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Mind your language, Nagarik

The objectionable views expressed by incumbent ministers about national sovereignty are unfortunate. It is highly irresponsible of members of the cabinet to make such public statements.

Of late incumbent ministers, especially from the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum- Republic, have expressed anti-Nepal views. Minister of Information and Communication, Jaya Prakash Gupta threatened to break off Madhes's ties with the state. Similarly, Minister of Health and Population, Rajendra Mahato had threatened to seal off Kathmandu. When the parliament raised concerns over the statements, Members of the Madhesi Morcha announced that a 'civil war' had begun.

President Rambaran Yadav has reprimanded the ministers for speaking against national harmony and members of opposition parties have been demanding their resignation. But Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, has so far remained silent over the reckless behaviour of his ministers. If Bhattarai was sensitive about national integrity, he would have spoken publicly about this issue and asked the ministers for justifications.The PM's inaction raises serious doubts over the present government's stance on territorial unity. However, it could also be that the ministers made those statements simply to raise controversy and draw people's attention away from constitution writing.

If the views against national sovereignty were made intentionally, such ministers have no right to remain in office. And the Prime Minister should immediately demand clarifications from them so as to silence the critics and console the Nepali people.

1. CT

If I recall correctly, in recent past, people were up in arms when another Minister spoke about the specter of disintegaration; that he finally quit his job. How come people are not bothered enough by this corrupt Minister's threats? There are reasons galore to have this joker kicked out. He's corrupt and has a case pending against him, he jumps ships whenever opportunity beckons him and now threatens to break our country apart, all for his own show. He should be rotting in jail.

2. Kris Bhatta
The supreme court must deliver the judgement promptly in JK Gupta's pending corruption case.
Why the delay? Cause he is a DSP of RAW ?

3. Kale Rai
Today is the9th of Falgoon;the verdit on J P Gupta,s corrupyion case was supposed to be delivered today.
Let it be delivered;so that we can get rid of this scoundral from our politics.
 A black-mailer and agent of Indian intelligent establishment RAW, a salaried  DSP.

4. CT
The Supreme Court has finally given justice to Nepali people by convicting this scum. This guy has no shame whatsoever and has the galls to shroud his misdeeds as "supressing Madhesi voice"!!!!! That's a very very cheap shot. I hope the Madhesi people see through this criminal treachery.

5. Danny
Madhise le ghus khaye pani hunchha,
Kehi Madhise aba hamilai bived garyo bhanera karauna thale.  yestobhaye ta rajniti garne neta haru lai panch khat maf bhanera sabmbidhan ra kanoonma nai lakhi deye kasohola?
 Maobadhineta lai ta forgi bill banayera sarkari dhukuti loot garne chhut ta chha dai chhani ta.
 Kati aba feri lootne ho?
 Cry the beloved country.
" Look not upon me for I am black. ;for the sun has scorched on  me,.
My father's children were angry with me .
They made me the keeper of the vineyard and my own vineyard have I not kept."- the Bible.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)