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Self-righteous violence

Diwakar chhetri

Back in 1995 when a party inspired by Maoism was trying to decide whether or not to wage an armed struggle in Nepal, the staunchest advocate of violence was the party's influential ideologue and current prime minister, Baburam Bhattarai.

Inspired by Mao Zedong and his acolytes in India, Peru, Cambodia and the Philippines, Nepal's Maoists felt justified in waging 'righteous violence' to counter structural violence of the state. Revolutionary cruelty was considered legitimate to redress historical inequality, social injustice, exclusion and exploitation. Nepal's Maoists felt that 'objective conditions' were ripe, and they were egged on by the international revolutionary movement which needed a cause cťlŤbre to replace the Sendero Luminoso movement in Peru, which had just been crushed.

Part of the Maoist party did not agree that geopolitical conditions were right to wage an armed struggle, and the party split. By Feburary 1996, the first police stations were attacked, heralding the start of a war that was to last ten years and leave at least 16,000 Nepalis dead.

The ideological justification for launching an armed struggle was feeble. It had been barely six years since the People's Movement of 1990, and although the multiparty system was having teething problems it was beginning to deliver results. Grassroots democracy and elections to local councils were throwing up accountable leaders responsive to the development needs of constituents. Empowered communities were protecting natural resources, and charting out their own destiny.

It is not in the terms of reference of die-hard Maoists to ever admit they were wrong, or to say sorry. They will also be unrepentant about their belief in murder of a human being as a political principle. As it turned out, most of the victims of the Maoist war were innocent Nepalis who wanted no part in a conflict waged in their name. They were villagers forced to serve as human shields, poor men and women recruited by both sides to be cannon fodder, or civilians killed in the state's brutal counter-insurgency.

In India, the S. R. Sankaran Committee which tried to bring about a negotiated settlement to that country's own Maoist war acknowledged in a report that the root causes of violence lay in societal inequities and injustice. But the Committee said retaliatory brutality was neither politically, nor morally justified. Non-violent, democratic struggle is always more effective in the long-run, and it doesn't leave the corrosive residue of counterviolence, and the mass suffering of innocents. Gandhi himself reminded the world about the limits of violence.

In interviews during the war, including one to this paper in 2002, Baburam Bhattarai said that the Khmer Rouge genocide was exaggerated ''western propaganda''. After the war in 2008 he justified violence by saying that it ''has to be seen from a historical and political perspective''. His boss, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, told a group of editors in 2006 that he had never condoned torture, but admitted instructing his fighters to execute class enemies with a ''bullet to the temple''.

He hasn't rescinded that order, and until he does, we will be forced to believe that the Maoist ideology of violence is still in force. In any other democratic country in the world, only an obsolete fringe party would still believe in violence as a political doctrine. Here in Nepal, such a party happens to be the biggest one in the legislature. Unless all political parties in Nepal officially, publicly, in words and deeds, give up violence and stop protecting war criminals, there is a danger volatile identity politics of the constitution-writing process can ignite ethnic bush fires.

It is time for Pushpa Kamal Dahal to realise that a public renunciation of violence will not be seen as a defeat, in fact it will most likely ensure his victory in a future election. And he wouldn't even have to cheat, or threaten anyone.

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why should the maobadi apologise when the violence they unleashed was a deliberate use of terror for political gain? the end justifies the means, so they will never say sorry and they will never transform into a peace-loving party, you can dream on! the only way they will disappear is if they start turning against each other.

2. Nirmal
After the war in 2008 he justified violence by saying that it ''has to be seen from a historical and political perspective''.
 Here comes again the hero to sell his poorly construed argument. If You ask Al Qaeda, it will say the same, If you ask any separatist armed group of India they will say the same, If you ask any terrorist from any ideology it will say the same. Every violence for them is political and they will tell us to see it from a historical and political perspective, exactly the same as him.

Well, I've no interest in wasting time countering these sorts of baby cry type of argument, let the supporters of violence to do it. For me this gang of murderers and terrorists will remain the same unless they apologise publicy and renounce it as a political tool.

How can we call these so called political parties of Nepal as democratically formed parties when we know that they can compromise even on the basic of democracy: refrain from violence and working with those who opt for violence?  I don't think the civil society from USA or European Union would have ever accepted such an erosion of democratic value in their own countries.

3. K. K. Sharma

Why should the Maoists, not follow the ways which had made them strong, obtain votes, get legitimized by the West and other Nepali party, and supported by our intellectuals. And even more so, when their ways and tactic has enabled them to take all other parties and the Nepali intellectuals along their agenda since 2005.

4. Shyam Jung Rana

The Editor needs to educate the mass in Nepal that it was the Indians that gave shelter to The Maoist, sold them weapens so Nepalis would kill Nepalis. Dahal and Bhattrai are nothing but pawns at the hands of RAW. This message needs to resonate very loud  and clear among Nepalis. Its not the Maoist but the  Indians in Delhi that are the true enemies of Nepal. India buys the souls of Nepal's weak leaders and then unleashes havoc in Nepal. The Maoist, need to realize that its always an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth, they have lived by the guns and they will have to pay for their mistakes. Its a matter of time. Surely, the 28 odd million people of Nepal can handle a handful of criminal Maoist leaderships. I am wondering why this has not happened any sooner. Aren't you.  

5. nepali cheli
dear mr rana - for the love of bhagwan/allah/jesus, can we please stop blaming india for all our god damn problems. india this, india that. india is responsible. everyone is india's puppets. blah blah blah. i am tired of people like you. there is nothing new in this argument. yes India has great influence over our politics,  but holding them responsible for everything that goes wrong in this country is not the solution. as useless as our politicians are, I would think they have enough brains and they are playing with Delhi and seeing how much they can get out of them as much as Delhi plays with them. so this is in no way a one way relationship. there is give and take on both sides. so let's put our leaders under scrutiny first and clean up our own house, before pointing fingers at india (ALL THE TIME)

6. Binu
Maoists were not the beginner of violence but the state was.

7. suman
Nepali Cheli:  The point of Rana is this:  These medias houses like Himal, and Kantipur need to be responsible for protecting Nepali interest anywhere everywhere.  They need to be bold and honest to assess the political landscape of Nepal and speak up against these outside interferences.  If they were to stand up for Nepal, countries like India and Christian EU NOGOs would not be creating havoc for us. True that we need to clean our house and behave ourselves too, but we must stand up against such blatant outside influence.  It is in this context that a selective memory of the editorial like Nepali Times needs to be questioned.

8. Gopal

Nepali Cheli ( # 5 ), must be in reality an Indian Cheli. Why would any decent Nepali not stand up against the abuses of India. Shyam Jung must have hit a raw nerve with the Indians in Kathmandu. The people in Lainchaur will use a flunkie like Nepali Cheli to push thier agenda. Let all Nepali know this - INDIA IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM OF NEPAL. Just get that through your thick skull Nepali Cheli, you agent of India ,you shamless example of a Nepali, you despicable man or woman whoever you are.      

9. Sushil
Nepali Cheli seems to be a bloodsucking parasite. A dog in the payroll of the RAW agents if the Indian Embassy. Nepali Cheli - you are a beggar living on the crumbs and bones that the Indians throw at you with disdain. Its disgusting that a coward like Nepali Cheli exist in Nepal. This Nepali Cheli, if really a Nepali must be a Maoist. Its time to show support to Shyam Rana and kick the ass of Nepali Cheli. Bhattarai, an Indian slave has people like Nepali Cheli in his payroll.  When Bhattrai says bark, Nepali Cheli starts to bark. Nepal has always been betrayed by Nepalis. Long live Shyam Rana, down with Nepali Cheli a blood sucking leech.

10. Ram Wagle
Nepali Cheli must†be an elite member of Kathmandu. This man or woman must be†raking it in with both hands all the illegal and corrupt loot. So to keep on looting, Nepali Cheli has to support the Maoist and the Indians. Both the Maoist and Indians are enemies of Nepal. This is the fact of the day. †I think Nepali Cheli is very used to dining with the masters in the embassy in†Lainchaur. A true Nepali would†have supported ††Shyam. Its people like Nepali Cheli that are the curse of Nepal.†This Nepali Cheli is a cold blooded ..................reptile†

11. smart nepali cheli
perhaps Gopal, Sushil, Ram et al should read what i say, before going off on rants. okay so let's say India is Nepal's biggest problem and if there was no India, Nepal would have become Switzerland by now. So then what should we do? Do you have any practical solutions or will you forever go around trolling all online websites spewing nonsense. 

secondly have you ever thought why it is so easy for India to bully us but why theycannot bully China or Pakistan as easily? It's because we are not self-sufficient and we depend on India for all our business, logistics, infrastructure. Do we ever tell ourselves well why don't we make our house stronger, why don't we start creating a better economy within our own boundaries. When we become more stable then we will have more bargaining powers with Delhi and politicians like BRB won't have to play the "puppet" role all the time. 

So yes India is 15% of our problem. But do we Nepalis do anything else other than complaining that too on online websites? And what about the remaining 85% of the mess that we ourselves are responsible for? if we can find a way out of the 85% the 15% will no longer be an issue.  

12. Nepali Chela
Smart Nepali Cheli, agree with you completely. We Nepalis are cry babies, great at playing victim, blaming everyone else but ourselves. Our pseudo-patriotism is so hollow everyone can see right through it. Real nationalism is to do something that will make our country proud, not blame the Indians for everything. Patriotism is the last resort of mediocrity.  

13. Sudha
Nepali Chela and Cheli:   There is no such thing as pseudo-patriotism; it is either you have it or you don't.  Nobody does half-love his or her country.   Just go to India and talk to anybody about Indian patriotism.  They are united behind it.  You will not find anybody who acts like some of us Nepalis, I will call, for the lack of better words --apologist.  There is nothing wrong standing up for Nepal, and it is absolutely not necessary to act like a pussy, blaming yourself all the time. That will not make you less of an of India admirer. You can still go on loving India, but don't compromise on your Nepaliness.  I agree with you, however, that we should take responsibility for our own actions.  Self criticism is good for us.  But, be a Nepali first..   

14. Fan of Smart Nepali Cheli
In complete agreement with Smart Nepali Cheli. Nepalis are whiners. Nepalis are lazy. Nepal and Nepalis are dependent on India. Nepali leaders are dogs of India. Maakuney, Dahal, Bhattarai, Koiralas, Khanal they are all traitors of Nepal. Until we have a new generation of competent leaders, India will always bully Nepal. I say, Smart Nepali cheli for the post of Prime Minister.

15. Binita Pandey
Its not India but CORRUPTION that is the most dangerous enemy of Nepal. This is what we deserve for allowing a gang of criminals, the Maoist party, to floursih in Nepal. All communist of Nepal should be wiped out. We need bold market principles to create businessess and jobs. Have you read the newspapers. Ministers and Police Chiefs are convicted of corruption. This is the downfall, to be led by immoral men. Nepalis have lost all sense of pride and honesty.  

16. wtf
I think what nepali cheli is saying is nothing unpatriotic, all he /she is saying is that if you show your dependence and vulnerability to anyone, they'll take advantage of you, be it India, or anyone is upto us how much we want to open up and let be taken for a ride or not...why do all these so called big netas need to go for 'health checkups' to new delhi before anything major is about to happen politically? Would you blame the netas or new delhi in that case? I would blame the netas.... 

17. sital
Nepal is a small vulnerable country.  Thus, India has a bigger responsibility to be careful about Nepal's internal affairs. It is morally wrong to manipulate a small country like Nepal.  India can defend itself.  But, who will defend Nepal?  We need sensible civil society leaders and media personalities.  When it comes to defending Nepal and Nepal's interest, most of them are cowards.  That is the sentiment that's being expressed here.  It is not about being anti-India or anti-China.  Be a Nepali!

18. Kailash Bhattarai
Its about time the conversation is focused on Nepali Netas's integrity as well as the bully mentality of India. Ever since the time of Rana rulers India has been taking a huge advantage of Nepal. To this day, the Nepali leadership will bow down to the Masters in Lainchaur and New Delhi. We must expose this corrupted behaviour of Nepali Netas and their betrayal of Nepal. The Editor of N T has a moral obligation to keep this conversation alive until a sea change in India Nepal occurs. Nepalis are very brave and proud people that should strive hard to stand on their own two feet. But in the end, we should all agree that India has bad intention and evil designs on Nepal as well as its other neighbours.    

19. Chandi Raj Kafle
The truth is that Nepali leaders are cowards. The supreme truth is that Nepali leaders are low life, corrupted individuals that put their own interest ahead of Nepal's interest. India has always used this weakness to its advantage. But this can now change. First, we need to get a fresh batch of leaders that have high moral values and integrity. If we Nepalis can stand on our ground, then India cannot touch us or degrade us. Maybe - Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangaladesh and of course China,  need to gang up together and let the Indians know that their days of bullying is over. Something needs to be done. I think all the people of Nepal need to understand what the true nature and design of India is, when it comes to dealings with its neighbours.  India has abused the land locked status of Nepal, no one can deny that TRUTH.       

20. Krishna S.
I don't understand why does NT even gives space to these ridiculous commentators. Wake up, people. Here are the simple FACTs:
1.Due to our land locked status, Nepal has to depend physically on India for it's survival.
2. Whether we like it or not, we do not have any choice over it.
Now the big question, people, What are you going to do about it?
1. Blame India for everything that is wrong with us, antagonize the big neighbor even more, and, among other things, stay on line all night for a few liters of petrol, live without electricity most of the winter in the process,
2. OR massage Big Ego of the Big brother', like what our other neighbor in the similar predicament has tried and try to move up on the Happiness Quotient!
The choice is ours.

21. Sital
Dear Krishna S.   "... massage Big Ego and....move on the Happiness Quotient" and become like Bhutan?"   Sorry bro.. over the dead bodies of many Nepalis.   India already has 500+ districts plagued with insurgency.  It does not need one more problem...  Or does it?    

22. Prakash S
This Krishna S is an Indian posing as a Nepali.  No Nepali could have the comments he has. Why cannot Nepal have access through Bangaladesh.  Its ridiculous. I mean it, India is the problem for Nepal. Its just that Nepalis leaders  are cowards and cannot face this fact. Its time Nepalis revolted against Indian oppression. Remember Marich Man Singh, he had the guts. There are too many traitors in Nepal today.    

23. Indra Gautam
The Nepali Army is a loser army. Its failing in its duty to protect Nepal and its citizens, sepcially from the evil threat of India. Just look at the mess India has created in Nepal by supporting the Maoist and the killing of Nepalis. India is directly responsible for the delay in the Constitution.  Dahal and Bhattrai are Indian lackeys. 90 percent of modern day Nepal politicians belong in jail. The Army is capable of this, and it needs to move its lazy butt and do something. India needs to be held accountable for the killings by the Maoist. For someone like me, a common citizen, its disguting that Nepal has no leader today that has any balls to look India in the eye. This is the misfortune of Nepal.     

24. Kanti Shrestha
There are too many traitors in Nepal today.  The leaders in charge have only robbed the country and people blind. The criminal attitude and impunity makes any honest man to vomit.  The killing of journalist by the UML and the Maoist goes on and on. No one has the guts to bring these killers to justice. What could be more shameful. A human life has no value in Nepal today. The Indians are in charge of the Constitution. It seems that Nepal has not been able to produce one honest man. Nepalis are living under a curse. I am surprised that India has not annexed Nepal the way it annexed Sikkim. The way things are going, Nepal could cease to exist. This is the thanks we can give to our honorable and highly educated leaders.       

25. E .B. T.


26. shiva

India can not annex Nepal Nepal is a sovereign nation. China can not subdue completely Nepal, they have no time.


Countries in civil wars need analyze what we fought for, move on. But nobody mentions the impunities. The so called Peace Process unites us, then the foreign helpers have to help again and again like gods.

It is parents died but we are still alive. From heaven mother will seem to comfort us. And father? I never believed the king was god, but those days the world was a seeminglhy safer place. Who left the country looking for a better dreamland they are already suffering loss of religion and identity becoming rare birds in white man country.  Why love why hate be simple. All these problems because hindus suicide buddhists believe in reincarnation so you do good and you work than just enjoy the momentum. ohm shanti.

Fighting bandha not every day like every day party foods. But I will miss corruption when you erradicate it?

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)