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Wanted: revisionists and reformists

Tucked away in the inside pages of one of the national dailies this week was a photograph (right) that encapsulates the reality of Nepal today, and how the rot starts at the top.

The picture showed CA member from Okhaldhunga, Balkrishna Dhungel, stepping off a plane in Salleri this week together with Energy Minister, Post Bahadur Bogati. Both are profusely garlanded with khadas, and on hand to receive them is the CDO of Solukhumbu and other top cops.

There is only one thing wrong with that picture: Dhungel was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Ujjan Shrestha in Okhaldhunga in 1998. The sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court on appeal in 2010 even though Dhungel had already been elected to the CA by then, and has since been moving around freely enjoying the close protection of the prime minister himself.

Current State Minister for Energy, Surya Man Dong, and former Information Minister Agni Sapkota (both CA members) are charged with the abduction and murder in 2005 of Arjun Lama. Those implicated in the execution of Lamjung teacher and human rights campaigner, Muktinath Adhikari, are walking around freely.

Baburam Bhattarai has a reputation for being honest and upright, but by coddling criminal cronies he has sullied what little respect he had. It is quite clear that Dhungel is too hot a potato to handle even for the second man in the Maoist party, who also happens to be the prime minister.

Acts like these destroy the little trust Nepal's other political parties and the international community have in the Maoist party. The erstwhile revolutionaries have now amply proven that the war was not about the liberation of the downtrodden, it wasn't about ending feudalism, and it had nothing to do with winning Nepal's ethnic minorities their rights. It has now all boiled down to amassing wealth and power while the going is good. And anyone who points out the venal and corrupt actions of the Maoist party is immediately accused of being "the people's enemy", a deadly euphemism the Maoists use to justify physical elimination.

Besides threats of violence and a return to war, the other reason for the lack of trust is that one can never rely on their words because what they say is so self-contradictory and outrageous. Far from showing that they are committed to peaceful multi-party politics, their public statements and speeches reek of intimidation, blackmail and threats of violence. The latest was Prime Minister Bhattarai's statement at the anniversary of the death of lifelong champion of democracy, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, last weekend. There he once more blackmailed the nation with "50,000 more deaths" if the other parties, civil society and the media oppose his draft of a totalitarian constitution.

Words like that and deeds like the conspiratorial way the Maoists recently tried to get the chief of the Nepal Army to put forth a "flexible" proposal that would directly benefit his in-laws in the ranks, have shattered the trust that existed between the Maoists and the other parties. It was a matter of national pride that we at last had a Janjati army chief, that has now been squandered. The chief's only line of defence is that the Rana-Shah generals also favoured their own kind. The Maoist-inspired proposal would have essentially established a parallel army of ex-guerrillas within the Nepal Army, defeating the purpose of the whole integration exercise.

The end result is that things are now even more badly deadlocked on the peace and constitution project, and one wonders if that has been the Maoist intention all along. 'Revisionism' and 'reformism' are bad words in the Maoist lexicon, but what we need now is a re-visioned and reform-minded Maoist party.

The only future for the Maoists is to come out as a demonstrably democratic party that is transparent and honest, does not have to rely on threats and violence anymore, a party that means what it says and doesn't protect criminals. The sooner Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Baburam Bhattarai see that, the better it will be for them. And for us.

1. R. H. R.
The neo- leaders of Nepal have come up with new aims in life. They sprouted out of the muzzle of guns and brought up in the jungle. They made friendship with cronies having criminal tendency and came to power using tricks. No wonder, we are doomed

2. Gopal Shrestha

I have been reading NT editorial at once every week for a few months. The conclusion I have is that, only cowards live in Nepal today. The Maoist buthcers, responsible for so many deaths are running the show. If this not cowardice then what is!   The editor wrote that, " Baburam Bhattarai has a reputation for being honest and upright," - what a sick joke is that. O M G, Baburam is murderer and a killer and he should be brought to justice for the blood he has spilled. The editor's view is cowardly.  Another quote from the editor says, "   he once more blackmailed the nation with 50,000 more deaths if the other parties, civil society and the media oppose his draft of a totalitarian constitution, we must get rid of the Maoists for this treason. Is there not a brave and patriotic leader of Nepalis alive in Nepal today. If Nepal is to have any future, all the traitor communist must be thrown out.  Look at the current crop, Baburam, Pushpa Kamal, Dhungel, Sapkota, Surya Man, these people will  suffer just like the 17000 Nepalis that have given the ultimate sacrifice. Its time to stop complaining and do something.  28 million Nepalis deserve a better life and a better future  


3. Kishor Gurung
Let the CA go to hell. The Maoist will also go to hell automatically. Let the Army rule for a few years just like in Bangladesh. Under Martial Law.   Criminals and killers do not make a just and democratic society. Does the Nepali Army have the guts and the leather balls that go with the guts. If not, they are dastardly. The Indians are playing a dangerous game by supporting a criminal thug like Baburam. What goes around will come around. The wheel of karma goes round and round. Take a lesson from the Syrians, Assad will go, its a matter of time. The power should lie with people not murderers like Pushpa Kamal. India boast that its democratic and then it supports communist killers like Dahal and Bhattarai, what up with that.   

4. Meera Sharma
The Maoist have made a fool of every one in Nepal as well as in foreign lands. The Maoist made a big fool out of the UN and looted billions of rupees. Everyone know this.  Compared to the Maoist, leaders of other Parties look and act like fools and idiots. Everyone has been believing all the lies and distortions spread by Baburam and Dahal ! Soon, this gang of Dahal and Bhattarai will split from the Maoist Party, just wait and see. That will be the best day for Nepal. There are other options on the table as well. We can put all the killers of the Maoist party in jail and they can rot there. So its not like we do not have solutions, we just need to exercise our rights, that is all   

5. Sarada Nepal

Nepalis in Nepal and around the world need to unite against the current politics and political parties. Nepalis need especially  to unite against the outrage and impunity of the Maoist criminals. Nepal needs to get rid of communism and communists for ever. Communist in Russia and China and Nepal have done nothing but kill and kill and kill. Nepalis also need to rise against impunity of India. India has always mistreated Nepal and Nepalis. So far to this day, Nepal's leaders have taken bribes from India and sold Nepal's welfare and interest, at pennies to dollars. But now things may change. Many young Nepalis have become smarter with western style of free democracy and education. The social media can and will play a huge role in shaping the future of Nepal. India's bad design can backfire on India. The Indian policy of supporting killers like Baburam is  a huge mistake. India will never be a super power or global power by dominating Nepal or its other neighbours. If there is no peace in Nepal, there cannot be any peace in India. Let this be God's Truth from this day forward. Everything has a breaking point.        

6. KiranL
I like that 'Cut Here in Emergency' sign on the plane behind Dhungel.

7. Jeevan Rana
We need a military rule in Nepal. Only under Martial Law will there be any respect for rule of law. The Maoist must pay. The Maoist have destroyed Nepaland so the Maoist should be thrown out forever. Can the Nepali Generals take this challange or are they all cowards. Will the Nepali Generals defend the OATH they swore to, or will they continue to live like a dog with its tail between its hind legs.There is only one option for Nepal - GET RID OFALL THE MAOIST ! Period.

8. Sunita Rana
Send a message to the Maoist killers like Dahal and Bhattrai ! Send a message to India for supporting the Maoist and destroying the future of Nepal and its people. Patience is begining to  run out, do not remain silent any more. No more  license to kill and loot the Nepali people by both the Maoist gang and the India gang. Jai  Nepal . Jai Nepali.  

9. Brian Subedi
Overthrow the Maoists. There is no otheroption . This is the only way forward for Nepal. Communist are a thing of the past, not PRESENT. Duh.

10. Arjun , Son of a Nepali Chettrini

Dahal, Bhattarai and other Maoist goons have wasted all the political capital they had. These Communist criminals have proven to Nepal and the rest of the world that they are just a bunch of looters and criminals. The solution is simple. No extension to C A. It will be defunct. Arrest the Maoist that have terrorised Nepal and its people. The Americans know and agree that Maoist are terrorist. So, lets begin the WAR ON TERROR. Be wary of India, India will always try to harm the prosperity of Nepal. Remember, Maoist enjoyed safe haven in India, its India who supplied them with arms, so Nepalis would kill Nepalis. India should pay for war crimes it commited against Nepal. We must stand up for our rights. We must fight for our rights. Lets fight for justice. Lets fight for a better future. Lets fight our enemies. Lets do it now.     

11. Parag

Another example of criminals running freely, being felicitated and rewarded for their crimes!!  This is sickening!

Where are Sunder Mani Dixit, Krishna Pahari, Devendra Raj Pande, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Haribansha Acharya and the rest of the "Nagarik Samaj's Aguwas" now? Why are they not doing their dharnas in front of the CA Hall in New Baneshwor protesting the mockery the Maoists goons are making of our country, law and institutions? The country has been hijacked by murderers, looters and plunderers and this happened under the watch of the greedy and egoistical thugs like Girija, Makune, Deuba, Jhale.., misguided "Nagarik Samaj leaders", so-called free but compromised media, an "independent" UN, INGOs, left-leaning donor agencies, dubious India, an incompetent monarchy that was out of touch with reality etc. It will be a long "sankraman kaal" for Nepalis, so let's brace ourselves for more treachery and injustice. 

Or we can start a counter-revolution and chase away these thugs, wrest our country away from these parasites and pay the real price for peace along the way.  There will be collateral damage--the price we must pay for our years of inaction, incompetence and ignorance.  Let's prepare to die once--if we have to--which is much better than having to die every day, but secure a better future for our children!!

12. Durga Pandey
Nepal has become a hostage of the Maoist goons. Nepal has no leader. I strongly agree with the notion that INDIA is the biggest player in Nepali politics. India will keep Nepalis divided and fighting with each other. This is known as DIVIDE AND RULE.  The sadness is that so far not one man in Nepal has stodd up to India.. Where is the outrage !  All  of civil society, what are you doing. The Maoist with Indian support are looting and   plundering. Nepalis have lost their character, their hopes and aspirations, the will and desire to live and prosper. Nepalis have given up on hope and become a nation of cowards. The time has come. We must decide. Either we LIVE FREE or WE DIE.       

13. Pravakar Bikram Shah
Koiralas,  Deuba,  Makuney, Jhallu Ram, Pushpa Kamal, Baburam, what do these individuals have in common.  FAILURE, SHAME, DISGUST, INEPT, FOOLS, BETRAYEL, REGRESSION, SLAVERY TO INDIANS, LACK OF STRENGTH AND VISION and TRAITORS . How can we Nepalis let this circus continue. Why are we not fed up with this bunch of losers and traitors, who are destroying Nepal each day, by the minute.   Already there are rumors of another extension of the useless C A.  Really.  Are Nepalis that stupid to fall for one more lie. Why we cannot produce one Nepali to lead us.  Not all Nepalis are crooks or corrupted. Where are the honest Nepalis, patriotic Nepalis, its time to step up to the plate.  We need a man that is free from Indian influence domination to lead Nepal into the future. A man ready to lead and die if necessary to save Nepal.   

14. Lily Adhikari
Nepal should not and is not limited to a leadership by the criminals and the corrupt.  Nepali people need to start holding their elected officials accountable for their lies and even murders. Nepal and Nepalis need to stand up to India. Indian meddling and interference has devastated Nepal.  India really needs to back honest Nepali leaders than criminals like Dahal and Bhattarai. Many young Nepalis are getting frustrated with India. Social media has become a powerful tool. If things get worse in Nepal, the BIG LOSER will be India. So the Indians better pay heed and promote peace in Nepal or they will reap the fruit of their bad, unholy and unjust actions. Evil will never triumph over good. NEVER.           

15. Poudyal

This editorial does not go far enough.....the Nepali media and civil society leaders that still believe in humna rights and rule of law needs now to campaign for  the maoists butchers who are these days in the government and in the party to be sent to the International Criminal Court in the Hauge. It is a shame for the UN agenies and diplomats in Nepal to cosy up to these maoists who have proven evidence of violating human rights and all of these is documented.

Remember that in Kenya the Deputy Prime Minister was taken to the Hauge at the can be done. Shame on the self righteous Scandivians and other diplomats who these days do not utter a word when ciminals rule the country. Shame on the international media for harping on the civil war in Syria day in and day out when they say nothing  about these murderers and good for nothing killers governing Nepal.

16. KiranL
Didn't Nepali Times call the Maoists "the only party that is for change" in the 2008 elections? Didn't you never call them "terrorists" during the war even when they were butchering innocent people, because you said they were a "liberation movement"? You in the media and civil society deserve part of the blame for giving these murderous Pol Pot-ists the support they needed to get to where they are now. Anyway, better late than never that you have come to realize what they are really are. 

17. Sanjeev Shrestha
I think the Maoist are starting to get scared. Their cat is out of the bag. Most Nepalis, including Maoist rank and file have started to hate the Maoist. If there is no integration in the Army, what will the Maoist fighters do. I also think that UML and NC have now begun to smell the Maoist lies and are jointly preparing for a showdown. This the price Dahal and Bhattarai will pay for betraying Nepalis. Even the meddling Indians will be helpless in supporting their Maoist stooges. No one can dare to go against a popular uprising of the mass populations. As the Maoist have sown, so will they reap. A new chapter will begin after May 2012 in the history of Nepal. The Maoist must be driven out from Nepal forever. The Maoist are nothing but criminals,

18. Nita Henderson
There is way too much government in Nepal. The government that is good for nothing, filled by criminals. A government that gives a crap when it comes to making a difference in the lives of  hard working ordinary people. A government that is not responsive or responsible to the people. Why should this government exist anymore. Where is the people power.  Why are crooks and liars like Dahal and Bhattarai on a  pedestal, they should be thrown in jail for committing crimes against Nepal and Nepalis. Stop rewarding criminals.          

19. Bridohi

Maoists have lost their revolutionary fervor. The party had a real chance of making a real difference in Nepal. They have squandered a great opportunity. Coming out of the jungle, they already were too clean shaven & looked quite healthy. One was expecting a Fidel or Che like characters. It did not seem that they struggled too much back then. Now, the revolutionary leaders look like "seths" with pot bellies with a panache for bank accounts, tailored suits, ties, scotch, adulations & SUVs. The revolutionary party has lots its discipline. Now, they are even more  bourgeoisie. I think poor Mao will turn over in his grave if he sees the Nepali Maoists. If there is anyone who is a "revisionist," it is the Maoists themselves. They have redefined a "revolutionary party." What an irony!

20. SRT
A Balkrishna2012 campain perhaps?

21. Bhim Prasad

What goes around comes around. The politcal parties and party animals of these parties will pay. The people will make them pay. You can run but you cannot hide, do you know what I am saying. 

22. Shyam
I was shocked while reading a comment about the belief on NAGARIK SAMAJ. Why don't the Nepalese people understand that the NAGARIK SAMAJ is the most corrupted and unethical association. They are the AGENTS for foreign bureaus. They are the most corrupted in the sense that they are using knowledge to earn the dollars and euros by presenting the grievous pictures of Nepal, but doing nothing. Has anybody heard about their contribution for a palpable development. Nothing at all, but if you the trust fund they have collected sofar is a huge amount. The people of NAGARIK SAMAJ are doing politics in favour of the Western countries with a cover of NAGARIK SAMAJ. So, don't believe on them for development. We people have to unite ourselves to kick ass of all bullshit politicians. Not only Maoists, all leaders are criminals and gundas. It is almost impossible to find a single leader in Nepal who does not have any linkage with GUNDAS.

23. Deep1
@#19;"I think poor Mao will turn over in his grave if he sees the Nepali Maoists. If there is anyone who is a "revisionist," it is the Maoists themselves. They have redefined a "revolutionary party." What an irony!"
Mao's sleep would not be disturbed; he would recognise the Nepali Maoists as of his own breed - he was himself a pot-belly who lived in imperial mansions surrounded by servants and a pathetic quasi-religious cult of personality that helped perpetuate a particularly miserable version of a class society.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)