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Again, three more months


When Baburam Bhattarai assumed office in November last year to head a coalition government with the Madhesi Front as partner, Nepalis were cautiously optimistic.

A desperate public, disillusioned with the fourth non-performing government in four years, with delays in the peace and constitution process were willing to give Bhattarai a chance. The public perception of him was that he was upright, he was a do-er, and he was different. After all, as a PhD finance minister during the Maoist tenure in office in 2008, he was credited with boosting state revenue and cracking down on tax evaders.

In November we had agreed that Bhattarai should be given the benefit of doubt because there was a chance that he would succeed where his predecessors failed. The international community was supportive, mainly because it saw no one else on the horizon to deliver on peace, constitution and stability. The Maoist party had to be a part of the solution, and Bhattarai was the most acceptable face among the Maoists. The prime minister immediately made some high-profile, symbolic gestures like inspecting toilets in Mugling restaurants, making the locally-assembled Mustang jeep his official car, and bulldozing half the city to widen roads.

Bhattarai had no illusions about the job. Hardliners within his party openly called him an Indian stooge, and Pushpa Kamal Dahal has done everything to undermine his deputy. The radicals were out to make Bhattarai look like a failure right from the beginning. Bhattarai had better relations with, and more cooperation from leaders of the NC and
UML than from the hotheads in his own party.

But things have started going badly wrong for Bhattarai. Maoist ministers have been treating the national exchequer as their personal piggy bank. The other big albatross around Bhattarai's neck has been the partnership with Madhesi members in the coalition. To accommodate all members of the Madhesi Front, he broke all previous records by swearing in the biggest government ever. It wasn't just the numbers, the ministers lacked competence, were immediately embroiled in controversies like the "pre-paid" kickbacks for transfers of police and civil servants.

Privately, Bhattarai has admitted to journalists that he knew what his ministers were up to no good, but that his priorities were peace and constitution and he needed to keep the government intact to reach that goal. But as the scandals pile up, Bhattarai himself has shown a woeful lack of maturity. Leaking the Chinese prime minister's visit date, saying he had "gambled" by signing an investment guarantee treaty with India, and that if Nepal wasn't careful it could be "merged" with our giant neighbours, are some examples.

While all this was grist for the opinion mills in the Nepali media, what eroded Bhattarai's popularity at the people's level this winter was his incapacity to deal with the fuel and gas crisis. We are used to shortages in this country because after a few weeks of long queues at fuel stations supplies usually resumed.

This time, there was no power, and no diesel for generators either. The fuel shortage has now lasted four months, and it seems like the Maoist supply minister is either unable or unwilling to resolve the crisis because he belongs to a Maoist faction out to prove the prime minister incompetent.

On assuming office, Bhattarai had extravagantly promised peace and constitution in "45 days". But the integration question is mired again in controversy, and with three months to go for a non-extendable deadline, the constitution is bogged down over disagreements on state restructuring and form of governance.

Our minds should now be focused once more on how to avert a constitutional crisis if the new constitution is not written by 31 May. Changing the prime minister now is not the priority, no matter whose "turn" it is. An all party government would have helped back in November, but now the extended haggling for portfolios is going to be another huge distraction and a gigantic waste of money.

Nepal's politics will be stormy in the coming months. The bottom line should be holding the ship of state steady, protect our democratic freedoms, and prevent a slide towards violent ethnic fragmentation.

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1. Urmila Pant
Its always the same story ! Its always the same excuses ! Its always very depressing ! This is what happens when we have criminals like Baburam and Pranchanda, who are estbalished killers of Nepalis, as well as stooges. Make no mistake, the killer Prachanda is a big time stooge of India as well. We must remove these criminals from the face of Nepal, if we want to prosper as a nation and people. Just look around you. Russians are openly talking about prosecuting Putin. The Russians are tired of being lied to and cheated by Putin. The Russians are saying Putins's  Party is a party of criminals, just like the Maoist Party of Nepal. Laloo Yadav, a goonda from Bihar has been charged in the fodder scam. The Pakistani Govt. has asked Interpol to issue a Red Corner Notice for Musharraf, the past President of Pakistan who gave refuge to O B L.  The Nepali people must rise like the Syrians and get rid of these corrupt and immoral gangs of politicians. So the option on the table is clear,  either overthrow Pranchanda, Baburam and their cronies as well as other dirty politicians or just go on suffering.           

2. who cares
who wrote this crap. you are only good to be an enemy. 

nc should lead the next govt. at leas one month before the deadline.

3. Binita Pandey
Baburam may have an education, but that is a useless education in his case. Babruram has given orders to kill innocent Nepalis. Mao, in a similar fashion killed countless Chinese. The question to ask is how can Nepal or Nepalis afford or accept  communist killers like Baburam or Prachanda. The people in charge in N C are cowards and corrupted. Its due to corruption in NC, all other parties just followed suit. We need one honest man in Nepal to lead us. A man of strength, a man of ideas, a man of leadership, a man of vision. Nepali people must rise against the corrupted and corruption. The current leadership must pay back. We need a new generation to lead Nepal. We must also hold India accountable for all the suffering of Nepalis. Its time for India to pay back as well. India is a major problem for Nepal.  God Bless Nepal.       

4. Shiwani Shrestha
31 May 2012 !  What does this date mean to Nepal and Nepalis. If there is no constitution, then the game must stop. No more song and dance by the politicos. The rotten and over burdening CA must be disolved. Bhattarai's corrupted cabinet, biggest ever in Nepal must be destroyed for the good of rest of Nepali population. Watch out for the Indians, who support the Maoist murderers, to fish in our muddy waters. The Indians may not be able to fool all the Nepalis all the time. Does the Army have any balls. I would rather live under a military rule, that will ensure peace and security,  than suffer under this filthy democarcy. I just want roti, kapada and makan, if you know what I mean.  I know the Nepalis are getting fed up, so watch out Baburam, watch out Pushpa Kamal, your days of judgement may be sooner than you think.       

5. Prakash Sharma
Nepal is lacking a leader, who is patriotic and cares about Nepal and people of Nepal. Most of the leaders since the 1950s have behaved as Indian agents and have taken orders from Delhi. Not to lose sight of the fact that India has bullied Nepal and Nepali politicians. This is the misfortune of Nepal. Its the Indians that are hindering the peace process and Constitution of Nepal. India never wants to see a peaceful and vibrant Nepal. Nepalis must fight this evil design of India. The Maoist, most corrupted and evil gang of crooks is leading the Govt. with blessings from their Indian masters.  Otherwise, how do you explain this constant suffering of Nepalis. As long as the Indians can divide the Nepali leaders and turn them against one another, Nepal will never prosper. This equation must change.  

6. Birendra Prasad Sharma
The political leaders and political parties, as well as the suffering Nepali population are making a big mistake by allowing the Maoist to dupe them.  Are all leaders in NC or UML that dumb, they keep believing every lies the Maoist are uttering. Just look at the history of the Maoist. With Indian support and blessings, they have killed many Nepalis. While leading previous govt. by Dahal and current by Bhattrai, they have looted the Nepalis bone dry. Are all NC and UML cowards, that the Maoist run Nepal as their personal and private property. What about the foreign Embassies. Why is every one a silent spectator. Put all the Maoist, starting with Dahal and Bhattarai in jail. Try them for treason and punish them as traitors. Its time for every non Maoist to unite and fight the Maoist. The Maoist deserve a taste of their own medicine. The corruption and the looting must stop immediately.  

7. GN
We have been deliberately complaining about the Government whoever comes into power. As we know, Politicians of our country simply  Just Talk the Talk.  Bet it BRB or whoever, nothing new is going to happen in our country, unless a dictator is born to walk the talk. The current activities of the Government is just the tip of the iceberg, and more distressful situation is yet to be seen.  In the last decade, the country has gotten into such a mess that it has to be bulldozed completely and should start re-building it from scratch.

8. Tribhuvan Maskey
Indian is the culprit for Nepal's political and economic problems. The main reason for that is incompetent and servile Nepalis in leadership roles that take and follow orders from India. Recent example - Baburam  Bhattrai and Pushpa Kamal Dahal. These 2 people cannot move a muscle without the nod from their handlers inside RAW and South Block. How many Nepalis were murdered by the Maoist, who were taking orders from Delhi, and also had sanctuary in India. This is disgusting.  So, its really India's policy that really impacts the day to day life of Nepalis.  This Indian meddling needs to change if Indian wants a better relation with Nepal for the coming future. The big BUT here is will Nepal have a leader that will have balls to look India in the eye and tell them what it is. Nepal has lost so much time from 1990 to present day. The problems have gotten worse instead of better. I think we should Occupy the Indian Embassy and send them a loud message. What will happen in Nepal if there is no Constitution. Will there be more violence and will more people have to die. Who will be responsible and held accountable for this! Is that a 64000 rupees question.       

9. Rajesh Shrestha
The headline read " Maoist leaders stranded in Puythan due to  bandh called by Maoist Cadres, airlifted by Nepali Army. " Why did we not just leave them there, that would have been poetic justice.     This is the best news for Nepal. These filthy communist gangster parading as leaders need to thrown out. Watch out Baburam and Prachanda, your own people will take their sweet revenge. This is called the cycle of politics. Impunity has to end.    

10. Surendra Hamal
Politics should not be dominating the every day issues and lives of Nepalis. We must find a way to get rid of the corrupt and professional politicians. There needs to term limits. If they are truly public servants and not crooks with license to loot, then all should be in favor of term limits. Economy needs to be the driving force and issue in everday Nepali lives. We should be talking about jobs and investments. If the people are busy with their jobs and making honest money, no one will have any time for politics. We can learn from Japan, where politicians come and go and no one cares about them. President of China has term limits, President of America has term limits, we in Nepal also need term limits. You can put that in the Constitution.    

11. Bandana Thapa
What will happen after May, 2012. Will there be chaos in Nepal and will more innocent people die from the violence that is sure to unfold. Who will be held accountable for this misfortune. Will the Netas pay any price for this at all.  This unbearable C A must end on 31 May 2012. There cannot be another extension. The Maoist want to rule Nepal with power of the gun. This is such an outdated strategy. Its not going happen. Are the Nepali generals planning a coup, who will provide law and order since the police are so inept and corrupted. What is India's Role in this. Is India the force from behind the scene. Are we all Nepalis so cowardly that the Indians can romp over us like we are fleas. The clock is ticking, I am worried about the untold and unnecessary violence that is brewing and about to unfold. Only Mahadev can protect us.   

12. Daniel Gajaraj
#3 Binita Pandey

Scholars are like vultures says the Great , Ramakrishna Paramhansa.
When they meet they start quarreling. They are at high altitude flying in the air ;but when they see a corpse  they jump at it from the sky at once.
They make the discussion table into a billiard table,where the balls start striking each others.

Scholars are not enough for our society.
 What we need is wise men with discriminatory power and sense of renunciation, like the philosopher kings of the past.
 We have done away with kingship recently .
 .but any one who leads is a king of that group. Rajate means the one who shines.
 Rajanya comes from that root.So Baburam is a king in that way. We all are...   ...
But when wise men get together they make the table into a buffet table or a smorgasbord table, where ever one can make his own
choice of the food served.
Let us have a smorgasbord table not billiard table as our choice.
A wise man not a scholar for our leader.
Thank you Binita.

13. Rekha Sharma

Ref to No. 12 and No. 3

Thank you both Binita and Daniel ! BUT, you know what ! People like Baburam and Prachanda who live by the guns, need to be held accountable for all the murders they have commited. Yes, Binita is right, INDIA is a piece of bone in Nepal's throat. Indians have been abusing Nepalis for more than 60 years. We need a young Nepali generation to fight this evil actions of India. As for a compassionate leader, in this day of Kali Yuga it may be hard to find one, why, because 99.999 percent are corrupted and filled with envy and greed and lust for power and flesh. But hope is something we cannot give up on. So we must look to a new generation of Nepal to lead us into the future.         

14. Dipak Ghimire
When Nepal's leaders start to assert their rights when dealing with Indians,  that will be a great day for Nepal. When India stops all the bribes it gives to Nepali politicians and govt. employees, that will be a great day for India. Nepalis must come to the understanding that India has always hindered and hampered Nepal's growth. India is a known bully within the SAARC region. Puppets like Pushpa Kamal and Baburam, as well other leaders from NC and UML, they owe their lives and existence to India, that is why these vile individuals are traitors and have betrayed Nepal time and time again. The senile and useless Netas of Nepal must be repalced with new breed of younger men, that are smart, educated, articulate, visionary, strong, and independent. When will the Constitution come out. What is the delay. We, the Nepali people must demand with loud voice and loud actions that we want a Constitution NOW,  no more extension. Lets us wait and seee how the patriotic Nepalis behave if there is no Constitution by May 2012. I hope their blood is boiling.   

15. Govind Thakuri
Its plain as daylight ! India has bought the politicians of Nepal. Why does it take so long for Nepalis to draft a Constitution. Which country benefits when Nepal is in never ending turmoil, the answer is India, stupid. Its a curse for Nepalis that all their leaders have sold their souls to India for paltry personal gain. Shameless Madhises, including Sarat Singh  Bhandari openly talk about spliting from Nepal and joining India !   The Maoist have done nothing but hurt Nepal and Nepalis. The Maoist must be overthrown. Why does India allow the Maoist to still have weapons. What political party in the world stashes weapons to kill its own people. Nepal's problems are serious and we need a brave Nepali to solve them. Where can we find such a Nepali man or a Nepali woman.        

16. Shyam Rana
There cannot and WILL NOT be another extention to continue this rotten C A ! If the May 2012 deadline is missed, then these good for nothing Maoist along with other coummunist will have to go and live like a Jangali in the jungle, where they belong. People like Pushpa Kamal, Baburam, Surya Man, Agni Sapokta, these cold blodded murderers that suck the blood of Nepalis deserve to be hanged. Purnimaya's children some day will avenge the murder of their father. Mukti Nath Adhikari's death will also be avenged. India has destroyed Nepal and Nepalis by supporting the Maoist. India gave safe haven to these traitors and killers. Why is no one holding India accountable for the sorry state of Nepal. How can we Nepalis expect a better future with killers as leaders in Govt. The Maoist will always destroy Nepal for they are salves of Indian Masters. We must start to fight against this injustice the way Eygptians fought or how the Syrians are fighting now against Assad. What is the difference between Assad and Pushpa Kamal. Nothing. They are both cold blooded killers. We need another revolution in Nepal, a revolution led by the people.

17. Aishwarya Gyawali
The time has come for Nepal to revamp its foreign policy. Nepal should seek the support of China, a major world power and Nepal NEEDS to reexamine its relation with India. The Indians have treated Nepal and its people with disdain and high handness. The Chinese have always offered only friendship and have sincerely helped Nepal and its peace loving citizens. The Indian are responsible for the slaughter of 17000 Nepalis. The Indians are hindering the Constitution of Nepal, the Indians have evil intent and design on Nepal. So its time for Nepal to find out who is really a friend and who is an enemy.    

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)