bold move. india is a threat to regional security, development, peace. 


4. Deepak Rana
who care # 3 -  I am your fan.  I have trying to say the things that you have written about India and poeple said I am a India Hater. Actually, I a Nepal Lover. India has always had an evil eye for Nepal as well as its other neighbours. India went to to war with Pakistan and China. Many Sri Lankans died becuase of India. Many Nepalis have died becuase of India. BUT what to do,  Ke Garne - our chor Netas are all slaves of India. This is the price we pay for not having a fearless and wise Nepali leader. I wonder, really, what people like Kamal Thapa or Gagan Thapa are doing or thinking. Come on Man, its time to show some Thapa or Basnet pride. Its time to have a leader that really has manly balls, who can tell the Indians to stop meddling or killing innocent Nepali lives.   

5. sudha
Here is the key Bidambana for Nepal: 

"Brokered closely by India, a deal has been worked out for a unity government paving the way for a NC-led government by 27 May."

Here India, there Indian, everywhere India India. I don't know, whether to laugh or cry or get angry!!

6. Suresh Thapa
Yes, for one I see a real  Nepali, I am talking about who cares ( # 3 ). At least he is calling out the Indians.  We can screw SAARC. Nepal should form its own alliance with China and Pakistan as partners. For too long and too many years, the Indians have played dirty politics in Nepal.  NC or UML or Maoist, all are Indian slaves.  Its time to turn this tide. Also, if one more innocent Nepali is killed from now till May 27th, we should prepare for revenge. The Indian Embassy in Kathmandu is like the Assad regime in Syria, they think they are untouchable. Look what happened to Mubark and Saddam and Gaddafi. Its time for Nepalis to man up. Take  responsibility, stop crying and running to Delhi. The Indians want to divide Nepal into pieces, that  is so sick, even sicker is BRB and Dahal are in charge are willing to go along. Nepal has no future with this kind of traitors.

7. Sushil Pradhan

Who is the real force behind the idea of splitting and dividing Nepal. Even a dumb man like me can say that it is INDIA. Nepalis should unite and fight the Indians instead of fighting with each other. Shame on  you, Nepali netas for you are all stooges of India.

8. Janardan Uprety
Criminal leaders of NC, UML, MAOIST, the current honchos, they have failed. Now they want to divide the country. Any one reminded of Mahabharat and Dhritarastra. How can you divide a tiny, tiny country like Nepal. Young leaders like Gagan Thapa and other young leaders from UML and MAOIST need to topple this old senile men. Do not be a whiner Gagan Thapa, take charge. Deuba, Dahal, Bhattarai, Koirala, et al, they all Indian agents and Indian slaves.  They owe the Indians and hence they will sell Nepal. Its serious man... I am not joking here. Ask the question, who benefits most by a divided Nepal -  India stupid.  I wish there were more people like  ( who cares )  that would stand up for Nepal.

9. Krishna S.

Mark my words. 27 May will come, and go.Whatever constitution they frame out, or not, will be easily adopted by the public quietly, like they did on the declaration of Republic or be it Secular state. And we will be still dealing with Loadsheding and Gas Shortage while the poor youth will be swarming over to 'escape' back into the slavery on the sandpit and elsewhere, including south of the border.

And some people will still be sitting on their fat couches behind the computer invoking "War", and what not, and digging imaginary tunnels near the border.

This is too old kids, Get real!

10. Nirmal

Let's suppose -though it is very difficult- that our country Nepal is a democratic country. We people with more or less presumption of regularity could vote no matter the alternatives we've are hardly different as the universal suffrage is merely limited to select the least worst between the worsts. However, through democratic institutions like the parliament and its by-products we're entitiled to exercise it within our national boundary. But what happens when foreign entities like the INDIAN EMBASSY or high level indian diplomats function as the institutions beyond the Nation sans any legal and legitimate structure approved previously between two countries? In such case, is it possible to take decisions democratically, and consequently, do we need to show the national unity to facilitate the impossibility of such structure? Henceforward, is it possible to demonstrate the overwhelming national unity in front of such disdain of our democracy?

We've a problem now and the most serious one since the inception of our country some three hundred years ago. Our internal politics is depoliticised and runs with undemocratic direction driven by unruly processes and unjustified authorities.Number of decisions while writing the constitution are removed from democratic space and the responsibility of the state which could mean difficulties in legitimacy and acceptance in coming future. Each day there are more and more intrusive policies that Nepali public have difficulties in understanding and accepting.

Do we have a solution to this dillema that is neither cynical or populist? Is there any middle way --the safe zone-- between "the technocracy" imposed by the Indian government and the incompetency followed by almost all the "top leaders" of Nepal? I think we do have and the need of the hour is to find and follow it quickly. And that:

1. By not creating conflicts between the normative principles of democracy and the effectiveness of policy to solve the collective problems of singular importance.  

2. The international community like India can be the part of solution however difficult it may be, but not the part of the problem. So there is a dire need to review the current foreign policy of India with regard to her immediate neighbours like Nepal. And should recognise that by now it is of more importance that India give priority to the instruments of sovereign country like nepal. It cannot be the characterstic of the biggest democracy to support certain agendas or politicos depending on the how soft or hard their stance or political party.

3. India ought to think and work altogether with Nepal on a new political configuration where there is a balance between democracy, legitimacy and functionality. Because every day more and more --young and old-- Nepali possess anti-indian remarks and this doesnot bode well for both the Nations. 

11. Soni
Nirmal, I am sorry, but would you kindly just shut the trap, it is people like you, the pretend intellectuals, who have, will, and are creating all the trouble for this godforsaken country.

The questions are simple, did they need to kill so many people, so brutally?

Do they need to do everything in such secret in the name of democracy?

Do their buddies in the media have the perpetual liberty to cloud the issue and forever change the subject?

Did we really need to waste all these years in such waste with so much accumulated burden and destruction of culture?

The answer to all of the above is shut up and stop asking for all the questions. I agree with Krishna S. I most sincerely do.

12. Hari Bahadur Thapa
There is no smoke without a fire. Nepalis are fed up with the unfair and lopsided Indian influence, hence the anti India rhetoric. I wish the drum beat  was getting louder than a few people writing comments. You all know the story of David and Goliath,  India may be big in size, but by BULLYING the neighbours, it will be despised and hated.  Krishna S # 9, how can you so sure that there are only a few people behind a laptop, are a you an Indan spy, anyway, I can tell you that more and more people are upset with the Indians. A new and young generation, that can see the abuses unlike the current leaders that are nothing but traitors. Just ask the Benagalis, Pakis, Lankans, Chinese, they will all have the same story, India needs to be taught a lesson.  If # 3 who cares, says its the Indians that blew the bomb in Janakpur, then that makes the Indians  terrorists, not a democratic country. Think about that for a moment.

13. K. K. Sharma

Those who had wanted CHANGE, have got the CHANGE. Those who wnat CHANGE will get their CHANGE. There is nothing surprising about this. We have the leadership, hailed, and promoted by our intellectuals and the things facilitated by them. All this is natural.

14. Uday Mainali
There is no denying that Indians have way too much sway and influence over puny Brahmin leaders of Nepali political establishments. Another issue in play is that Nepali Brahmin leaders are weak in mind and also corrupted in character. I am using the word Brahmin freely based on the following shamless cowards like -  Dahal, Bhattarai, Nepal, Khanal - all these Bahuns have let Nepal down, betrayed Nepalis and have succeeded only in amassing huge amounts of personal wealth. The people of Nepal have to shoulder the blame for accepting these traitors as leaders. Dividing Nepal and Nepalis is the wrost idea a Nepali patriot can have. No one in Nepal has emerged after B.P., that has the capacity to lead or is beloved by the people. Most of todays leaders are despised by the people for their corrupted character. This is why Nepal is in the big hole. Unless another man or woman, who is honest cares about Nepal and Nepalis, appears by a magic like fashion on the current scene things will not change. Party leaders will fight for the right to loot, Nepal will be moving backward and the sufferings of Nepalis will expand and continue. We should brace ourselves for more attacks like the recent explosion in Janakpur. This is a lawless country where power is being expressed by the barrel of guns and bombs. It is not a nation of laws. 

15. Hem Shakya
Shame on the Maoist for the 10 years of war and the killing of 17K Nepalis.  Shame on the people in charge since 1990 for the dismal failure and hopeless condition of Nepal. Shame on Nepal for not producing a leader capable of the responsibilty. Shame on all the looting and killing and crimes and corruptions.  Shame on the divison of Nepal, I hope that will be blocked my Mahadev Himself. Shame on Nepalis for they are always hanging down with their heads. This is just too much shame. What happened to the beautiful and peaceful Nepal, the land of Bhuddha, King of Peace. 

16. Biplove Adhikari

No one trusts the Maoist. Even Communist like the CPN UML do not trust the Maoist. No one should trust the Maoist, a party of murderers that want to take power through violence and guns. Deuba bloc is not in the Unity Govt at this moment. Deuba should show more guts and hold out. Do every thing possible to prevent division of Nepal and do utmost to drive the Maoist out of Nepal and back to India. No need to panic if nothing happens by the 27th. We have the Army. If this is the moment we have to destroy the Communist, then we should. Long Live Nepal - a Nepal without Communists.    

17. Bhimsen Thapa
There is too much power politics within the NC and UML and the Maoist. Deuba and Koirala hate each other's  guts. Clash of big egos, you know the old story. UML has always been a divided Party. Maakumey, Khanal and Oli...the three stooges of UML. And now Dahal and Bhattarai against Baidya and gang. This is the current state of the Unoin of Nepal. All these actors are dividers and not uniters. One thing they have in common  is they are all corrupted and character less. How can Nepal move ahead with this group of clowns. Dark days are ahead, innocent bystanders are liable to get hurt or killed, more bombs are going to explode and Nepalis will killings Nepalis once again.  This is your reality check. The train has left the station, its gathering speed, but it has no brakes, so watch out.    

18. Surendra Hamal
Nepali Netas !  Beware !  Your cats are all out of the bags. You all have overstayed your welcome. You all are now begining to stink badly for you have rotted to the core.  People will not forgive you for the suffering you have caused. You cowards are trying to divide the people and the country so you can continue to loot. Watch your backs, what goes around will come around. No more blank cheques for you. You will all be swept away in the flood of the people's anger. We as a people hate all of the leaders, time is running out for you. You can bet your life on it.     

19. Nirmal
Soni the absolute QUEEN, here comes to make me silent. I'd have appreciated your effort had it been well reasoned. I can imagine your fraustrations knowing on which side of the mess you are exactly. I feel pity for you and the people you pretend to defend. It is obvious why they are destined to lose. My points are totally within democratic thoughts whereas your way quite resembles to those who you are detesting so much all these years. So stop shouting to make others' voice silent and focus on how to present your defence. 

20. Ashok Rana
What Federal Express ! Bomb in Janakpur. Now Bomb in Birgung. Is Kathmandu next. Deuba is fuming , UML is not in the Govt. This is the competence of the Netas. Morons.All should be slapped the way Jhala Nath was slapped.Theforces behind X king G must be delighted with the current bunch of idiots. Bad omens and bad signs. Why do they strike a deal at midnight. In darkness and hiding like crooks. All parties are ready to bust and split.NC, UML,MAOIST, no unity only fighting and clash egos. I say, disolve the CA, save taxpayers hard earned money. Fire the Mantris, good for nothing leeches, you can govern with 10 Mantris and 75 CA members. ThePartyof Panches is going to make a comeback. I say, that can be a good thing for then we can get rid of the communists for ever and ever. Down with communis, long live Nepal.

21. Budabaaje

Those of us who don't suffer from selective amnesia can clearly remember that the King and Army repeatedly warned about India's nefarious intentions back in 2004/05 when the SPA-M alliance was being created. Repeatedly they tried to warn us that all this 'New Nepal' and 'New constitution' mantra was India's grand design to weaken and break up Nepal. It warned that political parties were too much in the influence of India.

Instead of listening to those warnings, however, Nepal's media including this newspaper badgered the king and army (and everyone else who supported that line) for being 'ultra-nationalist', anti-India, unrealistic, alarmist, scare-mongering, foolish etc etc. So who's the fool now?!

It is clearly appearing that King and Army were speaking the truth after all. India clearly has been using the corrupt political party leaders, ethnic leaders etc to weaken and break-up Nepal.

Does the editor of this paper have the eyes and the brains to see the truth now? More importantly, does the editor have the decency or moral spine to admit his mistake, apologize to the K & A, and write the real truth about our friendly neighbor's work in Nepal???

22. Gole
Who is the richest man in the political horizon of Nepal?The answer is Prachanda,nett worth. $ 1.20 Billion(100 Arab). he can do anything and solve every problem.

23. Hemant Rana
Editors of N T and any sane perosn in Kathmandu, listen to # 3 who cares and # 21 Budabajee.  Open your eyes and ears. We really need more and more people like ( # 3 and # 21 ), come out in the open and stand up for Nepal. Indian leaders are EVIL and are enemies of Nepal as well as other neighbours. Arrest # 9 ( Krishna S ), he is a traitor and a anti Nepal individual, always taking the side of the Indians.  The Nepali Arny needs to play its role and protect Nepal.  Hey Generals of Nepal Army, the time has come to earn you pay and do your utmost duty. If you fail, you will be held accountable, rememebr, there is no free lunch.         

24. Tripura Sharma
The political parties ( NC / CPN UML /  MAOIST and MADHES OUTFITS ),  all of them with coaxing and backing from the Indians in Delhi are bucking the Nepali people. These traitors in cahoots with their Masters are out to destroy Nepal. But this policy will backfire for Nepalis will revolt.  The Royalist in Nepal with guidance from X K G, are itching for revenge. More chaos and more killing is in the cards in the coming days. If Putin can come back in Russia, XKG can come in Nepal. The time for payback is here,  every body who is anybody wants revenge. Innocent Nepali blood will be split in this process.      

25. Nabin Dongol
601 CA mebers and now 3 Deputy PMs. What a joke. People need to revolt against this madness. What are the people in opposition doing, what are they eating or smoking. Maybe they are asleep. Or have gone deaf and blind. Why are not people outraged. The Gorkhalis commonly know as Nepali are famous for valor, the time  to fight for our rights against the politicos has come. 22 years has been wasted, lets not waste another day.      

26. Dipendra Chettri
The day of judgment for Nepali Netas has arrived, finally. The old and senile leaders have looted Nepali blood for 22 longyears. Enough is enough. They must be held accountable and tried in a court of law for therape of Nepal and Nepalis. No more nonsense about dividing Nepal. I appeal to all Chettris ( warrior class ), this is the moment your mothers gave you birth for.Stand up and protect your prestige and dignity.The time to overthrow the communist hordes from Nepal is here. Seize the moment, NOW.

27. Rabi
"But even if there is a consensus government, how does that guarantee a consensus on the contentious clauses in the constitution?"

Good question.It is just wishful thinking to believe that these same politicians can solve the crisis,which they themselves created.

The politicians have not been able to agree even on the general nature of the constitution in 4 years and will not be able to do so in the next 4 years, mainly because they will never be able to fulfill their promises,and appease all the people and groups they have lied to.So their best strategy is to preserve the status quo  which lets them preserve their own power and wealth without having to face the people.

The Maoists,NC,UML and the Madhesi politicians cannot agree on anything else, but all are in agreement on keeping the status quo for they do not have any solution for the country,although they will not admit it in public for fear of public backlash. They also are not concerned about the ongoing crisis in the country,since they are the ones benefiting from it.

That is why,even though they know they don't have the ability to resolve the crisis, they have not made the slightest effort to look for other alternatives to the status-quo, like another election or referendum to let the people resolve the contentious issues  like the Supreme Court asked them to do 6 months ago.This way they can make sure that the people have no other alternative other than letting them,the current 10-15 politicians from the Maoists,NC,UML and Madhesi Morcha, keep on ruling  the country indefinitely.

Other than themselves and their parties,they do not care for the 90% of the Nepali people who are not members of any political party or an armed group,and who are suffering because of their inaction and ineptitude.

28. Krishna S

Okay, Here's my two cent worth. All you floks with "R" and "S" surnames, descendants of recipient of the Order of bath and knight grand cross and what not, for serving the empire so faithfully,for a small price, that is the lives of hundreds of thousands of poor young men on the Burmese frontiers and elsewhere, ....and, many of you still hold emmaculate properties in Kensington area, not to mention anything on the homefront, and of course......their less unfortunate wannabe's: You feel, this time around, your time is actually up, right?

Don't worry! You all still have plenty, these crazy Baddys with their crazier ambitions are no match for you all!

And all you wannabes, you are already producing babies in the Yankee land enmasse for that blue coloured Passports. So, at least dont howl empty nationalism!

29. Sheila Pradhan
Mahesh Basnet has accused the party leaders of not being serious about the Constitution. Mahesh, you are a brave man, take the next step, get rid of these old, greedy and selfish Netas. Its disgusting for me to read that in the NC, Deuba and Koirala are at each other's throat,  in the UML the same thing, Khanal, Oli and Nepal are 3 separate blocs and then the Maoist with Dahal and Baidya ready to kill each other. What about the people's busniess. What about the Janata's needs as a whole. These Netas are only concerend about themselves. Why are not people's blood boiling. The male dominated political structure has to go. I think its time now for women leaders to take charge. There has to be a better group of people that can lead. There has to be.  

30. Tapan Das

   Maoists sowed wind and we are eaping whirlwind.
 Constitutio can become Prostitution.
Wrong slogan feeding for political gains leads to disaster.
Means must justify the ends.
Jasle hagchha usale sohornu parchha. 

31. Mamata Sharma
Dahal and Bhattrai are leaning hard lessons. Its one thing to fight from the jungle and another to govern a Nation. Both these individuals have no experience in the affairs of Nepal. They are both losing ground raipdly among all segments of society and populations. The suatters fiasco is a case in point. The NC and the CPN UML are now gaining an upperhand. Even Gyanedra Shah must be excited at the posibilty of expanding his power and role. So has the Maoist revolution failed. Did the Communist now become Capitalist now that they have tasted power and luxury. Was it a vain sacrfice for 17 K who have died. What is the future for Nepal. Can Nepalis ever live in peace and prosperity. What about the corruption, will that keep increasing day by day.  Who is going to be the Saviour for Nepalis. Can the leaders address these questions or will they just pass the buck.    

32. Gopal
Yeah  Man  ... just give peace...give us jobs... give us law and order and justice... control the curruption ....cut govt. in size and spending...bottom line do your job we don't care if it is Baburam or Pushpa or Poudel whoever .... just do your job.

33. Satyajeet Nepali

Many sensible comments here in this thread and v good to know that many of us are waking up to the dangers and pitfalls that an ethnic-based federal structure could bring about. Given time constriants, picking up from only one of the comments #29 above - yes, the political leaders who promised to deliver a 'New Constitution' and 'New Nepal' have proven to be absolutely short-sighted, selfish and incompetent. But I've asked this before and do so again:

Who put these leaders there? Who rallied behind their (false) promises, supported their (empty) 'revolution', and delivered them the power to determine our collective detsiny i.e. write a new constitution???

Should those who supported these politicians have considered their capability and their will to deliver what they promised? Should those who supported them have been more critical of the (unrealistic) promises they made? Is it ok for the people to be completely naive and beleive anything any demagogue bellows out from his pulpit? Why did the people (foolishly) believe that these politicians had a magic wand with which they could resolve all our problems? Is that kind of credulousness excusable? Can we blame the impending disaster (and I still hope it'll be avoided) all on the politicians?

Bottom-line: Should the people be more responsible about the choices we make and the leaders we support and bring to power? Who brought the current crop of politicians to power???

Democracy is not just 'freedom'. It's also about 'responsibility'. Did we, the people of Nepal, make responsible choices in the past?


34. Chiranjibi Nepal
This is our mistake too we can not recognize our leader what is their propose and the aim after the election. I think it will continuously happen in the Nepali politics because they teach like this dirty game for new generation. They always loyal to the Foreign leader not for the Nepalis citizen not for the Mother land where They birth and grew up. All the political leader forget people movement while they are sacrifice their life for the nations. There is no specific rule and regulation in  the country. Every powerful man or gang can do anything whatever they like. This is enough for the Nepali citizen so do not go ahead like quarrel fight strike for your personal thought you are not only one man there all the nepali citizen behind you. so all the political party have to give  constitution at a time. 

35. Bikas Pandey
The corrupt politicans are now exposed. The clash of their egos is ruining the peace and future of Nepal. The trend in the world now is to throw out the lazy incumbents. The govt. really needs to be a govt. of the people not a free pass for loot. UCPN - Maoist are reaping what they have sown. The Maoist have become very weak and lost credibilty even within their own Party and cadres. The Royalist forcess may be gaining ground and momentum. The Army is flexing its muscles. The one common theme that remains the same is that the people keep suffering. We need some drastic changes in Nepal. 

36. Narendra
Nepalis should learn to treat the public servants like servants. If they cannot perform they should be fired. Politicians in Nepal think they are even more Superior than God. If we start punishing the Nepali netas for their misdeeds, people would benefit. At the last hour, the leaders are trying to pass the buck to the CA and thus blame them if things do not work out. Leaders of Nepal are shameless cowards who have no self respect. If you cannot respect yourself, how can you respect anyone else. The younger generations from N C, UML, MADHES GANGS AND UCPN should take over. Revolt against their leaders. We are all tired of the same old fools, lets put them all in pastures.     

37. sunil shrestha
tharuhat is in great problem. there motherland is occupied by khas people. far western region was created by khas king birendra. king is gone from nepal. but nepal is still run by khas people over other people. 50 years ago, 1 kattha of land was sold at the price of rs.1 by destroying forest. at the time 100% o people were of tharus. now, there are 60 to 70% of population are in kailali and kanchanpur. they have to fight not only theses people only. in nepal 80% of army organization are made of khas chhetris. fedaral of nepal is being made by 6 khas brahmin of 3 major parties. one can not beleive the new constitution will be impartial. so, other all people other than khas should start both peacefull and armed strugle against injustice. all other people should participate in protest against current movement of khas people. a language and their culture can not live without acceptance as state/provincial/district language.

38. Raul
After reading comments again and again and again from the likes of #37
I can understand the logic behind federalism better. I find it astonishing when people talk critically about brahmin / khas being leaders of political parties as if they have just come and sat in their ancestors kiriyana pasal. If there is a need to protest then the need is to  protest against the mentalilty of the likes of #37 who talk big but whilst promoting communalism.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)