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Guns and nuns


Armed riot police guard at a rally on Wednesday in Kathmandu. Held by a Buddhist organisation opposed to Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal leading a committee for the development of Lumbini.

Security has been tightened in Kathmandu ahead of the visit by Chinese premier Wen Jiaobao on 20 December.

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has steered a careful path between Nepal's giant neighbours, trying to allay their security concerns. India is worried about infiltration of Islamist organisations through the open border smuggling of fake Indian currency and even the activities of northeastern militants. Meanwhile, China has always been wary of free Tibet activists based in Kathmandu.

So far, Bhattarai has assured neighbours and the international community that his priority is to restore political stability by completing the peace and constitution process in the next few months. With Maoist camps being decommissioned, the next thing on his agenda is to lure the NC and UML into government, and complete the constitution by 30 May 2012.

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1. sonam gurung
I wish Bhattarai government has consulted Buddhist community in selecting the leader. This is a classic move of govt treating Buddhist coomunity in a different manner. Every communities needs to be represented by themselves or at least there should be some representation in any form and shape.

2. Nirmal
1)People plant flower bulbs during autumn hoping that the spring will arrive soon. 2) When someone assaults another person  or If you witness an illegal act and the person who is going to report wants to have a statement from you as a witness in advance in order to support the demand 3) According to the Ramayana, Sita had always stood her ground although she went through different phases of difficulties 4)When you put down a deposit before you rent a house that becomes the demonstration of your earnestness 5) After we went through extreme poverty my mother went through internal struggle with religious beliefs of hinduism but finally she became a stronger believer or 6)For atheists, the evidence for Gods is so far lacking that they find it hard to believe that there is any supranatural power.

All affirmations mentioned above have one thing in common: there is something that demonstrates their respective convictions -act of faith-. I'm not asking Prachanda to demonstrate his religious conviction which he has -the Maoism-, and I don't want to enter into that classic game which psychologists call "projection". Since you have faith, you assume that everyone else must have faith as well, whether or not they share your particular brand. However the vast majoirty of people in this world -with faith and without- do not believe that in reality Prachanda share the essence of Buddhism which the current global standard of democracy shares too: follow peaceful means to achieve what one's own soul demands.

Let's forget for a while that the maoists tried to project Buddha to the extent of lobotomy and still some of their comrades go on trying. Let's not keep in mind for the time being what the Maoists advocate: that every particular racio-ethnic or religious community should be governed by their own people exclusively because any democrat can't share the very idea in totality. But as democrats we have an obligation to not let this issue without questioning Prachanda's devotion to the very belief that today our modern democracy and buddhism shares equally, and that without solid evidence of the Maoists abandoning the violence forever as a political tool. ome on they need to declare it officially.

Anyone with what we call "astha" in Nepali should be eligible to run the committee for the development of Lumbini. I think Baburam didn't act in good faith when he made Prachanda the head of this committee. For this sole reason, to accept his leadership will be an act of blind trust and insult to the words of  Budha which are overwhelmingly recognised globally by any democrat.

3. yam gurung

Please.No more corruption in the name of Lumbini Development.And how Prachanda can be a head of Committee,when he and his cronies murdered hundreds of innocent Nepali citizens in cold blood for his vested interest?

Budhha did not preach to kill or murdered another humanbeings in the name of religion or for your own vested interest.

This is nothing but the "Kale Kale Milera Kham Bhale".Stop this nonsense at once in the name of Budhha.

4. K. K. Sharma
Just wondering, why the Buddhists never thought of developing Lumbini before and acted upon it. And does their reaction now, include development of Lumbini by themselves.

5. Sonam

Buddisht could never develop Lumbini because Hindu led government never gave the authority to Buddhist community. From the beginning, govt kept complete control of Lumbini knowing it is a gold mine ( sort of begging bowl for whoever is the head of the Lumbini.

Lets see. during King Bire time, queen aish was head of World Hindu Organization---Pasupatinath), another member was chief of lumbini, another head of WWF, another of Red Cross, etc. Basically, all the foreign income source had royal family members.

After Gyane, it was Paras who was head of Lumbini Trust Fund and now Prachanda is chief. What a joke.

If govt handover Lumbini to Buddhist assosiation, there will be so much development. Just look around Kathmandu and see how many gumbas and monastries are there compared to Hindu temples. Thats the kind of spirit Buddhist comunities have.

6. Battisputali
I think for Pushpa Kamal Dahal, controlling the "development" of Lumbini may be more than merely making money from it. For many Nepalis, Lumbini is much more than a Buddhist symbol. For them, it is a symbol of national pride.  Remember the internet ruckus that is "Buddha was born in Nepal, not in India." Some misguided nationalist even had the audacity to put his image on a Nepali citizenship card. Dahal has always had demagogic tendencies. I'd think that control of a powerful nationalist symbol is a pretty easy way to solidify his power position within the country, no?

7. Arthur
Obviously the development of Lumbini is an industrial project for the tourism industry.

When Prachanda travelled regularly overseas to organize foreign direct investment funds for this and other projects he was accused of conspiratorial meetings with RAW agents etc etc.

When he succeeded he is attacked for not being a Buddhist!

This is truly pathetic. Any religious tourism project will naturally have to respect and be coordinated with people from the religion concerned, who will retain full control of any religious establishments that tourists wish to visit.

But it is absurd to imagine that the Vatican should organize Italian tourism in Rome or the Pashupatinath temple authorities should organize tourism in Kathmandu or the Buddhist leaders should organize tourism in Lumbini.

They have not been able to do so in the past and have no intention of doing so in the future.

But any attack on people who actually try to do something to develop Nepal is popular here.

8. kuire
Arthur, do you honestly believe that Lumbini is being "developed" by the pols for the good of the Nepali people? It is just another get rich quick scheme for the netas, whose true god is mammon.

9. tashi
this is lumbini we are talking about auther, birth place of buddha The pride of nepal mecca for buddist all over the world, now it is handled by a man who is responsible for killing of so many innocent nepali during jungle RAAZ. sau (100) chuha khake billi haz ko gayi... this saying goes to mr pkd.. this is just a another stunt to make a quick money ,,  

10. K. K. Sharma
 @ Sonam #5:  Thank you for another perspective.

 But now will the Buddists  open up NGOs, to develop this area,  build hotels and resorts, Place historical facts, on display for visitors to make them aware of the importance of the place, etc etc. ?  Surely development NGOs have not been prevented to function in other areas, Hotels and Resorts are not prevented from being established. Study centres are not prevented in other areas. Rural roads by rural people are being made, they are not prevented etc. 

11. Rishav
Reply #9, Rightly said Tashi.

A man that has chosen the path of violence and torture as his means of action should manage the development of a site of a great man who chose and became teacher of the path of peace and non violence is not acceptable. I fully understand these Nuns dissaproval of this appointment. 

12. Sonam

May be Prachanda is a worthy leader for you and alike. May be you thought a similar smeer campaign was good enough to suppress minorities. It no longer works Arthur.

For Buddhist our needs are very clear. Lumbini is a sacred place for us. We dont need any chor or in fact any non buddhistleaders to butt in our faith. Just let us do what we need to do. We have enough good leaders with clean records.

If you really want to promote Lumbini, just invite Dalai Lama to give Kalachakra puja in Lumbini. Dalai Lama is giving one at the end of this month in Bodh Gaya, where Buddha attained enlightenment, and over quarter million buddhist from all over the world are expected to show up to listen to His Holiness Dalai Lama to preach Kalachakra puja.

Now thats the real leader. 

13. Arthur
Sonan #12, thank you for reminding us of a particularly good reason why Nepalese Buddhist leaders should NOT be in charge of developing Lumbini.

The Dalai Lama is both a political leader and a religious leader of a major branch of Tibetan Buddhism. Because the Dalai Lama and that form of Buddhism is popular among many Nepalese Buddhists, local Buddhist leaders would naturally tend to promote the Dalai Lama and that form of Buddhism rather than respecting the fact that the birthplace of Buddha is of interest to tourists of all faiths and none, and of special interest to the large majority of Buddhists in the world who are NOT adherents of any branch of Tibetan Buddhism.

14. Alain
The comparaison with the Catholic Vatican is nonsensical. The Vatican is a real state inside Rome and tourism within its border is indeed managed by the state Vatican itself. Covering an area of just 44 hectares, the State of Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world both in its population by territorial cover.
The state is bounded by walls, but also on the St. Peter's Square, by the band in travertine that connects the two wings of the colonnade. Vatican jurisdiction covers not only the territory of the state itself, but also extends to other areas of Romeand outside Rome, who have the right of extraterritoriality.
So Arthur it is not absurd at all to imagine that the Vatican should organize Italian tourism in Rome; it is what they do.

15. Arthur
Alain #14, The Vatican has no authority whatever over tourism in Rome, which is coordinated by the Rome Communal City Council's Office for Tourism.

Just as Buddhist authorities have authority over Buddhist temples, the authorities of the Catholic Church have authority over Catholic Churches, including all 44 hectares of the Vatican, which has a population of less than 1,000 (cf Rome 2.7 million).

16. DG
Our Maximum Leader Comrade Puspa can head the Lumbini Development.  Why not , he is the best choice of ours.among the worst.
 He can do Chandrayana, the brat as prescribed in the Manusmriti or  any kind  of penance or confession according to any religion  or even the neo-religion called the Marxism ,the religion of the atheist or the materialists.
 In doing so he must shave his head and go to the Bagmati , ( even the polluted one) and dip his ten fingers and declare his renouncement or abjuring of violence forever and become A-shock ( pr. asok) of Nepaul.

17. Tashi Lama
Prachanda alias Pushpa Kamal Dahal, a man whose hand is red with the blood of many thousands of innocent Nepalese, a man who even ordered to slaughter cows, a staunch Communist, who doesn't believe in religion, wants to become a head of Lumbini development trust, Why?????????????????

It is because of the huge fund that is involved, in other words "Thulo Khaney ko baanra payo" Mao has once well said: Cat either black or white will eat mice, I think similarly goes to Bhahun politicians either Communist or Congress, they are all after money. It is clear that these greedy leaders doesn't have bit of sympathy for the development of Buddhist site in Lumbini, they are there just to grab the mice (fund), like all cats does! This practice of fund looting was there since the Lumbini development established! This so sad and dirty works of narrow minded politicians!

I don't understand why Buddhist association is not strong enough to stand up against such unjust practice! Get united, rise and resist for the rights of all Buddhist in Nepal!

Down with the rule of thugs in Nepal!

18. Tashi Lama
An atheist Communist Prachanda to look after the development of Buddhist religious site in Lumbini? Wow! is Nepal government gone nuts???

Lumbini matters only to the Buddhist, so how come a Communist atheist take in charge of Lumbini development project? Prachanda alias Pushpa Kamal Dahal, a man who is responsible for the deaths of 15000 innocent Nepalese, a Bahun by caste, who even ordered to slaughter cows to feed PLA of Maoist. Prachanda is a man whose hand is soaked with blood of 15000 innocent Nepalese.

An atheist to take charge of Lumbini development project is not acceptable at all for all the Buddhist worldwide. All the Buddhist in Nepal should rise and resist against this unacceptable appointment of Prachanda as an incharge of LDP! This is not time to keep quite and tolerate, rise and stand for the rights of Buddhist in Nepal.

Cat either black or white, runs after the rat, so is the Bahun politicians either of Congress or Maoist, they just run after the money, this is the weakest part of these narrow minded Bahuns in Nepali politics, 90% of them are corrupted. On the top post of LDP many came with the greed to feed on the funds of the project, Paras was also involved when queen Aishwarya was incahrge, one Japanese monk gave his life to save the fund, it is said that Paras was behind the murder. So, now Prachanda sees LDP a good "khaaney baanra" for Khaobati.

 I am 100% sure that Prachanda doesn't have any good initiative for the development of Lumbini, he is there to grab the opportunity to loot the fund by any means. Maoist are no different then any other corrupt leaders of Nepal, instead they are worse. Nepal Buddhist Association need to take this issue seriously. A Buddhist intellectual should be in charge of LDP, it is purely Buddhist matters, not the matters of any chor netas!

Moreover, it would be hard to digest the fund of LDP, any crook who does will bear the consequences of bad karma, as no one can run from the causes and conditions of bad karma, it is that simple and it is the nature of the law of causes and causalities!

Down with the politics of thugs in Nepal!


19. Nawang
       Nepali  brothers, sisters, how long would you like to suffer? enough is enough. why  is there no other person who really knows about Nepal and  Lumbini? shame on you guys.

20. Lumbini ko chintak

I am also not in favor of Prachandra because he will politise the whole things and make ways for funding to be channelled to the Maoist cadres however, I do not agree with a lot of our Budhhist friends that it should be headed by a Buddhist. There is division amonsgts yourselves.


I would propose a learned Brahmin civil servant to head this because after all Budhha is also regarded as a Bishnu avatar by Hindus in Nepal.

21. Tashi Lama
If people believe in Buddha as Vishnu's Avatar, then why not follow Buddha's teaching of no creator and non-violence, animal sacrificing pujas should be stopped. In the realistic issue, you guys had been politicizing religion since many centuries back.

If you propose Brahmin civil servant as head of LDP, then why not we propose Buddhist intellectual as head of Pashupati development, it is because we believe that Shiva was subdued by Chakrasamvara, so all the sacred places of Shiva is now a sacred place of Buddhist deity Chakrasamvara, do you guys agree with this? Moreover there still is unsolved dispute with regard to the Pashupati fund, so who will actually trust corrupts?

22. raju
i  like  babu ram goverment

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)