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Reluctant federalism, Nagarik

Nagarik: How do you take the government decision to form a State Restructuring Commission?
Krishna Khanal:
Political parties are not convinced about restructuring the state. That's why they decided to form an expert panel and now a commission. There is a psychological dilemma among the protagonists, they have agreed upon it in principle but due to difference on its shape and kind, there is reluctance.

How can you say the political parties are not mentally ready to accept federalism?
The government and the Maoists had signed an agreement to form the commission within a month before the CA election as per the CPA but nobody was willing to actually form the commission. NC had formed a committee headed by President Ram Baran Yadav to form the commission which never took shape. Pushpa Kamal Dahal also tried to give it a shape before his resignation but failed which shows unwillingness of political parties.

Which political party is mainly responsible for not forming the commission?
NC is mainly responsible for this. NC led the government during the interim period, which did not make enough effort. The Maoists also took initiation at the last minute to show that it tried. The successive governments have all failed to do anything about it. Everybody is responsible.

How did this issue come up suddenly now?
The issue has been shelved much and there is no escaping now. There is no point discussing on pros and cons of federalism. We have already accepted to go for it although parties are not mentally prepared. That's why I prefer to call it a reluctant federalism.

What kind of federalism would you suggest if you were to suggest one?
We should follow universal principle of federalism: two tier structure, clear demarcation on authority of central and federal levels, which depends on our necessity. Geography, population, language, ethnicity and culture could be parameters for drawing up federal units but the issue of sustainability of each federal unit should also be taken into consideration.

1. DG
For forms of government let fools contest . What-ever is best  administered the best. So is the Federal Republic of Nascent Nepal in the making.

2. Mukti Ram
Dear Khanal , You have describe very short court way of your view at last as your suggestion.The Nepal is not in same harmonic social condition as 2 decade before, many factors changes in course.
Five years before king was there in active state after Revolution II some hope come in picture and image of Dr. Rambaran not as today , Perhaps Mr. Dahal also realized many factors and forwarded his Deputy as Government head . so we should blame the circumstances not the politician.
Undoubtedly very complex task in addition to your factors human development Index economy of nation for sustainable five to eight state may be feasible for Rapid development of nation.That is why Experts are invited.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)