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Wrong visit at the wrong time


The proposed visit by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to Lumbini on April 2012 should have signified a welcome new commitment for the development of the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

However, it would be untimely and inauspicious for the Secretary-General to visit Lumbini under present circumstances. Nepal is at a critical juncture, struggling to overcome the legacy of a decade-long civil war that killed 15,000. Genuine peace has not yet dawned, the drafting of the new constitution has been delayed by two years, and there is rampant lawlessness and impunity.

The war saw horrendous human rights violations, some amounting to crimes against humanity, but not a single individual has been prosecuted. Many known perpetrators occupy high positions in government. Instead of establishing a credible Truth and Reconciliation Commission consistent with international norms, the ruling Maoists are negotiating the terms of a blanket general amnesty with other major political parties.

The United Nations' Mission to Nepal (UNMIN) was asked to leave the country unceremoniously before completion of the peace process. The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is being thrown out of the country before the core issues of transitional justice and accountability are satisfactorily completed. And now, Ban Ki-moon is being lured to co-chair an international conference on Lumbini with Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

Dahal was recently appointed to chair a national committee for the development of Lumbini by the Maoist-led Government. This is a man who led a violent armed insurgency resulting in the death and disappearance of tens of thousands, and displacement of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Although Dahal's party signed a Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2006, contested elections, became the largest political party and formed a government under its leadership twice, it has not formally renounced violence. It continues to be the party's official policy to "capture state power" by any means, either through ballots or bullets, backed up by a "people's revolt" from the streets.

The main rationale for the UN's involvement in Lumbini is to spread the culture of peace, not to condone the glorification of violence. It would be most ironic for the Secretary-General of the UN to co-chair a meeting with an unrepentant leader with blood on his hands at the holy birthplace of the Buddha.

If Ban Ki-moon is to co-chair a high profile meeting with Dahal, he must first insist that Dahal's party officially renounce the use of violence in politics in the spirit of the Charter of the United Nations. The Secretary-General co-chairing such a conference at a holy site would be a sacrilege insulting not just peace-loving Nepalis but millions of Buddhists around the world.

Ban Ki-moon must not ignore recent attempts by a rather mysterious Hong Kong-based private foundation called the Asia-Pacific Cooperation and Exchange Foundation (APECF), of which Dahal is Co-chairman, to sneakily involve the UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) rather than UNESCO for the development of Lumbini. When this highly unusual deal involving the Beijing office of UNIDO was exposed last year, UNIDO headquarters in Vienna embarrassingly disowned its country office's decision and reprimanded its Country Director.

It would be most unwise for Ban Ki-moon to lend his name and the prestige of the United Nations to whitewash the image of a political leader who continues to believe that political power flows out of the barrel of a gun. The Secretary-General could help expedite Nepal's peace process and regain the tarnished image of the UN in Nepal by insisting on three preconditions for his planned visit:

a) that Dahal and his party abjure the politics of violence
b) announce that the UN will not cooperate with the proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission if it does not fully comply with the norms enshrined in relevant UN Conventions to which Nepal is a State Party, and reject attempts to grant blanket general amnesty for heinous criminal acts, war crimes and crimes against humanity
c) insist that the long-delayed integration and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants is completed in the next few weeks to close all remaining cantonments prior to the April visit.

Ban Ki-moon must convey such messages clearly and forthrightly, not in the ambiguous diplomatic language calling for "flexibility and compromise by all parties". If these pre-conditions are not fully met, he should either cancel his visit or come prepared to deliver such a message bluntly and boldly.

Part of the reason for Ban Ki-moon's strong interest in the development of Lumbini has to do with his devout Buddhist mother's wishes. We Nepalis deeply respect her wishes, and Mr Ban is welcome to visit Lumbini any time for a pilgrimage, but without hobnobbing with Maoist leaders who refuse to fully abide by Buddha's teachings of peace and non-violence.

Kul Chandra Gautam is a former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations.

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1. Mina
This is a wonderfully written essay, both in style and in content. Please send this to the UN, with appeals from the peace-loving Nepalese and Buddhists from around the world, asking the Secretary General not to join hands with the Maoist supremo UNLESS THE LATTER renounces violence and repents for his ideology and violence of the past. Thanks to the writer for being bold. Good people of Nepal, raise your voice against any form of discrimination and violence in the country and help promote the good image of the peace loving Nepalese.

2. Sherpa Observer
It is high time that not just Buddhist community but all peace loving people of the world to come together and put pressure on the Nepali government to sack Prachanda from the chair heading the Lumbini Development Committee. How can a person with his hands full of blood and bears direct responsibility for the heinous crime during 13 years of insurgency be head of a peaceful mission. Prachanda is a leader  who doesnot believe in what he says and does not say what he believes in. 

3. Bulbul
I fully agree with the views and opinions in this excellent article.   It resonnates with the views of  millions of peace loving Nepali people both in Nepal and scattered around the world - those who left Nepal, because their families were threatened or their own lives were threatened by the Maoists.

4. sonam tsering
Buddha means Peace. Buddha means sacrifice. Buddha means compassion. Buddha means tolerance. Buddha means Non Violence. And Dahal means War.Dahal means terror. Dahal means corruption. Dahal means extortion. Dahal means loot. Dahal meanstraitor. Mr. Ban ki-moon, please do not support Dahal and his gangster.

5. Hari Kumar
Prachanda is guilty as sin and must be tried in the International Criminal Court. Instead, ban Ki-Moon is rewarding him by visiting Nepal to shake his blood-stained hand. Prachanda is responsible for the death of 16,000 Nepalis and he has never said sorry, he has never expressed remorse and he hasn't said he won't do it again. In fact, he keeps threatening violence against people who don't agree with him. Who are Ban Ki-Moon's advisers? They should call off this visit before the Secretary General's own questionable image is tarnished even further. The character assassination of Kul Gautam by the Maoist papers has started. Prachanda's defensiveness on this issue proves that Mr Gautam is right:

6. Shyam
I did have an expectation that Mr. Kul Chandra Gautam can think up to this level, such a narrow and immature thinking. He already had a long experience of working in the International arena, but his level of thinking is no more than a political cadre of UML or Congress does. As he is being an internationally recognized person, he has to think in a way to provide a solution, rather reporting unsatisfactory. We know that you are arrogantly opposing the Maoists party since they did not nominate you for an important position in the UN last year and the same problem does have with Mr. Kanak Mani Dixit. And now you people are crying and dying yourselves to take out the Maoist, especially Prachanda. We all know that the Maoist party is making the situation worse and the worst, but you people have to think in a diplomatic way. Every body knows that Prachanda is a very cunning and corrupted person not only in financial aspects, but also in the political arena. 
Even myself, don't think in a way you are doing. I had given a respect to you people but now i am feeling guilty on believing you people - so called NAGARIK SAMAJ - an Association of the Intellectual-Corrupted Persons. If we believe your thoughts, then we have to stop talking with the Maoist from now. Is it possible? If yes, then the UML or Congress also have to stop holding meetings with them. Why don't you raise a voice against the JHAPA KANDA by the UML, or Plane HIJACK by the Congress too? The Congress had also civil military in 2007 B.S. 
I mean here we all have to think with a cool mind and need to behave against the Maoist strategically.  

7. Chyangba Bal
Although I am no Maoist sympathizer, as a Buddhist but more so as a Nepali,  I have a different view than that of Mr. Gautam. It appears that Mr. Gautam has focused all his anger and animosity on the Maoist party and its leader Mr. Dahal.  
Conversely, one can argue that it is actually the right time for Mr. Ban Ki Moon to visit. I know everything is not perfect but at least we can say that the country is on the path to writing a new constitution, the people of Nepal have discarded the oppressive monarchy and peace process has begun, if not reached to the end yet. One does not need to do a research to say that the Maoists have come to the democratic process and they have given up the arms. It is crystal clear now. What cannot be said is what the Maoists might do the next. The more we can engage them in the democratic process and in an international commitment, more the better. 
The UN has played an important and crucial role in making the Maoists lay down the arms and taking them to the path of peace process. It is very narrow mindedness and paltriness of Mr. Gautam to suggest that in anyway that Mr. Ban's visit will lend the support and legitimacy to the Maoists policies and philosophy. Mr. Ban's visit is long overdue. We Nepalis are ready to welcome the UN Secretary General anytime in Nepal but even more so to Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha.
Let us all welcome our most honourable guest Mr. Ban with open arms and open hearts.

8. Anonymous
There is a wise saying in Sanskrit "Kooputro jayate kwachidapi kumaata na bhawait!" (A son may be born stupid, but the blame must not go to any mother). I am not here to judge or defend a politician. But, I guess it is unwise and unfortunate for Kul Chandraji's stature  to characterize the upcoming visit by the UNGS as "inauspicious." A visit to our sovereign Nation by the highest ranking official of the UN should always be respected. On top of that, such a visit to the birthplace of the Buddha is always a great honor to our People and Motherland. Let's not forget when UNGS U Thant visited Nepal, the political system was not perfect then, either! For crops of politicians may rise and may fall like tiny pebbles in a mighty river; tides of ideologies may be waxing and waning with the changing winds in a sea, but the fathomless ocean of Enlightenment of the Buddha's to the humankind will remain there for hundreds of centuries to come. Nepal will be remembered not by the momentary sparks of violence, but by the eternal flame of compassion. Hence it is time to rise above the trench of petty partisan politics and gaze from the summit of Everest. Then only our eyes can see clearly the distant horizon and the depth of the blue sky. Peace is possible in this Land for we are a Great Nation of "the Buddha and the Braves." I therefore think it is an appropriate time for the world community to give hands to Nepal. We just need some courage to glean into ourselves and contemplate who we are!

9. sital
Prachand as a PM visited US and also paid a visit to UN.  He addressed the UN...and did represent Nepal to India... and so on and so on.  So, why is this writing now?   Does not make sense... 

10. Junko
As a Japanese, I feel Ban Ki-Mon can go to Lumbini any time he wants as a pilgrim. He can visit Nepal, but only after the Maoists lift their obstruction to the peace process. But for him to go there and legitimise a murderer and shake his bloody hand, then NO. The international community and Buddhists around the world should strongly oppose this visit, it sends all the wrong signals. Isn't Ban worried about his reputation?  

11. who cares
11. junko.

no friend, ban is not worried about his reputation, ban is one of the many foreign figures including india, eu who helped maoist kill 17k nepaliese brutally.... 

when i said maoist killed 17k nepalese, those killing were not just the death during two way battle, maoist killed many nepalese like helpless, unarmed, none enemy farmers, teachers cause those farmers, teachers declined to give them ransom, declined to join them etc.

many international figures who are/were acting as a agent of humanitarian infornt of people of civilized world are/were actually the agents of death. 

i dont know how many of them are paid salary with the tax you pay. 

12. who cares
and kul chandra gautam used to be one of them. 

13. Suman
This article by Mr.Gautam shows his biasedness towards Mr. Dahal. The upcoming visit of the UN Secretary General would clear off all the doubts that India has been creating in the International community that Buddha's real birth place is in India rather than Nepal. No doubt, Maoists have to come into mainstream politics by giving up their arms, and they will if there is international pressure, specially from the West. But, we should not miss this grand opportunity to stand united when it comes to protecting our national sovereignty.

14. Ramprasad

Mustang and Lumbini might very well be the cause of all the political turmoil in Nepal in near future.. Dahal is but a puppet!

15. vivek
Biased writing by Mr. Gautam. Being an internationally recognized person he would have present in balanced way showing the alternatives to Mr. Moon. Also point to be noted is that " What Mr. Gautam has contributed in peace process and constitution drafting despite presenting his negative attitudes after so called LOKTANTRA?" Not agreed with Mr. Gautam in any case in his above article.

16. Krishna Ghorasaine
Now we know why this old man, Mr Kul Chandra Gautam (former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations) never got big position in UN. This article smells his hidden interest with Nepal parties specially with Maoist, kind of bargain for him. Poor old man, which got such a high profile experience and network but could not use it during the time of desperate need to the nation where he actually took birth !

17. Ganesh Ghale
Why we all don't understand that Buddha changed Unguliman to a non-violent  good person as one of best devotee.  Think positive, see positive and do positive. We all are  in the same boat.

18. Shakya
Prachanda is a murderer who has not yet given up violence, threats and extortion. Prachanda is the man who was caught lying on video and boasting to his cadre that he had fooled the UN into thinking the Maoists had many more fighters than they had. How can the Secretary-General of the United Nations even be seen hobnobbing with an unrepentant liar and killer like Prachanda? All those comments above that call Mr Gautam's articles "biased" are either jealous of a Nepali who was until he retired the seniormost offical in the UN system, or are chamchas of Prachanda.

19. A Nepali
# 18. Shakya, thank you for stating the obvious. It is such "biased" and "jealous" Nepalis that are also contributing to the lack of progress in our Nepal.

20. sudha
Shakya (#18):  I don't  think you can put people into such categories. It almost sounds like being hypocritical? 

How can you suddenly see this man (Prachand) being "murderous and violent"?  Where were you when this "murderous person"  became PM of Nepal?  You don't  seem to have any problem when Sushil Koirala and Jhalanath hobnob with this "murderer".  For awhile, Girija and Prachand scratched each other's back too as best friends. You did not have any problem back then?

People are not questioning Kul Gautam's credential, but his timing and characterization, especially at this late stage? He had plenty of opportunities and instances  to confront Dahal --including the time when the Shanktikhor video came out or the Mahara phone scandal.  Did he ever demand investigation?  Did he approach the UN on behalf of the Nepali people? 

One newspaper calls him "jana drohi" and suddenly everything becomes so "grave" and monumental. 

What about many who lost their limbs and necks in the hands of the Maoists, among them countless political workers and innocent journalists and teachers.  There are still many in Kathmandu who are seeking justice.

Kul Gautam should have used his stature to defend these defenseless rather than doing "me" me"" "me"....  This is the real issue here... 

21. sudha
Shakya (#18) Is this hobnobbing OK for you?  Is he less "murderous"? So, don't blame Ban-Ki Moon; blame these guys too...

22. K Hill
Being one of respected intellectuals of Nepal what Kul C Gautam can do to achieve hearts and minds of Nepali people?

1. stay out of politics with no desire of political appointment
2. think positively all the developments being happening in Nepal to date
3. continue to network internationally to boost Nepal's profile 
4. develop a framework for the future of Nepal 
5. seek like-minded people to come into a platform to achieve a goal irrespective of the political parties

23. Suman
It is sad to learn that Ban's visit has been postponed. Kul Chandra's wishes came true and Kanak has been successful in painting the country's face black. Kunda deserves condemnation for publishing this article, extremely shortsighted from an academically bankrupt  retired UN man who is trying to prove to Nepalis what he is not. Mr. Gautam is trying to be seen as a Messiah of peace has actually done not noting usher peace in this country. He has formed a clique with a few like minded people who see their future by  bringing this country to knees. This clique wants everything done according to their wishes. They pretend to know everything and they have been perpetually been extremely arrogant to a single party. Unfortunately, this is the clique that is heard most often in this country. This is simply becasue they control media and diplomatic circle.

Ban was coming to Nepal. He would have been with Nepali people during his visit here.The visit had nothing to do with who invited or who would go to recieve Ban at the airport. Mr. Gautam, however, viewed that the visit was soley for the Maoist party or most specifically to meet Pracanda. Gautam's article is a treason against Nepal.

Gautam and Kanak are cashing a lot by talking negative. They are the people who can't spell a word if asked for the alternatives. As long as these people are heard, Nepal will never come out of the stagnation that it has been for long. Enough is enough. Its high time that these old folks are told that if they keep silence Nepal will not get into more trouble because they aren't the ones who are keeping  this country going in the worst of the crisis in the recent times.

24. Sital
I am sorry to see a person like Kul Gautam exercising poor judgment. His main beef should have been against the newspaper that put slanderous words against him and the other two (Kanak and Subodh).  Suddenly taking it to Prachand with such ferocity (on multiple occasions and means) does not make a whole lot of sense.  Subodh benefits from it by having more publicity and his INGO human rights stock will only go up.  Kanak is perhaps earning some political points in NC circle or somewhere god knows where.  Kul Gautam may end up being a loser. by losing his status as an independent thinker, a rarity in Nepal.. Sorry to lose Kul Gautam this way...

25. Nirmal
I don't think Ban's visit has been postponed because of this article so it'd be better If people like Gautam stops considering themselves the new VIPs of New Nepal. UN is pressing all the stakeholders to complete the peace process and this rescheduling is just another tactics towards that end.

I'd like to see Gautam & Company demanding the same thing to the most corrupt and inefficient traditional political parties with the same vehemence as here i.e. not to work with the Maoists until and unless they shun violence as a political means. THE RULES OF THREE can't be applied here? Or is it that people like Gautam would not get any plum posts or offer being the Maoists in power so they are doing everything possible to de-legitimise the Maoists inside and outside? Well, I too say that the Maoists should not be allowed to enjoy any kind of state power or participate in national politics unless they come out clean and abjure the violence, even less they should be seen hobnobbing with the world's highest authority. Mr. Gautam my principle goes hand-in-hand with each of my deed not like you who can be easily considered a chameleon for your past and present and for your pros and against.

26. A Nepali
It is quite evident that many of the commenters are green with envy on Mr. Gautam's successful career with the U.N. Please don't detract the truth/value of what he has written on account of your jealousy of his personal success in his professional career. The truth (to an unbiased observer) is that Ban Ki-moon should not do anything to legitimize the  killers of thousands of innocent Nepalis who now enjoy positions of power and privilege in our Country while the masses continue to suffer.

27. Raju Lama
Difficult to believe! Is this same Kul Chandra who worked being high official of the UN? Is this the right time to reveal his jealousy and anger to a particular person or party betting entire prestige of the nation? How did he work with such intellectual poverty for such reputed organization?  And we all the Nepalis people are in the know whom and what so called pioneer of so called Nagarik Samaj advocate for.......

28. bridohi
I am very concerned about the so-called civil society leaders of Nepal who are not elected, but, self-appointed instead. They seem to go on mute mode at critical times. They need to get off the high horses.Where are they now? Why are they not in the streets demanding the CA fulfill its mandate or pressuring the political parties to seek a middle ground? We have about 2 weeks left. Writing a few articles or being labelled "anti-people" by a Maoist mouth piece is not good enough. We need a Nepali "Anna Hazare."

29. sdHital
 I always thought Kul Chandra was someone we all Nepalese should be proud of. From this article, I have realized how greedy and foxy he is. He kept his ego above nation's interest! Shame on you Kul Chandra! Shame on you! Going forward, you're no longer a Nepalese to me.

30. Nirmal
It is hillarious to see people blaming Mr. Gautam of treason and anti-national element . Although, I don't share the opinion in its entirety I as a free thinker should respect his freedom of expression. I must say that I found this article incoherent knowing that the parties like the NC and the UML should be blamed for having worked with a party that still has to absolutely and entirely renounce the violence as a political tool.

The UN in many cases have not denounced the violence perpetuated by groups like HAMAS and instead they frequently paid official visit to its leaders. CONTRADICTIONS OF UN.

31. Kachk
It is us Nepalese readers who see the thoughts expressed in this article through a very, very narrow prism. What will the visit of Ban Ki Moon in the capacity of the head of the UN to Lumbini accomplish at a time like this? Either the readers who are critical of the article haven't bothered to read it completely or are pure blind. This is what the last paragraph says: "Part of the reason for Ban Ki-moon's strong interest in the development of Lumbini has to do with his devout Buddhist mother's wishes. We Nepalis deeply respect her wishes, and Mr Ban is welcome to visit Lumbini any time for a pilgrimage, but without hobnobbing with Maoist leaders who refuse to fully abide by Buddha's teachings of peace and non-violence." Mr. Gautam realizes the great spiritual centre that the birth place of Lord Buddha is. It is obvious that he is only trying to protect this revered place from becoming embroiled in any sort of politics in the future. I am sure there are hundreds of more qualified, neutral and well-respected Nepalese personages without any association to any political parties or dogma, or any such controversial areas who could be given the reins of overseeing the development of Lumbini as it should be rather than having Mr. Dahal, who we all agree is a highly controversial figure, play a major role in this task. The message is clear: let us make sure that Lumbini is never associated with politics of any kind, no matter how benign. Mr. Dahal and Ban Ki Moon, or for that matter, anyone who wishes to, can go to Lumbini as commoners to worship Lord Buddha and perhaps have a discussion at a nearby resort about the state of the country. Doing this would wipe away any negative symbolism that a visit by Ban Ki Moon in the capacity of the head of the UN and Dahal as leader of one of the most violent parties of Nepal would create.  

32. Bal Budder
It is ironic that a staunch communist, or a fake one, like Prachanda aka Pushpa cochair international conference on Lumbini. I thought communists were atheists; I thought communists - especially the Mao's brand - were against old culture, old habbits, old thoughts, and old ways of living. What happened here? Did Pushpa and his communist party have a change of heart? By the way Pushpa, Pashupati temple its sorrounding area and Bagmati river also needs a lot of work. When are you going to chair that committee? Or maybe not since it is not "international".

33. karki
I see bunch of HU HA without any substance in most of the comments. Mr Gautam has no personal anonymity toward Ban ki moon or Prachanda. It is a very well thought out piece. No society can move forward without "politics of violence"  

34. Sapana Shakya
HORRAY !  YAY !  Thank you, Your Excellency Ban ki-moon. Dahal is responsible for the killing of many simple Nepali villagers. This evil man can never be a rep for Lord Bhuddha.  Many Bhuddist all over the world are very happy with this turn of events.     

35. Chyanba Sherpa
What an irony. A Brahmin and a Maoist like Prachanda representing and developing Lumbini. It is a disgrace on Nepalese  that people like him who is responsible for thousands of murders in the name of revolution take part in Buddhism activities. Buddha stands for peace, compassion, non voilence, sacrifice, and not power through the barrel of the gun.

36. Vija
 Mr.Gautam has done his homework well.

We need to ask a question what is the whole point behind Asia Pacific Development Cooperation and of which Dahal is a Co-Chairman, that Dahal and his party abjure the politics of violence .To really understand what Mr.Gautam means ,we need dig up papers about America and China interests in this region,the rest what is going on are the small steps of big plans made by USA and China,made in UN,UNDP,UNIDA.

Maoists still not giving up their politics of violence,is a double standard kept by maoists as well as all those big Wigs behind the APDC. One can never go ahead with any economic plans plus Mr.Ban Ki-moon's visit to Nepal would undermine the whole purpose of having UN.Secondly,Mr.Dahal wants us to know that he is got the whole UN behind on this projects involving Nepal .So anything he would as a maoist party chairman do would be easily achievable in his mind as he has the biggest party.However ,we can rest in peace,his communist ideas are never gone take shape,it is a drama put on display to get the people, poor people behind no matter how deferring his ideas were before,but in the end of the day,he needs to buy out his way from terrorist list by showing he cares about development.We all do ,but not at the cost of another millions of displaced people,deprived shelter,water,living. West Seti,Lumbwini Project have already been decided without any concern of Nepali Government,except,that Mr.Dahal has single handedly signed the memorandum of understanding with APDC ,which by the way is as real as is Nepal.So comments from prominent journalists that no one has heard about them and they do not exist is not true.News papers need to keep  this project on the back burner for time being,at least for a year,however,it doesn't change the fact that it doesn't exist.The development;the constitution,the state structure and reconstruction programmes as well as the Future President are milestones on the road to be considered to go ahead with any project and subsequently these will not be solved unless the following doesn't happen.

a) that Dahal and his party abjure the politics of violence
b) announce that the UN will not cooperate with the proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission if it does not fully comply with the norms enshrined in relevant UN Conventions to which Nepal is a State Party, and reject attempts to grant blanket general amnesty for heinous criminal acts, war crimes and crimes against humanity
c) insist that the long-delayed integration and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants is completed in the next few weeks to close all remaining cantonments prior to the April visit.

However,Nepal's government approach must be first of all responsibility towards own people and the teritorial safety of the country and its citizens,development for its own good in region,not restructuring nature for quick short term gains ,not restructuring religions to control the nations of Asia.Development in Nepal must be self-sustainable.

When social and environmental factors come together, bearability is achieved. When economic and environmental factors come together, viability is achieved. When social and economic factors come together, equitability is achieved. Only when all factors come together is true sustainability achieved,shelter, power, food, transportation, water, and waste.

Who is willing to be the President?Who loves the country and its people that much to be willing to invest in its sustainable development as everyone knows,without pain there is no gain,giving without expecting back is love.

37. ASP
Within less than 2 months after Mr. Gautam's effusive praise of Prachanda in New York on September 26, 2008, the Maoist-affiliated trade union thugs violently attacked Himal Media offices at Hattiban on December 21, 2008, physically attacking, among others, editor Kunda Dixit and CEO Ashutosh Tiwari. The Maoist-affiliated union's attack didn't materialize overnight; it had been brewing for months prior to the attack, even at the time Mr. Gautam was busy praising Prachanda in New York. How does he explain his effusive praise?

Read Mr. Gautam's effusive praise of Prachanda here:

38. Basudev Hamal
Leave the politics aside. Religion is separate from politics.  Just look at the merits and demerits.  Pushpa Kamal Dahal is a known killer of innocent beings. Kul Chandra has never killed any one. Dahal, is a liar, uncouth, shamless, pseudo communist. Kul Chandra worked as an honest man most of his life.  Dahal has been killing people and Kul Chandra has been uplifting people.  Ban ki-moon has shown a lot of respect for peace loving Bhuddist around the world by cancelling this trip.  Dahal one day will be tried in a court of law and he will pay for all the blood he has spilled.  Look at Kul Chandra, his is last name is GAUTAM.  Let me state the obvious, I am a fan of Kul Chandra.     

39. Abin
Mr. Kul chandra gautam is playing 'typical nepali politics' which keep on pulling other's leg.

But one thing is apparent - No high level person like UN secretary will ever visit Nepal now because all parties have people with 'Kul Chandra's " character and they with by all means try to do what this guy is doing now.

And as always they will win and only one losing is same old country 'Nepal' .

40. Surya
A good article which has exposed the truth. But truth is always bitter. Gautam ji is right because the general secretary of the UN should only come to Nepal when all things are settled. Rather than trying to please Dahal ji he should now put pressure on the political parties especially the Maoist and the Medheses that this is the time to maintain credibility and speeding up the writing of the constitution.
I urge all Nepalese to work together and get this constituition out on time.
Nothing is more important than this!!

41. Munna Gautam
Nepalese are so simple and straightforward and sometime I am afraid about existence of Nepal and Nepales / Nepali As we have been absorbing about Prachand and Maoist which is not more than a gang; but unfortunately they are ruling Nepal. United Nations Secretary General is such a big post that neither can be agitated by a fraud leader like Prachnda nor by a journalist. It should be officially requested by either Prime Minister or President of Nepal.

Prachand never respected lord Buddha, how can he influence Ban Ki Mun? If Ban Ki Mun personally (not due to influence of Prachand, but due to lord Buddha whom Prachand never respected) was willing to come to Lumbini, he might have canceled due to India, which is becoming powerful.

Like previous days, Prchanda who never loved Nepal and Nepali, become successful to aggrandize against his enemies like Dixit. At this time I have the sympathy to Dixit and Gautam.

42. Chyangba Bal

Mr. Kulchandra Gautam must be basking on the glory of Mr. Ban Ki Moon's Nepal visit postponement. If anything, Mr. Gautam's anger ought to be aimed at Mr. MK Nepal, not Mr. Dahal. It is Mr. Nepal as the (unelected and defeated from two constituencies) Prime Minister, who did nothing to muster an international support, other than a leap service, to promote Mr. Gautam's candidacy for the post of UN Secretary General. As a Nepali in heart and soul, I was a strong supporter of Mr. Gautam's candidacy in my own way. 

Let us not forget that simple folks - Nepali janata are sick and tired of hearing "auspicious" and "unauspicious" (saait heraune) purohit culture that flourished during the oppressive monarchy rein for over two hundred years. It seems Mr. Gautam did not change his views even after so many years of UN experience. As someone said correctly, "It is the dhungro that bends after 12 years, not the tail".

For someone like me coming from a marginalized group, governance is a serious business where future of Nepal depends on, not a forum for a babibiyalo or a cocktail party discussion. I do watch every move of the government (appointments and promotions, etc.) and all I see is the same trend, that is, a great majority of only the individuals coming from the same groups being on the posts again and again. They have even taken advantages of the gender issues and thus entering through the female quotas.

Equipped with a wealth of rich experience, will Mr. Gautam, sir,  and his cohorts dare to speak continuing practices of such biases and perpetual marginalization?


(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)