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Forgotten Doramba, Nagarik

More than eight years have passed since the Doramba massacre which led to the collapse of the Maoist ceasefire with the government. Twenty-one Maoists were executed by the army after they were captured in Doramba on 17 August 2003, at a time when peace talks were going on in Hapure of Dang. Acting on a tip-off, a team led by Major Ram Mani Pokharel surrounded the house of Yubraj Moktan, a local teacher at Doramba in Ramechhap district killing two people instantly, capturing 19 others who were executed one by one later.

Every year, party leaders make promises of justice to the families of those killed. But these have been empty promises. They have got neither compensation nor justice. Suntali Tamang, Moktan's wife, says that she has got nothing except the Rs 225,000 as compensation for the murder of her husband and son. Mayadevi Tamang, who lost her husband in the massacre, also hasn't got anything more than Rs 125,000.

The families had hoped that at least the perpetrators would be punished and they would be delivered justice after the Maoist came to government. After all, they did not die in combat. Perhaps if they had fought back they would have survived, but they thought the army would not kill them because a ceasefire was in effect. This time too, the Maoists are in power but it seems very unlikely that they would investigate the case or punish the accused in the army.

Family members have demanded the Maoist leadership to disclose what kind of actions were taken action against the guilty. It is due to sacrifices made by many cadre like these that the Maoists got into power.

1. Arthur
The lesson from Doramba is that Security Sector Transformation is vital to democratize the Nepali Army.

It would be suicidal to trust in the unreformed Nepali Army.

Instead of this lesson the article hints that the Maoists should be blamed because the anti-Maoist murderers of Maoists cannot be brought to justice while they still have power in the Nepal Army!

2. Chyangba Bihan

As a Tamang, I say it with all the sadness, whatever the cases may be social, judicial, political, etc.,  that I see a continuing trend of victimization and marginalization of Tamangs and not receiving a justice, nor do I see the signs of a justice prevailing in the near future, UNLESS those in power and those who call themselves a fairminded start realizing that how a continuing neglect of a large section of the Nepali populace is detrimental to the health of a emerging democracy, and start voicing for them. On the other hand, optimistically, the day of a reckoning is not very far when the Tamangs themselves wake up, united and take the matters into their own hands.

I do appreciate the efforts of Nepali Times, Himal Khabarpatrika and Nagarik for pursuing the Doramba Massacre with a follow up and keeping the story alive. From the readers' comments, rather zero comments, it seems either people have forgotten the story or not interested in it. I hope that the perpetrators of the monstrous crime will be brought to justice before too long. Lhasso fyafulla!   

3. KiranL
The Maoists don't want to go after the army major involved in the Doramaba massacre because then thry'd have to also go after Agni Sapkota, Prabhu Sah, and their other murderers and war criminals.

4. tanka sharma

Yup. Mao wont go after army major. Then they have to clean up their own wanted list. I am glad Nepal Army is there as a counter balance. No one is perfect and so is Nepal. Yet change is on the way.

I would like to see that Major to take on mission once again to clean up political parties. That will be blessing for all volks.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)