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Absurd classification, Facebook

I am of mixed heritage and extremely proud of my family. I was born to a Sherpa mother and a Chhetri father in Upallo Kirant. I moved to Lalbandi, Sarlahi to help my mother run a hotel. While working for a night bus company, I met a Rai girl from Itahari, Sunsari and married her. I am told my mother's ancestors had migrated from Tibet and my father's family migrated to eastern Nepal from the Karnali region around 600 years ago.

From Sarlahi my wife and I moved to Kathmandu in search of better opportunities. My wife, who runs a vegetable shop in a small rented room and we manage to earn a meager income. We read in newspapers about writing of the new constitution and restructuring of the state. However, I am baffled by the absurd classification of the ethnic minorities and indigenous population. On what basis are states being created and people being granted special rights?

If language is the criteria for new states, Sherpa is my mother tongue, I also speak the Bantawa Rai language after marriage and my children study at an inexpensive English-medium school and are fluent in Nepali and English. If ancestry is a factor, I have a Sherpa mother and a Rai wife. Does this mean my father and I are also aadibasis? If food culture is an indication, nothing is forbidden in my house. If appearance is the determinant, everyone who knows my mother says I look like her. Our daughter resembles her mother and our son and his maternal uncle are mirror images. If economic background is considered, we live in poverty and have been struggling to make a living for generations. During the Madhes movement, my parents had to close their hotel and took refuge at my mother's parental house in the hills. And if the white sahebs are responsible for state allocation, who should I contact and where should I apply?

Under this ridiculous system, my brother-in-law has an autonomous state, my cousins are eligible for quota-based employment, my Jha landlord from Lalbandi has reservations in the Nepal Army and the son of my house owner, a Tuladhar from Budhhanagar who is a gold trader by profession, is entitled to government scholarships. I am the son of a poor father, but am left empty handed because of my surname.

No one bothers about the contribution of impoverished Nepalis to the nation and families like mine already feel unwanted in this new Nepal.

1. indra giri
petty ethnic politics has lead us to a state of utter chaos and confusion-mistakes of the past centuries are being made again.the saying goes"the only thing you can learn from history is that you learn nothing from history".........the lord pashupatinath  has saved the nepali people and maybe he'll keep doing so

2. Raghu

The public should understand that ethnic politics was used by the politicians to get into power.  Its foolish of us to get behind them believing that they will help uplift the marginalised communities. 

3. who cares
open ngo, send yr wife to one european country to collect donation, send your mom to another country... you and your son can extort both your landlords. 

4. Renu Shrestha
simply dividing states based on ethnicities is not going to address the grievances of millions of poor Nepalis like Khadka. there are many families from the high castes and lots of mixed-heritage families living on the fringes of soceity who will be quickly forgotten in this race of state formation and giving rights based on narrow concepts of identity. we need a better system than this. otherwise we will be trying to make amends for this grave mistake for the next 50 years. ke garne?   

5. KiranL
This is the most-heart wrenching cry from the soul of a Nepalese person I have heard in a long time. Mr Lok Khadka has articulated what 95% of Nepalis believe. Yet we are the silent majority. Those who are doing identity politics don't care for people like Khadka and me. Shame.

6. Rohini Shukra
Excellent views. Bitter-truth...
Similar bitter-truth raised by Rohini Shukra in this link:

7. A Nepali
Lok Bahadur Khadka, you are 100% Nepali. Any government sponsored classification that does not recognize you as a true Nepali and does not give you the same rights as any other Nepali (or formulates policies that undermines your rights) is wrong and simply politically motivated. I applaud you in sharing your true "Nepaliness" with the rest of us. We need educated, fair-minded, forward-thinking, honest, and just political leadership, which we don't have. I hope the majority of Nepalis will rise up and demand such political leadership, and hold politicians' feet to the fire if they cannot or will not deliver.

8. DG
Ethnic politics is the Grand Design of the Imperial powers of the past,
For centuries they controlled the resourses and wealth of te whole world through colonization.
The Soviet Union has collapsed now.The cold war is over.
But the sleeping tigers have awakened. The economic power house of China is ever increasing .So are the BRICS countries.
So in order to maintain their hegemony and economic superiority ,the Western powers have devised this Theory of Identityor Ethnic politics;it is simply divide and rule policy revisited. It is the continuation of the British policy of Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay. Remember his infamous note to the British parliament in 1835 Feb.2.
He advocated to destroy the culture and spiritual heritage of India in order to break their bavkbone.etc.

9. Avani Dixit
Dear  Lok Bahadur Khadka-jee,
The way I see it depends on the justice to the very many. You might not have any significance but to the very many it does. Every country is ethnically divided. What is important to the German American is not the same as Indian American, and they do live in a cohesive societies unlike you think. Similarly, British Africans have societies of their own. I personally know Kashmiri who didn't deserve that scholarship to study in IIT. While it should have gone to the poorest of the poor, it was enjoyed by somebody else. We can change that in Nepal to make it an inclusive society. If the population of poor increases don't be surprised if in your lifetime there are multiple efforts to establish proletariat government. I think there should be a balance: and not repeated establishment of a Feudals.

10. joshan
babu dai is doing great in his excellency. I think people should be with him and support his steps of politics and he might take our country to the next level for developments and projects and jobs at the hand.

11. DG
The beauty and the success of the Indian Constitution, which has been an example in South Asia as a pluralistic democracy lies in the absence of foreigners involvement in its making.There has been constitutional failure in the rest of the South Asian countries, say Pakistan,or Sri Lanka or many aspects.
The founding fathers Nehru ,Patel or Ambedkar did not allow even the shadow or an iota of the presence of Europeans during the formationof the constitution and never trusted the Europeans in it.
 Austin Granville ,the eminent British  historian and one of the world,s leading  experts on Indian constitutional law writes, '

"The members o the Assembly were not so chauvinistic as to reject  the experience of other nations. ...    ... ....Indians  would accept  only a constitution drafted by themselves.  ...   ...   ... It prospered and ultimately provided Indians with an " Indian -made" constitution. And its indigenous nature has been the major reason for the Constitution's success. ... ..."

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)