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Armed PM, Naya Patrika

Government staff: Mr Prime Minister, you need to stop the illegal transfer of bureaucrats.

Prime minister: Some transfers can be withdrawn.

Government staff: All transfers should be withdrawn.

Prime minister: You are employees of the government. You are not supposed to play political games. If you want to be involved in politics, resign from your posts first and come join the rest of us. How dare you argue with the Prime Minister?

Government staff: Mr Prime Minister, if you have the courage, go ahead and punish us.

Prime minister: I got here by raising arms. I am not afraid of you.

Government staff: It was ordinary Nepalis who raised arms, not you.

1. who cares
"Government staff: It was ordinary Nepalis who raised arms, not you."

second person, after I, to realize this fact. 

let's appoint the crows as our negotiator. 

2. Surendra Singh

Baburam is a temporary entity ! He is also a coward and a common thief. Coward for spilling the bllod of honest and innocent Nepalis. A thief for stealing from the Maoist PLA fighters. He only talks big. This is the sorry state of affairs in Nepal. It cannot get any worse than this. Both Baburam and Prachanda will get what they deserve. Just wait and watch.  

3. ****** NEPALI

Politicians of our country Nepal; if somebody asked me about I will rather like to explain that PROSTITUTE are better than these Nepali Politicians. Because after charging little money atleast prostitutes allow you to do whatsoever with her. But Nepali Politicians are worse. I am not talking about any single both whole. They are misleading all us. They talk about Madishy, Himaly, Pahari. BUT I WANT TO BE A NEPALI. If some body allow me I would like to write my name ***** NEPALI. Only *****NEPALI no Chaudhary, no Limbu, no Chettri, no Gurung, no Tamang, no Sherpa, no Rana, no Tamu, no Thapa, no Neupane, and all other caste which I don't remember now but I would like to write my name Mr./Mrs./Miss ******* NEPALI. Please if somebody read this please think about.


If anyone wants to pay me excellently I am ready send all these Politicians away from my Land Nepal. So that a ******* NEPALI could appointed to conduct this country. He must have a clean back ground, Highly educated, think for develoment only development. Because as we have seen from genration to generation that naya kheti lagaunu parda koso garnuparcha. Puranu barilai holo gotera tiyaha umreka grass lai aagolayera, dhunga mura lai phakera safa garera naya beu ropnuparcha ani naya fal paucha, tasari nai yo Politician harulai pani safa garnu parcha Naya Nepal paunulai.

4. rosi
@ ****** NEPALI

Please do not insult prostitute comparing with Nepalese leaders. Please never do that again.


5. Kale Dai
#3 & 4 Nepal& Rosi
Even prostitutes ,the top ones ,the good ones , don,t solicit.
 Soliciting is not a good act for professionals.
 Politicians solicit for favours ,any kinds.
Populism is there worst weakness.

Ours have no scruples.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)