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It's a man's world

An elderly woman walks past lounging men at Patan Darbar Square, fetching home precious water on World Water Day, 22 March. As the dry season sets in, the water shortage is set to get more acute. When the government's water supply system is unable to meet the demand of the Valley's growing population, people rely on spouts built 300 years ago by Patan's Malla kings.

1. koji
Why is it so?

2. Indraraj GIri

While the reporter has chosen this photo for publication,I being a frequent visitor of the Patan Durbar Square, know that there is another man, he is old and short and frail and yet carries two large gagris of water on his shoulder.And I'd like to add that the man endures many obscene remarks and gestures made by some of the men that are seated.Thus maybe the title is a little misleading.Its a classed world, irrespective of a person'd gender.

3. Arjun Subedi
We only regret  the situations.. but we don't take initiations and i m sorry to say we feel sigh to help in that situation...... because we feel that we are men.... After seeing the pictures and conditions we only sympathyise the character which does not have any sense.......

4. KTMite
Yes, fetching water may traditionally be considered a woman's job in many places in Nepal, especially in the villages, but the real thing this picture reveals is poverty and poor urban planning. In the Nepal of 2012, where it is very fashionable and beneficial to be a victim, the reporters and photographers of the Nepali Times seem unable to rise above the fad.

5. nepali cheli
i don't understand why people (especially the men) are so offended/upset by this photo? yes poor nepali men from traditionally discriminated ethnic/regional backgrounds are also at the bottom of the ladder just like poor nepali women. but that does not mean that we say this photo is inaccurate and exaggerated. there are lots of women like this old granny and there are lots of men like the ones pictured above who sit and watch. we cannot erase the experience of one group of oppressed people at the cost of another group.  

6. Vija Srestha
This is the whole attitude of the Nepali government.Talk ,talk,talk,and wait somebody to do work ,we know how to do bizness,we have the cheapest labour force in the world ,plus have half of the country men who can not lift the water gagris and secondly,soon we will have to buy water from China in exchange for the gold as PM Bhattarai and Dahal are still too busy cleaning Bhagmati river ,they just forgot to tell in which year or maybe they will excape the cleaning part as we don't know what the 27 May may bring.

7. G. Bikash

Every phenomena is post effect of historical phenomenas...there is water for 26 hours a days in some houses here is water once in 24 days in some houses some days..if we are pessimistic this will long a last.Do not symphatise,

8. Amrit

i like d title ...for me it is just a moment that the grapher  gave a title..nothing more for this picture..


9. suman
Beautiful...  Brilliant photo... This is a perfect example of "a picture worth  a thousand words."  Very nice work Nepali Times...  and DEEPENDRA BAJRACHARYA

10. Karma
@ #5 : By the same token, why do some Nepali women put on gender blinders and see everything solely from a gender perspective, often missing the more pressing reasons underlying an issue?

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)