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The chosen 8, Nagarik

Stella Tamang

Alongside her involvement in the indigenous women's movement, Tamang is the Founding Chair and currently the adviser of the National Indigenous Women Federation of Nepal. An adviser to Private and Boarding Schools' Organisation (PABSON), she has experience in running a school as a principal. Tamang is an advocate of federalism based on ethnicity.

Malla K Sundar

Before joining the Maoist Party, Sundar was active in the Newari Language Movement. After the Comprehensive Peace Accord in 2006, the Maoists made him a member of the Interim Parliament. Although he was included in the candidate lists for proportional representation in Constituent Assembly election, the Maoists did not make him a CA member. Currently, he is working in the indigenous people's movement.

Krishna Hachhethu
(United Madhesi Democratic Front)

Hachhethu is with the Political Science Department at Tribhuvan University. He wrote his PhD thesis on 'Party Building in Nepal'. He is also involved with the Centre for Nepal and South Asian Studies and works as a consultant for numerous NGOs and INGOs. Hachhethu is a strong supporter of ethnic federalism and he is researching on the subject at the moment

Sabitra Gurung
(Nepali Congress)

Gurung is currently pursuing her PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi and her research focuses on 'Ethnicity and Inclusion: A Study of Nepal's Major Political Parties'. Alongside her PhD, she is a lecturer in political science at Ratna Rajya Campus. Till date she has published on topics such as ethnicity, inclusion, equality, women's rights and South Asian politics.

Ramesh Dhungel
(Nepali Congress)

Dhungel obtained his PhD on Asian Languages and Cultures from George Mason University in the USA. He is opposed to federalism based exclusively on ethnicity and instead seeks to promote mixed model of federalism.

Surendra Mahato
(United Madhesi Democratic Front)

Mahato, Vice president of Nepal Bar Association's Central Region, has been a practicing lawyer for the past two decades. He is known to be a strong proponent of federalism.

Sarbaraj Khadka (CPN-UML)

Khadka has a PhD on natural resources management and is currently the director of an NGO called Village Redevelopment.

Bhogendra Jha (CPN-UML)

Jha attained his PhD in Economics from Bihar and is a lecturer at Janakpur Rara Campus. He claims to have done in-depth studies of the Madhes Uprising and federalism.

1. who cares

2. Nepali
These selected are not a seasoned professionals for a grave task restructuring
of state. seasoned anthropologist, economist & institutional expert lagging there. There profile indicates rebirth of Dr. H. Gurung.

3. Dharm Guru
Expect their soul cries even smile and laugh don't match' hence they declare SRC as SRAC (State reconstruction advisory C omission). Is this SRAC fulfilled the spirit of interim constitution?Lawyer should come their views.

4. Student
This SRAC (State Radical Addition Commission) furnished work plan to complete the task in two month God knows Weather it is concept or detail with options.Congratulation to each serve your Master and ignore the constitution!

5. Nirmal
Although, I can't read the mindset of this type of media, I perfectly understand their respective position. Their love for famous Dr. , Eng, Prof etc in front of individuals' names or self-fulfilling publicity i.e the mere meritocracy and their overwhelming desire for people belonging to civil service sector has been shattered with these political nominations. "It is good to have greed," as Michael Douglas said in one of his movie,"but since when the greed has become greedier?"

This is not how I understand for what we call meritocracy or civil service so as I see it, we should wait. One of my humble advice to Gyawali sir and his company: So often, being far away from the thing you love too much makes you realise how much do you really love it.

6. Observers
Owner refuse SRAC proposal and order to carry the task in semi slavery state.

7. Chareshanad
V.P. Pramanad yadava speak , there is less chance to implement Fedralism. Take his mandele cap Back.

8. Danny

Langada Kangada chowkidar,

  Gawoki leindi khabardar.

9. Gole
The sons of the Prophet are bold men and brave,
And quite    unaccustomed to fear,
The bravest of them in the rank of the Shah,
Was Abdul  Abulbul Amir.
All the brothers and sisters are valiant.
You won't get a prostituted constitution , be sure. ;nor a  Constipated Constitution..

10. Chayanba
The SRAC under discussion of CC. Many independent personalities are In Nepal call application from them and select who are not affiliated to any one.
They need three to four months.State Radical addition commission already proved wastage of time.Personalities involved are respectable but not seasoned to carry a grave task of Restructuring state with all respect. read more statement of famous  political leaders and Experts view on this issue.

11. DG
Headless as in Bern, . A Swiss Tragedy! Good that they chair in rotation, a la Swiss Roll./role. Our wishes are horses  too.
 You get what you deserve.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)