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"Evaluate me through my performance", BBC Nepali Service

BBC Nepali: Previous prime ministers could not move the peace process forward. How can we believe you when you say you can?
Baburam Bhattarai:
The government led by Prachanda had a chance, but we missed it. The other two governments that followed were ad-hoc, we couldn't expect much from them. The current government is led by the largest party, that is positive, now we need the NC to be on board as well.

You keep harping on consensus government, but you are no different from Jhalnath Khanal.
I took the biggest risk of my life. Either I had to quit or content the election. Maybe an individual taking risk could move the peace process and constitution writing forward. So, I took the risk.

You proclaimed zero tolerance on corruption but your cabinet is made up of tainted ministers, and even one accused of murder.
I have no answer to that. You have to evaluate it through my performance. But I have adopted a 'zero tolerance' policy on corruption. I have not done anything wrong since I came to office.

Then you had said you wouldn't interfere with the civil service, but the home secretary was transferred by a minister in your cabinet.
That was an exception. Except for that, we have not interfered. I have kept my promise. It is a coalition government and we have to make compromises. I hope people will understand that.

Defence Minister Sarat Singh Bhandari set off an uproar with secessionist remarks. Can we relate this issue with the four point deal?
No. I talked to the minister. He has already clarified that this was not his intention. This government is committed to national sovereignty and integrity.

There are reports of your wife asking for a government SUV.
I have talked to her about it, she has clarified her point of view. If it is proven that rules were violated, no one will be spared.

Are seized properties ever going to be returned to their owners?
Let's not talk about who gained and who lost. During the insurgency, there were instances when there was a transfer of ownership of property. Ownership of such land will be finalised only through the land reform commission.

What about the withdrawal of cases for wartime atrocities?
It is part of the CPA to withdraw political motivated cases. It is the responsibility of the government to implement the CPA.

Will the constitution be written by 20 November?
The first draft will come out by then.

Will the mandate of the CA be extended?
It should be extended until the constitution is written.

But the SC has said it is not constitutional?
That's not true.

By how long should it be extended?
It might take six months more, maximum

Will your party remain intact until then?
Don't worry our party is not going to split.

Who made you the PM? Some say India did.
It is people who make the PM in a democracy. I won the election with 82 per cent of the votes cast in Gorkha district and secured 340 votes in the parliament. If some see unknown forces behind it, I have nothing
to say.

The rumour has it that you met representatives of RAW just before the election.
That is nonsense. Nepali politics is determined within the country. To blame foreign hand is to hide your weakness. It is a sign of incompetence. I have no comment to make.

What will be your agenda of India visit?
We have been doing our homework.

Some are concerned about installing air marshals and the extradition treaty?
Let's not run after rumours.

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1. who cares
"You proclaimed zero tolerance on corruption but your cabinet is made up of tainted ministers, and even one accused of murder."

instead of that you should have asked the definition of corruption? is not looting, extortion corruption? you allocate the budget in such a way that your carders loot the budget as soon as it reach their area, is not that corruption, does not this make you the biggest corrupt in the history of nepal?

"That was an exception. Except for that, we have not interfered. I have kept my promise. It is a coalition government and we have to make compromises. I hope people will understand that."

that is a looser talk.

"This government is committed to national sovereignty and integrity."

what i dont understand is what kind of internal gangs include that point in their deal that makes third party happy (in this case foreigner)- the point regarding implementing deal with foreigner which the foreign country has been pushing. 

by the way, whose idea was that to include that point. 

"There are reports of your wife asking for a government SUV."

why should not she? when the father neglects his family, gives away deserving income then wife should look for the source of income to run the family. 

"It should be extended until the constitution is written."

one had ruled in the name of family dynasty, another is trying to rule in the name of writing constitution.

"But the SC has said it is not constitutional?
That's not true."

sky is not blue.

"By how long should it be extended?
It might take six months more, maximum"

then why dont you say that CA should end after 6 more month.

" I won the election with 82 per cent of the votes cast in Gorkha "

you won or you looted. 

"The rumour has it that you met representatives of RAW just before the election."

what about your and puspa's agent visiting delhi?

"Some are concerned about installing air marshals and the extradition treaty?"

after returning from UN, you said you can consider regarding extradition treaty. now it has become rumor. 


2. jange

Murder, loot and extortion.

What more do you need for an evaluation?

3. who cares
what is money?

is it just a peace of paper which cant even replace a roll of toilet paper or it is the food we eat, car we drive, fuel we burn, servants we exploit, trip to new york?

there are many nepalese, especially those politicians who are involved with smaller parties, who could be wishing to spend a life style that of bhatterai. i.e. trip to NY, 5star wining and dinning, armed body guards (even when he was not pm), car, big rented house, 100s of thousands of loyal voters, assistants, thousands of private army, thousands of private anarchists..... 

why they only wish such life, why dont they live that life?

the answer is simple, they can not afford such luxuries. 

but how is bhatterai, son of a peasant, who dont own multibillion dollar multinational company, still able to afford all those?

is just not taking cash bribe for buying rice for own family is being clean?

misusing tax payers money to buy votes (10k each for badi), looting to feed pla, loot money to run party, extorting to feed private anarchists, using tax payer's money to visit NY, delhi, bejing (in future) to develop personal connection so that those connections would be helpful in near future to challenge puspas chairmanship.................. are not these all corruption, extortion, crime.

bhatterai said, his upcoming visit to delhi will just be friendly. then why he needs to go for friendly visit when our country is in such a difficult time. 

and again, he said, there wont be any deal that would affect longer term. but at the same time he is planning to make a deal called friendship deal (something like that). 

this friendship deal is just like people's republic, people's constitution- there is adjective "people" but in reality it actually mean controlling people, friendship deal means controlling the weaker country which is suppose to be a friend. 

the deal will be a friendship only when it returns our lost land, if it gives us electricity transmission line to bangladesh, if there is equal distribution of water... 

all i want to know is who has been paying the rent of bhatterai's house, who has been bearing the cost of his car, drivers, assistants (before and after his pmship)? 

by the way, what is the cost of the sofa bhatterai is sitting in the above picture? 

this bhatterai does not use 100% nepal made sukul, bamboo chairs, but for cheap popularity be rides nepal made indian car. 

4. who cares
"Evaluate me through my performance"

what performance?

riding mustang? looting tax money maintain private army? buying vote of badi with 10k?

where is the killer of ram hari shrestha? where are the murderers courts have been looking for? 

i do not understand why mahathir of malaysia, some guy from singapore, putin of russia are considered as great when they dont even ride cheap car, they do not give away their salary, who fly around in a private jet?

may be next time we have to find a sadhu for pm? he will not only decline mustang, but also decline singha darwar, pm's present residence, will gave away not just allowance but also his salary, no mobile phone, no need of expensive furniture, wont even wear modern cloth and will open his/pm's office outside some corner of pashupati?

why do some nepalese, media, so called civil society members want pm, ministers, politicians to sacrifice everything for nepal? why dont they see that others too have responsibility towards their family, have personal life?

if they do not change their attitude, we wont see any honest person with ability in the chair of pm, only deceptive person or some lunatic will get their? 

a country cursed by sati. 

5. jange

# 3 Who cares

this bhatterai does not use 100% nepal made sukul, bamboo chairs, but for cheap popularity be rides nepal made indian car. 

Perhaps that is because he himself is also made in India but assembled in Nepal??


Look at your performence BRB.

1. Your sologan Zero tollererence for corruption proved as Tusk of Elephant. Refer Nagrik Daily @20 lakh bribe daily in DOFE.

2. Your relief program for adultration not spread all over nation and failed.

3. You have plan for Amnesty for your lawmaker who has declared Murderer by SC. Where is people soverneity or suprimecy. Where is Justice ?

4. All party have humaniterian sympathy to adjust the PLA as the Nation can afford. You increase allowance through your cabinet . Ask your Economics Guru how far it's Socioeconomical justified without service to Nation.

5. What is difference between Matrika & You. If you cannot provide clear logic behand your decision.NC or UML not yet convinced to join You.

6. Peace is life style of people never possible in Nepal for few decade your Economy doesnot support. See 1.5 million family is landless and 46% people have no job.

7. Constitution should be on priority but you Push it to November, meance Draft will not come and Political rift will be like quake.

8. Social support to Earth quake Victims are not enough your Minister distribute cash to journalist.

9. Food sufficiency in boarderlying area is continued due to China , where is your vision for Next year.

10. Best recommendation to you to Visit Nitish Kumar CM of BIHAR, HEwill provide you sufficient Time in comfortable way. Pospond your schedule of Delhi you will be in Que since 3 am

Now evaluate Yourself  Ans will Be 0/10=Infinity.



7. who cares
5: jange

at least till date, one thing we have come to know is that he has been brainwashed in india.

8. who cares
i think i have found out some secrets regarding this bhatterai during his live radio program. 

bhatterai is not just an occasional liar but rather a frequent one even more dangerous than puspa or jhallu ram.

if you ask he regarding his performance, responsibility, fact etc he will regularly use lies to support his argument.  more detail the question is, more lies he will be using, and sometimes he will diver the answer and as well as put all the responsibility on other's shoulder. 

this guy is so dangerous that individuals with tiny brain will see his lie/made up facts as an brilliant argument. 

may be that is why he used to get good grades during his academic life. 

just like any other academic toppers this guy does not like to be criticized. if you push him hard, he will show his true color. 

if democrats do not counter his lies, he is more likely to hijack the ship. 

9. G. Prasad

Now you are on chair of PM ,

While you were arround forty , push the nation on Path of distruction. Perhaps realization of fact and feagure about Nepal may allow you to think , Nothing can be achieved without help of international community"

Still you are working with whim which will drag the nation in more problems. Your own paty is folk of Fake communist. where are the works which can be done by your volunteers. Why other fraction will be

attracted to you. Will you use Guns to convins the people?

10. Engineers

Dear Baburam Ji,

Nepal Electricity Authority , Department of Road, Depatment of Destar control & Mitigation as Well as Traffic Police are responsible to control  of

accidents and related losses in nation , is it possible to pulish the REPORT ? whether you Politicians are ignoring or your beaurocrats but Nepali are lossing lives, if we in clude foreiners also blem the Nation having poor Safety Measures. How You have Plan to solve it. shall we put it in your scope? Can you prove Your self a good Director ? Jhaluram and other is same or you also same ?



11. murkha nepali
Compatriots, beware of this villainous snake BRB.
I have no grudge against Makune or Jhalluram,they were just pitifully incompetent.
Today is the dream come true for Khaoist. They  have captured all 3-S: Sadan, Sarkar and Sadak. They control the 100k Soldiers in addition to their clone-brained followers. They command two tiers of police force.They have unchallenged access to the National Treasury.And what more-they have completely brainwashed, with all their Marxist cliche, the credulous and uneducated rural society of Nepal( which has made us to feel for the first time that Ignorance is not an hindrance but rather a crime). What more should we give them to stop them from imploding our country?
At least Jhallu can claim that he had a clean administration.What can BRB claim upon-some assembled vehicle?
With a cabinet full of Murderers and Corrupts how can we say that he himself is clean?

12. murkha nepali

October 12,2011 :Day The Nepali Republic Died

Prabhu Sah, protege of the incumbent Lendup Dorje of Nepal-Dr. BRB gets a carte blanche  to kill any so called "Sovereign Nepali Citizen". Today shall be remembered as the day when "Law and Order"-the only identity of a civilized society was strangled to death in Commie infested nation.No more Sovereignty, no more Humanity and Amnesty for all the Murderers-dream of New Nepal shattered.

Oh Lord, how I wish we had at least a nation to be proud about.

Where has the Shangrila of those peaceful and glorious days abandoned us-or have we abandoned the Shangrila?

13. elevateyourconscience

I think he has done a good job so far. He fired corrupt ministers, signed up the BIPPA with India which will be bringing more investment and money in nepal. I feel like we are somewhat moving forward with some substantial deeds. I hope he continues on the same track.


(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)