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The Maoist leadership must take responsibility for all contradictions in their party. Clearly, Prachanda should be answerable for all this. That is how the National Human Rights Commission sees things. The rebels' position is not like that of the state. With the ship of state, the captain is in charge of operations and is held responsible for consequences. If a judiciary agency is set up to investigate, it can point fingers at a particular commander in any given operation. But this is not possible with the Maoists because they keep no records. That is why the Maoist leadership should be responsible for all that has been happening in the course of their operations. This is something Prachanda must be clear about.

There is no limitation of militarisation in the Maoist fold. What proves that is the authority to terminate class enemies that the Maoist leadership has given to its rank and file as low as district committees and those even below them. As a result, you get to see uncontrolled killings and terrorism. Is it not something the Maoist leadership should think about? By authorising their cadres to kill people, the Maoists have committed their most grievous mistake. For the Maoists, killing people is simple: just blame someone of being an informant. Without any proof, they have blamed the families of police and army personnel and have killed them.

The situation is similar in the army. They kill civilians and say it was an encounter with the rebels. There have been so many cases that the people have begun to understand what the euphemism 'encounter' really means. When it says the army recovered miscellaneous materials from the dead, people have begun to sense that it was unarmed people who were killed. Similarly, when it is said that someone was killed by the army when the person was trying to use socket bomb against them or that he tried to escape, people know what actually happened.

Had both the state and the rebels behaved responsibly, there would not have been so many cases of rape in Sunsari and Morang districts. Obviously it is happening because there is no security in those places. The police do not go to those villages because they are afraid that they may get killed by the rebels. At the same time, the Maoists have been claiming that 70 percent of the country's area is under their control. If they mean what they say, should they not be responsible for the criminal acts in territory in their control? Either they should be able to take action against the rapists or they should stop saying that those areas are under their control.

But, the state must behave more responsibly than the rebels. It cannot afford to say that it is unable to be responsible. It should be able to hold talks with the rebels at the earliest and make necessary sacrifices for the security of the citizens.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)