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Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity, established in 1991, is a pioneer in solar home systems in the country. So far the company has lit up 1500 households in over 64 districts.

UN Habitat Nepal
As nearly half the country's people lack toilets and are vulnerable to easily-preventable communicable diseases, the UN-HABITAT launched its Kathmandu Valley Small Towns Water and Sanitation Initiative to tackle this problem. The community-based low cost sanitation and water supply project with an investment of USD 1 million for a town of 46,000. inhabitants.


Abari was established as a socially and environmentally committed research, design and construction firm to promote the use of bamboo and earth for construction purposes. Abari's home grown construction technologies have been transferred to more than a dozen countries. Abari has planted bamboo and other high value crops along the degraded river bank of Madi, Chitwan which will be owned and managed by communities. It is also running a campaign to refurbish old government schools with ergonomic bamboo furniture.

Suryodaya Urja
Established more than a decade ago, Suryodaya Urja is a solar PV (Photovoltaics) systems distributor and installer in the country. In an effort to prevent accidents during load shedding, the company installed 175 sets of streetlights at the Bhutanese Refugee Camp, 48 sets of streetlights at Butwal Municipality and 12 sets of street lights at Patan Durbar Square. Other initiatives include installing PV pumping systems for water projects, 55,000 solar home systems and stand-alone PV systems for offices, FM stations, medical institutions and schools.

The company offers rainwater harvesting, water recycling and filtration services and provides technical designs, installation, and maintenance of these systems in household and workplaces. More than 300 systems have been installed in Kathmandu so far.

Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Environment addresses issues relating to environmental conservation, pollution control, renewable energy promotion, environmental standards enforcement and monitoring, environmental impact assessment and climate change adaptation and mitigation. It aims to promote sustainable development through environmental protection.

Alternative Energy Promotion Centre is a semi- autonomous government body that endorses renewable energy technologies and efficient use of energy. APEC has been working in the areas of biogas, micro hydro, solar energy, improved cooking stove, improved water mill and bio fuel production in collaboration with donors and the government.

Solar Solutions
Solar Solutions provides solar energy solutions to both residential and commercial customers looking for better alternatives to the country's energy crisis. Solar Solutions was established in 2008 by energy professionals with wide range of experience in renewable energy technologies. The company is in the process of establishing a nation-wide network of branches to support their clientele and ensure quality of delivery, installation and after sales services.

Sun Works Nepal
Sun Works Nepal designs and manufactures solar related technologies. Its products include solar water heater, solar dryer, biomass dryer and improved cooking stove.

Crystal Vision
Crystal Vision International is the first public network marketing company in Nepal which distributes herbal products and services. The company aims to promote healthy lifestyle, encourage entrepreneurship and improve agricultural practices among farmers.

Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort
Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort offers an assortment of activities from a challenge down the mighty Bhotekoshi river, a canyon descent or simply relaxing in a peaceful environment. The company emphasises on community development and conservation of the environment.

Brihat Investments

Brihat Investments works with other organisations to attract investments in the housing sector. One of their successful ventures includes a project in Sitapaila which incorporates a range of eco-friendly products. Their other project, Community Rental Home By Owner (CRBO) is already a pioneer in the field of hospitality and housing. They are also developing knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate marketing agents through training and education programs.

Gham Power
For the past two years, Gham Power has been actively encouraging Nepalis in the valley and beyond to use solar energy. With over 100 clients including the US Embassy, Maiti Nepal offices and Druk Amitabha Monastery, this upcoming solar company is actively trying to increase the usage of sunlight for everyday use in businesses or homes. Gham Power is also the authorised dealer for Solar Power, a Californian company that produces solar panels.

The Women's Environment Preservation Committee was founded in 1992 and is actively involved in teaching women and students about the local environment and conservation methods. Known for its innovative ideas in tackling solid waste, the organisation has carried out community composting, home composting, vermi-composting, paper collection, recycling and bio-gas production from organic waste.

ENPHO was the first organisation to introduce constructed wetlands in 1997 in Dhulikhel Hospital, which helped filter and sanitise wastewater and prevent the spread of waterborne diseases. There are currently 11 constructed wetland systems which treat greywater, wastewater and fecal sludge and can cater to single households or big buildings with 300 residents.

Although the government has provided 50 per cent subsidy to rural households for the installation for solar home systems, many families cannot afford the equipment. With this in mind, NEDCO along with organisations like AEPC, Peace Nepal and the VDCs helped install such systems in rural areas. NEDCO also funds the repair and maintenance of SHS.


Jamarko Handmade Paper Products collects waste paper from throughout the valley, recycles it, and turns it into usable items. The paper is used to produce folders, envelopes, letter pads, notebooks, invitation cards, visiting cards, handicraft items as well as A4/A3 size papers. Jamarko also manufacturse Nepali Lokta paper products, and bags from newspapers. Bring 2 kgs of paper and gain free entrance to the Eco Fair.

Herbs And Herbal Products Association (NEHHPA)aims to provide a common roof to all the isolated herbal manufactures and traders, circulate the information of the herbal sector and develop marketing strategy. It also advocates for the rights of the traders and expand the criteria of herbal sector in the national and international level.

Trek Nepal International
Trek Nepal International organises treks and expeditions in an ecofriendly way. During their travels, they use adapted gas or kerosene stoves for cooking and make a point to pick up the waste materials. Set out on their exciting but safe and environmentally responsible expeditions for an experience you will never forget.


Established in 1992 in Chitwan, Rastriya Gobar Gas started its journey by installing bio-gas plants in Chitwan and adjoining districts and it slowly increased its distribution to the districts in the hills and Tarai region. Today RGG works in 30 districts.

Himalayan Herbs Trader
Himalayan Herbs Trader is an association of indigenous women entrepreneurs from Humla District in northwestern Nepal. The women produce and export herbal products.

NEVI Tradelink

NEVI Tradelink, which was involved in the Safa Tempo campaign, took green transportation initiative further by importing 100 per cent electric cars and buses from China. Bijuli I and Bijuli II are 4-seater and 5-seater vehicles, respectively whereas the buses are 14-seaters. The maximum speed of the buses is 40 kilometres per hour while Bijuli I and Bijuli II have maximum speed up to 65 and 105 km per hour, respectively.

Nepal Knotcraft Centre started with only three women making special macrame handicraft, but now there are hundreds of women involved with this company. NKC employees mostly use recycled products to create ethnic dolls or gift items which are then sold to support the women involved. Apart from macrame products, handwoven interiors and accessories are also available, all made with recycled materials.

BrickClean Network

The BrickClean Network advocates for a socially responsible brick industry and aims to eradicate child labour, improve the living and working conditions of workers and eradicate animal abuse in brink kilns. It also aims to reduce air pollution and other environmental hazards that the industry is responsible for.

Alternative Herbal Products (AHP) herbal/agro products processing and trading company owned by a consortium of community-based enterprises in Nepal. AHP holds a wide range of supply chains across various districts of Nepal, ranging from Terai to Mountain region for various local productions.

Makalu Herbs
Makalu Herbs works to make barren lands fertile for growing different crops and herbal plants. It also provides quality herbal products at competitive prices.


FoST (Foundation for Sustainable Technologies) is a non-profit organisation founded by Sanu Kaji Shrestha in April 2002 which promotes environment friendly means of sustainable livelihood. So far FoST has researched many eco-friendly technologies and carried out numerous workshops on making sustainable briquettes.

Himalayan Bio Trade
Owned by a consortium of community based forest enterprises, Himalayan Bio Trade is a natural products processing and trading company. It works with essential oils, paper products and herbal products.

IDS Solar
IDS Solar is a newly opened company. IDS Solar has been promoting 'light', a 24 hour light-generating multifunction solar light. It also allows the user to access its inbuilt FM radio, to charge mobile phones and music players.

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